Greg Lopez or Heidi Ganahl for Governor?

The June 28th Primary Election is just 11 days away. Let’s do some more informal polling, shall we?

Readers of Colorado Pols are traditionally pretty accurate in predicting the outcomes of elections in our state. We want to know what you’re thinking today about the Republican race for Governor.

Do you think topline candidate Greg Lopez will prevail, or are you feeling more positive about Hiedi Heidi Ganahl?


*Remember, as always with our totally non-scientific polls, we want to know what you legitimately THINK will happen — not what you hope will happen or which candidate you support personally. If you had to bet the deed to your house that your prediction would be correct, how would you vote?


Who Will Be the Republican Nominee for Governor in 2022 (6/17)?

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Ganahl is a shitshow. Lopez has never been so lucky.

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      Dr. John Eastman is a fantastic scholar, who I don't even know by the way.

      The patented Cory Gardner fence sitting isn't working. Shocker.

    • Genghis says:

      It's kind of amazing, even by GQP standards. Isn't Hiedi Heidi the only Republican candidate who's actually won a statewide election? You'd think that alone would get her campaign a bit more love despite the spectacular incompetence. Gonna be interesting to see just how far down the shithole the Colorado GOP has gone.

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Well, she's the LAST winner (2016), and took a job with a 6 year term.  In 2014, other R state-wide winners were Cory Gardner for Senator (48.21%).  Cynthia Coffman for AG (51.43%), Wayne Williams for SoS (47.34 %), and Walker Stapleton for Treasurer (49.87 %).

        Without the anti-Trump anger, I'm not sure how 2018 would have turned out.  Phil Weiser (51.6%), Jena Griswold (52.7%), and Dave Young (52.2%) might have had a harder time.  So, I'm happy to hear of Trump and his acolytes continuing to express interest in these races (and others).

  2. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    This is the only race hindering completion of my primary vote ….

    I am either going to skip and undervote the governor’s race or cast a very reluctant vote for the Kennel Queen.

    The only thing I will not do is vote for the Wife Beater.

    Then again, how I vote will be immaterial. The Lopez-Hanks ticket is almost certain to win. The only question is whether they pull Tina Peters across the finish line with them.

  3. westslope says:

    It’s the Republican Party so Lopez will win because he’s a he. That he beat his wife is a feature, not a bug.


  4. Duke Cox says:

    Excuse me…a couple questions…

    What does "I'm a strong supporter of pro-life" even mean? 

    Is Lopez as dim a bulb as he appears?

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