WOW………………What a President…………What a gamble!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just finished watching Brian Williams’ 60 minute program on NBC, covering the remarkable Seal Team Mission that got Bin Laden.

The greatest single military achievement since the Doolittle Raid.

This doesn’t have to be partisan, and the entire hour was totally non partisan. The details and the drama, the emotions and the professionalism of a most competently executed operation, complete with near disaster at the start, followed by calm react and adapt reflexes by the most able military professionals in the world.

Ordered with steel calm, ice water in his veins, by a President that knew failure would doom his Presidency and that had the character to order it anyway.

Another President, at another time, showed the same courage. It ended badly, and his was a bad political end. But President Carter did the right thing, and he’ll always know it.

God bless you, Mr. President, and thank you.

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  1. GalapagoLarry says:

    a bunch of head interviews could be tied together into such a gripping narrative. The tension in that room must have been nearly unbearable.

    It was clear that Obama’s concern was always about the secure return of the personnel. And, current Repug whining to the contrary, he gave full credit to the guys on the ground and their military and intelligence support. No high fives, just relief that our Seals, at the end, were successful and safe.

    For this operation and for many other reasons, we can be proud he’s our president.

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