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April 08, 2012 04:53 AM UTC

"Cagey" Cory Gardner Strikes Again!

  • by: Colorado Pols

Fascinating stuff from FOX 31’s Eli Stokols late yesterday:

Republican Congressman Cory Gardner, elected in 2010 and widely viewed as a rising star within the GOP, has drawn the ire of Mitt Romney’s campaign over his reluctance to formally endorse the party’s likely presidential nominee.

FOX 31 Denver has obtained an email between two top Romney staffers who call Gardner’s refusal to endorse Romney ‘disappointing.’

The email is written by Rich Beeson, a Colorado native and Romney’s national political director, to Mason Fink, the campaign’s national finance director.

In the email, sent on Jan. 14 with ‘Disappointing’ in the subject line, Beeson writes:

“Cory Gardner (CO-4) committed to endorse Gov. Romney and then backed away because he was scared of getting in a primary. This is very disappointing. He committed to endorse and is now ‘scared’.” [Pols emphasis]

We’ll start by agreeing it’s perfectly understandable why freshman Rep. Cory Gardner was “scared” in January of this year of endorsing Mitt Romney–after all, Rick Santorum was setting up to win the Republican caucuses here just a few weeks later. But it’s fascinating to us that this apparent internal Romney campaign email was leaked at all. It doesn’t serve any purpose for Romney we can think of to disclose that a Republican congressman who had received campaign contribution love from Romney’s connected interests was “scared” about publicly supporting him–certainly not now, when Romney wants all memory of the primary to go away.

If Gardner’s camp leaked it, that could be an interesting story all by itself. Like we say, indecision during a heated primary isn’t unusual, but leaks about it well after the fact, when the candidate in question, now victorious, is supposed to be consolidating support…are unusual.

Eli Stokols does make one big mistake in this story, reporting that Rep. Mike Coffman “has also not yet endorsed Romney or any other GOP presidential contender.” Which isn’t right, Coffman was in fact the state chairman of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.

That’s a simple enough way to show why Gardner is cagey about these things right there.


16 thoughts on ““Cagey” Cory Gardner Strikes Again!

  1. Here’s a thought.  Gardner is in a race with a well-known, well-respected Democrat (CO Senate President Brandon Shaffer).  Since Colorado Republicans went with the most rabid of the candidates (Gingrich a close second), perhaps he needs similarly rabid Republicans to come out in force in November.  If he supports Romney (whom they don’t trust), it might weaken the motivation of his voting bloc.  

  2. How many Christian Conservatives and Focus on the Family contributor types that still want Santorum are on there?  How many don’t think Romney is conservative (pure) enough?  

    I don’t think Mike’s “cagey”; I think he’s hedging his bets that Santorum will drop out and he can walk through door #2 with these groups (his base) still intact.

  3. by the mittens front office and Gardner’s campaign, except for the wording.

    Like truth and wisdom said, CD4 is as christian conservative and teabagger infested as any district in the State. Gardner’s people would love to present Gardner as a “principled christian conservative, fighting the valiant battle to put a “true christian” in the White House”.

    Hence, keeping the “mormon” Romney at arms length would be advantageous for his own agenda.

    Any red meat social knitting needle to the kidney resonates up there.

    But the part with the word “scared” makes me rethink it. Sounds weak, flaccid, indecisive. Words that “principled republicans” don’t swarm to.

    Romney’s been an unstoppable machine in this primary season. He’s gone nasty, negative, he’s done and said, to this point, anything he’s had to do to get to the head of the pack. His campaign, his super pac, has shown no compunction about arm twisting, threatening, and putting anybody in an awkward position to get their support or to grind them into pink slime.

    The word “scared” makes me think the mittens people are firin’ the old shot across the bow of CD’s Florida partyin’, “highly accessible” but none the less “true christian” Rep.

    Get in line, little guy, the big boys handlin’ mittens don’t play around. The words can get a lot worse than “scared”.


  4. Jeez!  It must have been a slow news day!

    My only comment would be regarding Mike Coffman not endorsing Mitt Romney.  If you recall in 2008, Romney endorsed Wil Armstrong against Coffman in the GOP nomination in the 6th CD… after Romney had dropped his presidential bid.  I still don’t know why a former presidential candidate from Michigan, via Massachusetts, even chose to get involved in a Republican primary for a congressional seat in suburban Colorado.  Obviously, the endorsement did no good for Armstrong.  

    1. party in its (just for you, Jason) current form is to support the demise of American democracy. The GOP is pushing to bring a plutarchy into power that will impose a “free market” government on the American people.

      The result will be “Neo-feudalism”. If you think there are too many poor, too many sectors of our society that are disenfranchised and left to wither, too many minorities exploited and condemned, then you must do everything you can to defeat the republican party.

      The Supreme Court will destroy the New Deal. That is their desire and their intent. If Mitt Romney, or some other hateful, rich, bastard is elected president, this nation will become a police state, ruled by a small, elite, wealthy class, and human suffering in this nation will return to the levels we experienced in the late 19th century.

