We Don’t Need No Edumacation

Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made news over the weekend when she told a “Moms for Liberty” event in Florida that she thinks the federal department she directed as recently as 2020 should be abolished altogether. Said DeVos:

“I personally think the Department of Education should not exist.”

This is not a new idea, by any means; right-wing Republicans have long argued that the Department of Education should be scrapped in favor of letting state and local authorities make their own decisions on learning the childrens. You know, like in Florida, where math books get banned for mentioning brown people.

This is also an idea that Republican Senate candidate Joe O’Dea has in common with Betsy DeVos. Speaking on The Leland Conway Show on April 12, 2022, O’Dea said this in answer to a question about if he supports eliminating some federal departments:

I think I’d get rid of [the Department of] Education. [Pols emphasis] I think we proved that here in Colorado through COVID, right? We finally got to look and see what our kids our learning. Parents around this state took it back. They took it seriously. We turned over school boards.

The idea that parents were unaware of what their children were learning in school until COVID-19 came along is just plain stupid. If you want to know what your kid is learning in school, ask them. Or look at their homework. Or talk to their teacher. It’s not like the public school curriculum is some big secret.

Anyway, on this issue it appears that Joe O’Dea and Betsy DeVos are in complete agreement. This should go over real well with teachers and school administrators in Colorado.

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  1. 2Jung2Die says:

    Guy who knows – what, exactly? – about education or the federal Dept. of Education has an opinion. Oh boy. It reads sort of like what you'd hear at closing time in a dive bar, and I'm not speaking from inexperience here. He's a not ready for prime time player.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Does Joe O'Dea hate people with disabilities? The D of E includes the Rehabilitation Services Administration which provides funding support for state vocational rehabilitation programs that work with disabled workers for re-training and job placement so they can again be productive citizens in the work force.

  3. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Did Joe O'Dea not get the memo? You run to the ideological pole of your party during the primary campaign, and you run to the center during the general election campaign.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Some candidates just can't pivot. To them, doing so would be tantamount to an admission of error. Did The Screaming Yam ever admit he was wrong about anything? That's their role model. Gotta please the MAGAts.


    • ParkHill says:

      The answer is "No". The Republican strategy in the general election is to get your base to the polls. In fact if O'Dea were to "go RINO", his base would assume he has sold out, and would avoid the election or vote for the whack-a-doodle Libertarian.

      Did Joe O'Dea not get the memo? You run to the ideological pole of your party during the primary campaign, and you run to the center during the general election campaign.

      • Meiner49er says:

        Agreed, PH. Republicans win by moving the window to the right while Dems play catch up to a center that WAS the right in the last cycle. Will our party never learn?

        • Duke Cox says:

          As long as money drives the process. probably not.

          Money always pulls the process to the right.

          Jack Eckerd (yes, that Eckerd) lost a race for Fla. governor in 1970, as memory serves, because he spent too much money…particularly, his own.

          Times have changed…

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