No Peace On Kristi Burton Brown’s Right

Colorado GOP chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown in 2021.

A holiday week press release from an organization calling itself the Save Colorado Project, which reportedly has some connection to Western Slope far-right election denial whacktivist Sherronna Bishop, announces a press conference for “High Noon” tomorrow at Colorado Republican Party headquarters in Greenwood Village calling for “new leadership” for the party in the wake of another round of devastating electoral defeats:

After publicly rejecting America First, Top Line candidates, Republican Chair Kristi Burton Brown promised her center left candidates were the solution to winning in Colorado. She was wrong and so were those that supported this approach. For 15 years now the Colorado Republican party leadership has repeatedly dismissed inspiring grassroots candidates.

Our Republican Party leadership has failed us. They strayed from the foundation of what we stand for. We are no longer interested in, nor will we consent to the ongoing betrayal of our core American values by those who were trusted to lead.

The establishment continues to play by the rules of the past. Those manipulations are no longer working, nor do we want them to. We are seeking transparency and honesty to be pillars of the new Republican party that will be established. New leadership is critical to guide us back to the core tenets of our platform.

We have seen the resolve of grassroots from every corner of Colorado. We are simply regular people who are sick of losing everything, feeling unsafe and watching the destruction of Colorado under the Democrat Governor, Jared Polis. Polis’s complete control of our state and the partnership of Republicans in Name Only must end. This union has accelerated the radical agenda that has led Colorado into historic inflation, violence and crime as we just witnessed in Colorado Springs this weekend. Crime is flourishing under weak leadership and bad policies. We have had enough…

Rep. Lauren Boebert with 2020 primary campaign manager Sherronna Bishop.

It’s not like Bishop and the motley crew of fringe Republican primary losers, like Ron Hanks and Tina Peters, represent the answer to the Republican Party’s fundamental viability problems in Colorado, but few can argue that GOP chair Kristi Burton Brown’s term has been an even greater failure than her last couple of predecessors–doing more to aggravate the party’s long-term challenges in this blue-shifting state than alleviate them. Brown’s tone-deafness on abortion severely undermined her party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate, and Brown’s managerial ineptitude allowed Democrats to run circles around their opponents’ field campaign efforts.

But that’s not what Sherronna Bishop is mad about! Bishop’s problem is how Kristi Burton Brown “publicly rejected” Bishop’s favored “America First Top Line” candidates like Ron Hanks and Tina Peters in the Republican primary last June. There is a bubble of perception within the Republican Party that absolutely believes Tina Peters is a hero and “RINO” Republicans like KBB are the problem. We may presume to know better locally, but remember that FOX News propaganda minister Tucker Carlson fed his millions of viewers a much more favorable version of Peters’ story last July.

The one thing no one can argue with is that what Colorado Republicans tried this year didn’t work.

Their sweeping failure provides little guidance on how to do better, inviting the wrong answers.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Sherronna Bishop has more  (fill in the blank with your favorite barnyard substance) than the biggest feedlot in Nebraska.

    Bishop is right about one thing. I've already written elsewhere on Pols that KBB needs to resign as party chair. She presided over the biggest electoral wipeout of the party in recent times. 

    But, the road back to respectability for the Party does not run through Ms. Bishop and her cadres. 

  2. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Kristi Burton Brown is a RINO. Who knew?

  3. unnamed says:

    Bishop has a point.  Look at how the "grassroots" MAGAt candidates fared in other (less blue) states.  

    Like the Senate races in Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. The Gubernatorial races in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona.  The SOS and AG races in Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona.  Those election deniers totally cleaned up in all of them.

  4. Republican 36 says:

    The Colorado Republican extinction event continues.

