Garland Calls Trump’s Bluff, Asks for Search Warrant Release

UPDATE: Here’s the full transcript of Garland’s remarks, via The New York Times.


Attorney General Merrick Garland

Attorney General Merrick Garland delivered a statement this afternoon regarding a search conducted four days ago at former President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Garland said that he personally approved the FBI’s execution of the search warrant and announced that he had filed a motion to unseal the search warrant and property receipt from the search.

Garland said that he was taking the unusual step of asking that the warrant and property search be released because Trump has been so vocal about the search. Trump and/or his lawyers have a copy of both the warrant and property receipt, both of which they could have made public at any time. Garland said that releasing the information contained in the search warrant was being done “in the public interest.”

Garland noted that no person at the Justice Department commented publicly on the search, which reportedly was done to help recover classified documents illegally hidden by Trump, until after the event was revealed to the public by Trump himself. Trump has called the raiding of his Mar-a-Lago residence a “witch hunt.”

You can watch Garland’s entire brief statement below:

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    I wonder if Trump will contest the motion…

    • notaskinnycook says:

      I imagine he will. Until the warrant and inventory are released, Yammie-pie can rage about his palace in the desert being ransacked by, what's that phrase the righties favor? Oh yeah, "jack-booted thugs".

      • Dano says:

        S. Florida more of a swamp than a desert. 

        I am starting to think Yertle the Turtle might have done us a favor by standing in Garland's way to SCOTUS. I think I rather like him as AG.

        • notaskinnycook says:

          As I said to MichaeBowman in Tuesday's open thread:

          He would have done the Republicans less damage as one of nine than as the guy who can turn their world upside-down


      • The realist says:

        No joke. I heard a County Commissioner in a right-wing Colorado county call the execution of the FBI search warrant "jack booted thuggery" earlier this week. This brilliant statement was made at a regular public meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. The other two Commissioners agreed with him.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    She has a point…Trump’s entire personna is anchored in (non)reality tv, treachery, and illusions. 

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    And, just to round out the excitement:  CNN reports  there are also motions being made from

    CNN, joined by the Washington Post, NBC News and Scripps, asked a court on Thursday to unseal documents connected to the FBI search of former President Trump’s Florida residence this week – including documents not covered by the Justice Department’s own bid to unseal a selection of the warrant materials.

    Similar requests filed separately by the conservative group Judicial Watch, as well as the news outlets the Times Union and the New York Times, have prompted a magistrate judge to order that the Justice Department respond to the requests by 5 p.m. on Monday. That response can be filed secretly, the court said, but the department will also have to file a redacted version on the public docket. 

  4. COgator95 says:

    If the news is correct about trump being in possession of CNWDI (Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information) then donnie is all kinds of fucked…. as in Julius and Ethel Rosenberg fucked.

    IF there are any so called 'respectable' republicans left in the GQP that have a scintilla of loyalty to America they better find it within themselves to disavow supporting the fucking traitor donald trump.

    • Negev says:

      ….if the news is correct… that's funny. Statistically speaking the chances of that are historically low…. we all know the nuclear weapon design info was buried in Ivanna's casket..


  5. dwyer says:

    Trump has said he wants the documents released immediately,  Evidently, his lawyers can still fight to keep them sealed.  1PM today ought to be interesting.

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