McNulty All About Local Control, Except When He Isn’t

The Durango Herald’s Joe Hanel reports:

The task force that Gov. John Hickenlooper set up to halt a looming war between local governments and the energy industry came back Wednesday with a plan to keep things mostly as they are.

Several Front Range local governments are considering moratoriums and regulations in the face of a drilling and hydraulic fracturing boom. Earlier this year, Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature blocked each other’s bills to either increase or remove the authority of local governments to oversee drilling.

Hickenlooper’s task force – which included people from the energy industry, environmental groups and local governments – reached much the same conclusion. The group decided that “drawing bright lines between state and local jurisdictional authority was neither realistic nor productive.”

…Speaker of the House Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, had pushed to rein in local governments, some of which he says are chasing away jobs and investment. [Pols emphasis]

“The task force ignored about 98 percent of what the governor asked them to do. What they did recommend I think is helpful but does little to address the overall situation we have in Colorado,” McNulty said.

“Local control” is a time-honored Republican chestnut used to justify opposing most anything they don’t like–why should the big faceless remote state government be allowed to impose their will on local communities who know best? You’ve heard this argument in a variety of places and settings.

But apparently, not when it comes to oil and gas drilling.

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  1. The realistThe realist says:

    Republican mind, just as it isn’t a contradiction in their minds to say you are for small government while you pass legislation to govern the most private health decisions of women.

  2. AristotleAristotle says:

    There is virtually no Republican canard that they’ll completely ignore in practice when it comes to serving big business.

    “Local control” only means allowing bigoted locales to discriminate legally.

  3. Konola says:

    The task force appointed by Frackenlooper was primarily made up of appointees from Colorado’s legislature, the COGCC and local governments. There was one environmental group on the task force–the vast majority of those working to make sure that oil and gas development in our state done right and protects our air and water quality were left out of the room. They were not happy about it. Fortunately they are organized enough to monitor the deliberations and send suggestions to the lone voice in the room representing all environmentalists.

  4. Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

    this link in yesterdays’ open thread. I thought it pertinent to repost here.

    Everything you need to know about the Niobrara shale formation.

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