Thursday Open Thread

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”

–Leonardo da Vinci

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    I believe we are approaching a very volatile moment in American history. The violent, resentful, racist wing of the American Taliban is ready and willing to start killing. They just need targets.

    It looks like they are zeroing in on the Justice Dept.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      It took two months AFTER the election, known targets and dates, a great deal of pushing, and incendiary tweets and speeches in order to get a riot / insurrection of a number of relatively unprepared militias to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

      I know there are competent military folks who are part of the MAGA movement.  I believe, however, as competence goes up, there is a corresponding recognition of “government forces” and a search for a plausible “winning” campaign.  There could indeed be a small cell or lone wolf who will “succeed” in a singular action, such as the Oklahoma City bombing.  But the most competent operations would also have learned from that event.

      The federal government captured those involved.  The bomb was 9:02 am April 19; April 20 turned up the rear axle of the vehicle, quickly traced.  Rapid widening of info had 3 central players arrested on April 21.  When Merrick Garland’s team of prosecutors went to trial, the FBI and DoJ accumulated and was able to use relevant results from efforts that

      • Conducted more than 28,000 interviews
      • Followed more than 43,000 investigative leads
      • Collected more than 3 tons of evidence
      • Searched more than 13.2 million hotel registration records
      • Reviewed more than 3.1 million truck rental records
      • Searched more than 682,000 airline reservation records.

      And there was no revolt triggered by the accelerationist dreams and manifestos of the RWNJs. If anything, there was a substantial backlash and crackdown on people and groups aligned with Nichols.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    FUN FACT: The bill that increased the penalty for retaining classified materials, which Fat Donnie from Queens signed into law, and which now threatens him, was originally sponsored by … Devin Nunes.

  3. Denver Yankee says:

    CNN isn’t just scraping the bottom of the barrel; they’re excavating under the barrel.

    Who gives a rat’s ass what Trump enabler Ty Cobb has to say about anything?

    • The realist says:

      I remain quite content that I have not tuned in to CNN for a very long time.

      • Duke Cox says:

        I am unable to get that network. Broadcast TV on the western slope sucks. I used to watch it when I had cable.

        I occasionally catch an interview now and then on my phone. Sadly, when your anchors and reporters become ” celebrities”, it seldom ends well.

        Still like Joy Reid, though.

  4. DavidThi808 says:

    Want something to get very scared about coming soon? The Future of Social Media Fox News has nothing on what we're soon going to face.

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    The front page articles today are all really good. They go after the competitive Republican candidates for legitimate issues and call out those issues.

    This will help move the needle (in the right direction). Well done!

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