Independent Candidate in CD-6

As 9News reports, a former Democrat named Kathy Polhemus apparently plans to run in CD-6 as an Independent candidate:

Kathy Polhemus, a retired non-profit executive who founded Dress for Success, intends to submit signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State Wednesday morning to secure a spot on the ballot.

State Representative Joe Miklosi is the Democrat in the race…

…Polhemus says she has been contacted by Miklosi supporters urging her not to enter the race.

“I don’t scare easy and I feel a call to service,” Polhemus said. Campaign finance filings indicate she has donated $37,000 to her own campaign. Polhemus told 9Wants To Know’s Kyle Clark that she is prepared to make an initial investment of $100,000 of her own money to get her candidacy off the ground.

There are a lot of pieces to this story that seem odd, chief among them the fact that a former non-profit executive would have $100,000 to donate to her own campaign. If Polhemus does make the ballot, she’ll do much more to help incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Coffman than anything else she accomplishes. Democrat Joe Miklosi is facing an uphill battle to unseat Coffman, and an Independent peeling off potential votes only makes that more of a challenge.

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  1. dmindgo says:

    What’s the nature of Dress for Success and, as you noted, how does a nonprofit employee have $100k to put into a race?

    • ajb says:

      It’s usually a vanity thing. Kinda like an independent run for office.

    • VanDammer says:

      and they got a nice Englewood prop to mortgage.   Hubby been in finance/insurance for over a decade and has a patent from his engineering background so who knows? They might have $s to play with and enough of a network to think she’ll gain some traction.

      But what is her grief with Miklosi and Dems?  Sure seems a fools folly and definitely too easy to piss away $100K to follow the call.        

    • droll says:

      How people wonder about where candidates got the money unless they are known millionaires. A “nonprofit employee” doesn’t mean “volunteer”. She looks close to retirement and she’s part of a couple. It’s called savings. I personally wouldn’t be using any of mine for this, but whatever floats her financial boat.

      FWIW, I started my professional career working with non-profits and my boss had done very well for herself by serving her clients for twenty years. I was paid a very normal salary for my position. I’m not sure why people would assume otherwise.

      Dress for Success is an awesome organization that provides nice clothes to less financially fortunate women so they can interview looking like put together adults. If you know someone who lost a bunch of weight, gained weight, or is retiring and doesn’t need their wardrobe of suits, definitely have them donate there.

  2. nancycronk says:

    She’d find a way to donate the 100K to Miklosi.

    • nancycronk says:

      via a 501 C-4. There’s so much to knock.  

    • RegisteredRepublican says:

      That’s why she isn’t pinning her hopes — or $100K — on Miklosi’s chances.  Had it been Andrew Romanoff, Morgan Carroll, or Brandon Schaffer, maybe… but not on the fourth stringer.  

      • GoBuffs1985 says:

        If the Dems really cared about this country, they wouldn’t have floated Joe Miklosi.

        But I’m being flippant. I think that there was little, if any, strategy behind the choice of Miklosi to run in CD6; for that lack of organization, control, and foresight, the Dems deserve to not win this seat.

        I’ve heard that Shaffer and Romanoff polled in this area, and I’m curious what their results were…

        Sometimes, it seems like Miklosi’s only supporter is Nancy Cronk. Nancy, I sure hope you’re getting paid for all your effort.

        • RegisteredRepublican says:

          I wish there were more people, on both sides of the aisle, who take politics as seriously as she does.  But one would think that Kathy Polhemus would be her ideal candidate.

          I think it is safe to say that the internal polling by Andrew Romanoff and Brandon Shaffer showed they had no chance of beating Aurora’s hometown favorite son, Mike Coffman.  Consider the fact that Shaffer bailed on this race to go up against Cory Gardner in an even more Republican 4th CD.  Did Shaffer actually think the result there would be better than in the 6th CD?  

          • GoBuffs1985 says:

            That takes big balls.

            Yes, Polhemus would probably be an ideal candidate for a Dem, and by virtue of being an Independent, she could potentially grab more Purple votes than Miklosi would.

            If the Dems are thinking “anyone but Coffman,” they might want to think about getting behind Polhemus instead.

            Are they that organized or strategic? lol

            • nancycronk says:

              … I think.