      1. But here’s a question, and I’m completely serious.

        How in the world does fully 36% of the admittedly conservative rasmussen poll identify themselves as republican?

        Nothing you wrote in your post isn’t untrue, and the “Supreme Court will destroy the New Deal” statement is not only accurate, but the republicans have repeatedly bragged about that.

        How does a HUGE portion of the nation’s population support a dogma, an ideology, that is counter productive to their prosperity, their children’s ability to be educated, their ability to eat clean food, drink clean water, and breathe clean air?

        How do people not support a social safety net that they’ll, according to the numbers, use and need at a point in their lives?

        Even some that are currently on it don’t support it!!!

        That’s ridiculous, unless it’s “those other people that don’t deserveit”.

        How do they not recognize the Ryan republican budget and the general red plank as a vehicle to transfer wealth to the richest among us, as a tool to completely gut the Treasury, bury the middle class, and impose a guilded age on the entire country?

        What is it? Talk radio, Limbaugh, Fox News?

        I’m serious here.

        We saw O’Reilly scream “Tiller the baby killer”, and Scott Roder shot Dr. Tiller.

        No connection?

        You gotta be kidding me!

        Palin’s responsible for  crosshairs…….HUNTING CROSSHAIRS…….on Congressional District maps, and Representative Giffords was shot.

        That’s not a coincidence.

        Who are these people that follow this twisted ideology blindly?

        I’m serious, I’ve read you a lot, dukeco1, and I’d love a dialogue.    

        1. You can call me, Duke.  🙂

          Who are these people that follow this twisted ideology blindly?

          They are people who are blind. It is because they are fearful…and they are fearful because they are ignorant. They buy into the delusional, “plausible deniability” mode because they have found a comfortable place in their hatred and do not wish to visit that place for fear they will have to uncover it, name it, and accept it as their own.

          You have read as much bullshit from the tadpole, beej, ABot and the like, as have I, probably.

          What does it all have in common? None of it is based on facts. These neo-con anarchists, slaves to the Almighty Dollar, live in a world where Empiricism, Reason, and Compassion are given the same short shrift as they give to women, gays, people of color, and anyone else who doesn’t whole heartedly endorse the modern Christian tenet known as “Osteenism”.

          Ignorance is the mechanism…fear is the driver..they are dangerous. They are a demographic that watches television relentlessly and believes everything Exxon-Mobil and Americans for Prosperity tell them.

          They are nuts.  

          1. Maybe the scariest part then is that these people ARE that nuts, uninformed, etc.

            When Reagan seems mainstream in comparison, the needle’s hit tilt!

            1. They are the new republicans…not the old Republicans. You could count on the old Republicans to be puppets for business, but their agenda wasn’t (or at least it didn’t seem) nefarious. Not so of todays’ fire breathing, bible thumping, 1% worshipping, chauvinistic, Gas and Oil Party.

              Exxon/Mobil and his brothers (I say brothers because it is a decidedly patriarchal industry. The boys still run it…make no mistake.), to name just one industry, have co-opted millions of Americans into believing lies. Money buys truth. Just ask Alvin Toffler.

              Through the willing work of the republican party and massive amounts of money for media, they have held that 30% of voters by the heartstrings. Until you can break that emotional dependency, it will be tough to pull them away from the Greedy Old Plutocrats. They are hard to educate with facts. They respond better to feelings.

              1. The college student on Pell Grant, the typical by the hour wage earner that has caught a break with the SS Tax Holiday, the “Making Work Pay” provision on the long form that went through 2011, the ACA benificiaries that had no insurance, or if they had, couldn’t get routine procedures ok’d until the Bill’s passage………

                How do these people support the greedy old plutocrats?

                But we all know some that believe the republicans are on their side.

                How do people actually believe “corporate taxes are the highest in the industrialized world”? Or that energy exploration, developement, and extraction is being snuffed by “the crushing regulatory burdon of Obama’s “socialism””?

                I heard the GOP spend 4 million per day on 3 PR firms. Where do you come up with that kind of money?

                But I guess “they respond better to feelings” is as deep as they get.

                You see Rachel Maddow come on every night, fully loaded, coached up, having done her prep work, her research, being very careful to say only what she can vet.

                In contrast, O’Reilly, Caplis, Beck, Limbaugh, no hard facts, no vetted information, just hurling insults, false bullshit accusations, outright lying.

                And people believe them.

                That is really frustrating.

                Thanks for the discussion, Duke.


          1. I saw that after I hit the button, too late.

            It should have read “nothing’s untrue”. Too many words, must have been trying too hard to impress with a vocabulary I obviously haven’t mastered.


    2. anything that is contrary to the narrative put forth by the bullshit front groups is not newsworthy. Nothing to see here – we’re all so happy together in this big tent.

      1. He makes a great point, though, about why Coffman might be hesitant to endorse Romney. You can read past the “doesn’t merit front page” boilerplate, it’s pretty standard.

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