The Republican Who Called Out Boebert After January 6th

Rep. Lauren Boebert at the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally.

Salon reporting on even more damning intra-Republican audio ahead of the publication of the new book This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future–a recording from January 11th, 2021, in which Colorado freshman GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was slammed by a fellow Republican representative for Tweeting about the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi while the U.S. Capitol building was being overrun by pro-Trump rioters on January 6th:

The exchange reportedly played out during an internal conversation on January 11 between Boebert and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., who asked the freshman firebrand point blank, “Is it true that you were live-tweeting from the floor our location the people on the outside as we were being attacked, Lauren?”

“Umm, yes,” Boebert responded. “Those tweets did go out and that was something that was live and public information. It was broadcast live.”

“So don’t ask us about security if you’re telling the attackers where we’re at,” Beutler shot back. [Pols emphasis]

But Boebert didn’t mean to be a security risk, she swears!

“So, that was something being broadcast live from C-SPAN, and once we were on move, there was absolutely nothing else that was broadcast,” Boebert insisted.

Boebert’s Tweets about her and Speaker Pelosi’s location during the initial stages of the January 6th insurrection have dogged Boebert ever since then, with the best possible defense for Boebert being that she simply didn’t understand how providing location information to her hundreds of thousands of supporters on Twitter, who Boebert herself threateningly asserted just minutes before the rioters stormed the Capitol were “outside this building right now,” was an indefensible breach of operational security.

The other, less charitable interpretation, is that she did know.

Like other Republicans who were much too close to the violent side of the plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election on January 6th, Boebert has benefited tremendously from the en masse backslide led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy from outrage over January 6th to swearing renewed allegiance to Donald Trump within just a few weeks. If Republicans were interested in any kind of accountability for January 6th, Boebert would be high on the list of expendable figures to be thrown under the bus.

Instead, they’re stuck–at least for now–with the security risk.

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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    MPG’s very worst days as a public (self-)servant lie ahead. She ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


    Mark it.

  2. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    "We were locked in the House Chambers."

    She should have been locked in a cage.

  3. DawnPatrol says:

    With the J6 presentations looming ominously while other investigations of her continue, it’s not entirely implausible that she may face expulsion from Congress, if not outright indictment and likely subsequent incarceration.

    Any way one slices this, life is about to become very, very hot, tense and uncomfortable for the Pistol Princess / right-wing performing seal.

    • Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

      It takes a two-thirds vote to expel a member from the House. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

      Don Coram is the last, best hope of ridding us of this stupid, evil woman.

      • JohnInDenver says:

        There still is the 14th Amendment provision that says those who "shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof" cannot be members of Congress.

        The bombshell for me tonight was that members of Congress sought Presidential pardons after Jan. 6 and before the Orange One left office.  Don't think the members were named … But if one of them was Boebert ….

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