    This is truly something to behold. KBB and the 2022 Republican ticket in our state are leftists? This final crescendo and gasp of the far right has been building for 40 years, ever since Ronald Reagan welcomed the so called religious right into the Republican Party. Fired by absolute certainty born of self-righteousness, the right cannot compromise or see any other point of view. What these people fail to realize is their comrades do control the Republican party organization in Colorado and if it was not for the primary system, they would nominate the candidates they want and then lose the election by even wider margins than the party did this year.

    Many people believe that if only the Republicans would disown Trump, the party would return to sanity but the problem runs much deeper than one individual. Trump is only the present and worst symbol of what is wrong with the Republican Party. His passing from the scene will not end this nightmare.The party itself is infected with beliefs detached from facts and reality where what you want to believe is the only thing that is important. This self imposed blindness, constantly reinforced by FOX News and others, breeds unhinged thoughts that, at worst, undermine American society. The only way to solve this problem is for the American electorate, across the country, to go to the polls and vote the Republican Party out of existence. 

    • Duke Cox says:

      I agree with that conclusion…


    • Gilpin Guy says:

      We got a good start on it here in Colorado 36.  Republican extinction events in the state are trending towards California levels.

      In Gilpin County, Democratic candidates won every contested race from US Senator through county assessor.  Dems ran the table.  The SD 8 senate race was supposed to be close but Dylan Roberts won by 14%.

      My personal opinion is that Republicans won't be relevant in the state again until they change their positions on climate change and environmental protections.

  5. Chickenheed says:

    Looks like the man behind this mess is Aaron Wood according the the “Chuck and Julie” gross podcast and Mr. Wood’s “Freedom Fathers” Facebook page.

    He appears to be about as hateful and stupid as we’d expect.

  6. The consistent Republican reaction to losing: we weren't "conservative" (read: reactionary right-wing) enough. Schrager and Witwer are banished to some hell where they are right but never to be respected.

    • Meiner49er says:

      Always interesting to me how these post-election analyses are so two-dimensional–not left or right enough. We do it too.  In the end candidate quality matters to voters as much or more than where the candidates land on the political spectrum. The candidates at the top of the Democratic ticket were head and shoulders above their challengers in that regard, and even the Republicans knew it. 

  7. JohnInDenver says:

    Seems like this can be one MORE demonstration that REPUBLICANS 'R' REVOLTING.  

    well, I understand Mike Lindell may be looking for a leadership position.  Perhaps HE can be the savior of the Colorado Republicans.


  8. kwtree says:

    Pols, we have a spammer posting under 5 ( at least) different aliases. Ye.rulz, ye.sux, tim tam, jimmy in colorado, john in grand junction, gnostrata,- 35 posts just this afternoon. Please ban this poster, whoever they are. 

    • Colorado Pols says:

      We know, and we've been banning new accounts when they are made. In the meantime, please just stop engaging with this person.

      • bullshit! says:

        Damn it I always miss these idiots. Thanks for swing that ban hammer Guvs!

      • Powerful Pear says:

        How very fascist of you to ban accounts just because tree woman does not want to see the opposing speech.

        Come on man……'s not complicated.

        • kwtree says:

          Hey, you’re still safe. People enjoy mocking you way too much. But yesterday’s trolls were clearly united in purpose – to destroy any hope of rational or interesting conversation on this forum. 35 posts of repetitive gibberish. If your trucks couldn’t go down the road because of garbage on the freeway, I’m sure you’d complain. It’s not complicated, man.

          The trolls may or may not have been all one person, but they certainly cooperated to derail political posts and comments. 

  9. kwtree says:

    Porn spam from Tim Spam. Pretty sure it's against forum rules.  Scrollin' on by.

  10. Lloyd42 says:

    The GOP is recognizing they can't compete at the State level, so they are focused on county and local elections where they have been more successful with schools boards, county commissioners and county offices.  It's going to be up to the media to report on these real threats vs the trainwreck at the State level.  With Polis the Libertarian likely to run for President in 2024, issues like local control over charter schools, vouchers, public health and the environment may not fall where Democrats want.

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