              My support for Joe is not “anybody but Coffman” although it would be like Christmas forever if he were defeated. Even if he gave all his money to the poor, I will never forget how Coffman tried to throw out new voter registrations in ’08. No, I support Joe because I see a statesman in him. I saw it in Bennet, Ritter and Obama, too, as well as some of our local legislators. None of them are perfect, but I see a true desire for faithful public service in them. That may sound schmaltzy, but it is true. I support Joe Miklosi because he is called by a higher purpose.  

    • dmindgo says:

      fairly incomprehensible positions: reduce the deficit, then the world will approve and our economy will get better (paraphrase).  There might be some logic to the positions but it’s not immediately obvious.

      As a general observation, I’m very tired of listening to people say “A pox on both your houses!  I know better.”  There’s a basic arrogance to the attitude and, more importantly, it denigrates the people, on both sides of issues, who have genuine concerns and would like to see a resolution but not have their concerns ignored.

      We see it here, too.  Libertad or ArapaGOP comment and scorn is heaped on.  I get it, it’s part of internet culture, etc., but I choose to ignore the comment or reply without calling someone names.  Would be nice to see such a focus on the issues on a site like this one.

      • raymond1 says:

        … perhaps a more accurate characterization is “inconsistent” or “bullshit”:

        * she wants the budget template to be the centrist, budget-cutting Bowles-Simpson plan — yet she implies a need for more social spending in saying that Obamacare “may not be enough” and that education should be our “top priority”;

        * no actual specifics about anything — other than liking Bowles-Simpson, of course, a plan by two longtime Washington insiders that doesn’t exactly scream her supposed message of, “We need to change who we send to Washington if we want to fix it. As a citizen candidate and not a professional politician…”

        • dmindgo says:

          good call on the budget issue.  I didn’t catch the part about Bowles-Simpson being insider, I just rolled my eyes.  But I did notice the education as top priority ploy … and wondered if that would mean bashing unions or increasing taxes or a third way.

        • ParkHill says:

          Polhemus supports Bowles-Simpson, therefore she is opposed to improving the economy, therefore she is a conservative, pretending to be a Democrat.

          We are in a recession. This means that private companies aren’t investing, and it is necessary for the government to step in to replace that spending. This creates jobs, which makes the economy grow.

          Bowles-Simpson advocated cutting government spending, which would send us deeper into recession.

          Real interest rates are NEGATIVE.  

      • nancycronk says:

        You’re not going to last 5 minutes around here.

        Seriously, I’ve often felt sorry for Libertad, too. Others tell me he must like getting beat up. Why else we he come back everyday?

  3. Craig says:

    With the terrible campaign of Miklosi, perhaps she becomes the real candidate and wins the election with Miklosi relegated to the status of the last Republican candidate for Governor.

  4. DaftPunk says:

    …That money can’t buy you a clue.

    She’d have an uphill run as a party candidate against a well-funded incumbent.  As a self-funded independent she has no chance;  And no future in Colorado politics for gumming up what might be a competitive race.

    I could think of a lot of thing to do with a spare $100K to answer a “call to service” than a Quixotic political campaign.

  5. MADCO says:

    Is she a beer or a witch?

    And  if not, who is she?  

    Unknown, unidentified, and unknown. With about 12 weeks till ballots are in the mail.

  6. ProgJeremiads says:

    Great; now we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by the hands of some apparently clueless Independent and have another Congressional session with the likes of Coffman in it. This race is going to be close enough that even a few percentage swing points her direction will make a difference. UGH.  

  7. RegisteredRepublican says:

    Miklosi is too liberal for a lot of blue collar Dems in the 6th CD.  Polhemus recognizes that.  If it weren’t for Coffman’s gaffes, Miklosi’s campaign would have gotten zero publicity.  Joe’s campaign strategy defies logic.

    I think the DCCC will use the Polhemus entry into the race to pull back from Miklosi’s participation in their Red to Blue program, which — in Joe’s case — seems to be the Red to Who program?

    • ParkHill says:

      What do you mean when you imply that blue collar Dems are not liberal?

      Do you have any surveys about the political leanings of blue-collar Dems in the 6th CD?

    • dmindgo says:

      and if I was in charge of the CO Repubs I’d find a replacement for Coffman.  Too many gaffes and out of touch with his district.  He should have stayed as Treas or SOS or whatever he was doing before.

  8. bmeyer says:

    Her candidacy should be described as “running unaffiliated” or be sure to use the small i independent so there is no confusion about an Independent Party (which there is not).

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