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This is it! The final starts at 1:00pm Colorado time and can be watched at The best musical contest in the world (and the largest TV audience after the World Cups). And #eurovision is presently the #3 hashtag on Twitter.

Starting off with amazing fireworks (outside) and then a giant dance number including flying acrobatics. I’m guessing it’s a pop culture version of traditional Azerbaijani dance. It’s pretty lame.

Between numbers they do short tourism clips of Azerbaijan – “Land of Art”, “Land of Horses”, etc. But never “Land of Political Prisoners.”

The male emcee looks like Will Wheaton.

United Kingdom (Englbert Humpersomething – yes he’s still alive) – Ok, England is clearly trying to lose with this entry. I guess their forced austerity measures mean they can’t afford to host. Mediocre song sung ok, but mainly because it required very little range. And pretty much zero stage presence.

Factoid: Englebert is older than 22 of the nations competing. Not older than their groups – older than the country.

Hungary – Something is wrong with his voice as you can barely hear the singing. They weren’t that good in the semi-final but they’re worse here. He may have a cold or something. So a mediocre number presented badly.

Albania – Screaming lady with the weird basket hairdo is up. OMG, our dogs just ran upstairs and hid under the bed as she hit the high notes. On the plus side if a movie ever needs a woman giving birth to an Alien – she’s the actress.

Lithuania – It’s a good song and this guy does an extraordinary job singing it. He also has really good stage movements, and doesn’t over-do them. I can see a lot of people picking this one, especially teenage girls.

Bosnia – Beautiful song with a female vocalist singing extraordinarily well. Light background instrumentals but it is primarily her standing there singing what I think is a love song. One of the best.

Russia – The pain, the pain. I don’t get it, lots of people like this but it’s 6 babushkas chanting out some folk song. How did they send them? I blame communism. They may get the old folks votes, but how many 90 year olds will still be awake in Europe at midnight?

Iceland – Oh wow, they knocked it out of the park. A very uplifitng pop/ballad sung by a male/female duet (with background singers) and it was perfect. One of the best tonight.

Cyprus – Super good happy pop song sung really well. And the dancing is the best of any so far. Love it.

France – WOW!!! A song that is incredibly upbeat and a little different (in a good way) and a female vocalists who does an incredible job singing it. I was half dancing in my chair. And topless (male) gymnasts as the dancers.

Italy – They’re going to win this. Their number was almost a Jazz number and it was sung so well that it pulled you in to their presentation. I think they’ll win because the votes for other styles will be split while theirs is unique.

Estonia – This guy is extraordinary. For most of the song it is understated instrumentals and he just stands there and sings. And he is so incredibly good that you are mesmerized by it, to the extent I teared up a bit.

Norway – A stereotypical Eurovision presentation with a lead male vocalist who could start in Twilight, very happy pop number, lots of dancing around. It was all done very well. But not at the level of the best groups.

Azerbaijan – Really good number. Female vocalist with a bit of background help, who has a terrific voice singing a soulful ballad. She made full use of a really great voice without overdoing it.

Romania – It’s a fun peppy song. And they do it well. But it’s nothing special.

Denmark – A reasonably talented garage band that overdoes it. It’s almost as though they were created for a scene in a Disney movie.

Greece – Awesome job. Greece always has the most vibrant and alive presentations and this year again they did it. super good song and incredible dancing.

Sweden – extraordinary! I think she has the most amazing voice of this contest and she full use of it. I’m not sure how to describe the song except to say it grabs you. And she does an interpretative dance during it, with mostly background lights so she’s mostly a shape moving on the stage. Absolutely amazing.

Turkey – With all the religious strife in the world today, it’s nice to see an Islamic country do a scene from Fiddler on the Roof. If your kids are bad, threaten that you’ll make them watch this.

Spain – Amazing. I think this is my favorite. Female vocalist singing by  herself and she takes you higher and higher with the song, and then brings in background singers and they take you even higher. Extraordinary.

Germany – Male singer with band. They’re good, but not at the same level as the top groups this year. (With that said, this is a very competitive year.)

Malta – Another male singer with a band. Malta does it better. Very upbeat song, sung well and the band participates making it even better. Not quite one of the best, but close.

Macedonia – Yet another female vocalist. She does a good job but she does not reach out and grab you like the best do. But she and her band are quite good. Close to the top level and enjoyable to listen to.

Ireland – These guys are the definition of ESC. Fantastic song, dance, everything. And the twins are just perfect for the show. Superb job.

Serbia – Male singer with background band/singers. An uplifting ballad with background music that is almost folk music. A really good song and they guy’s voice is superb. One of the best but not quite as good as Estonia.

Ukraine – It’s almost like she is channeling Aretha Franklin. She does have a really good voice. But I don’t find her number to be that good.

Moldova – Ok the outfits are the guy dresses like a blacksmith and the dancers (female) came from the set of Hairspray. And the song is almost a really upbeat gospel number. Definitely different and it is growing on me (I think).

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    Spain! Or Sweden – Spain or Sweden. Or Estonia or France or Italy

    Followed by Lithuania, Bosnia, Iceland, Cyprus,  Azerbaijan, Greece, Malta, Ireland, & Serbia.

  2. markajam says:

    euro 2012 is the biggest program… I will go to the polandia-ukraina for watching… thanks…. bank soal matematika

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