Coffman Raising Giant Warchest

Republican Rep. Mike Coffman is doing a good job of raising serious cash in order to thwart a serious challenge from Democrat Joe Miklosi before it can even get started. As the Denver newspaper reports, Coffman raised $532,000 in Q1, increasing his campaign warchest to $1.37 million.

Miklosi’s fundraising thus far has been downright terrible, and it’s not likely that he had a strong Q1 if his campaign is already telling reporters that it won’t announce its numbers until next week. Miklosi’s weak fundraising, combined with Coffman’s big checking account, is preventing Miklosi’s campaign from making it onto the top targeted tier for the DCCC. By racing out to a huge fundraising lead and keeping his foot on the gas, Coffman is essentially winning his race before it really even begins.

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  1. Jones Smith says:

    The campaign has to feel gutted both strategically and on a basic morale level.

    But keep in mind that Coffman doesn’t want to spend all of this; he’s building up a warchest for a statewide campaign.

    – Andy  

    • Colorado Pols says:

      He won’t have to spend it. By creating such a huge money gap, Coffman is keeping the DCCC from putting resources into Miklosi’s race.

      • Gray in Mountains says:

        but Miklosi can beat Coffman without that much $. Aurora is metro, those folks all have doorbells. Get Nancy to rally volunteers and put them to work. Have all those volunteers invite folks to a large gathering in a park and feed them hot dogs and let them talk with Joe. He probably has only this campaign in him if he loses so throw your heart and soul into it

        • MADCO says:

          ANd he’d be great.

          But I’ve had – and am likely to have zero time through July

          He could benefit from a big media  buy- but I can’t write that check and I’m not sure those who could will.

          KNock all the doors you want , doesn’t change the CD6 sent Tom Tancredo over and over and etc

          I know, I know- redistricting changed everything.  No- it did not.

        • nancycronk says:

          where we talk about how Tea Party Republicans like Coffman have screwed over 51% of the population. Great idea, Gray. 😉

    • nancycronk says:

      based on absolutely no single fact whatsoever.

      • RedGreen says:

        You mean except for Coffman’s fundraising track record, his fundraising this quarter, his cash on hand, Miklosi’s record for two quarters, and the single fact he’s waiting until the deadline to announce? Except for those facts?

        • Craig says:

          Miklosi has received no free publicity.  And give me a break, this is Coffman’s home turf since he and I went to Aurora Central all those years ago.  Oh, and he was elected to state office three times, and represented a large part of the district before that.  If we are questioning facts, what is it that gives you any encouragement that Miklosi will get any more than the 40% of the vote that Democrarts have gotten in this district since it was created in 1972?  Yes, even in 1974 the Democratic candidate got just 40% of the vote.  Sorry, but it is Miklosi who has something to prove here and he hasn’t even come close.  Takes fundraising equal to Coffmans for him not to be completely written off right now, but I guessing that that didn’t happen.

          • RedGreen says:

            after the 1980 census and first won by Jack Swigert. It was the 5th district, which used to cover major parts of the current 6th, and was first won by Bill Armstrong, that came to be for the 1972 election. Everything else you’ve said is right on.

  2. Say Hey Kid says:

    My guess is that Sal Pace will have raised more than Joe Miklosi and Brandon Shaffer combined in the first quarter of 2012.

    • RegisteredRepublican says:

      Because Andrew Romanoff and Brandon Shaffer each ran their own poll and found they could not beat Mike Coffman.  In fact, Shaffer figured he had a better chance against Corey Gardner, in a safe Republican district, than in the newly drawn 6th CD.  Morgan Carroll was sharp enough not to need her own poll to figure this all out.  Even big name Democrats are hosting fundraisers and kicking in significant donations to Coffman.

      High profile Dems are speculating that the well-known and widely popular military vet will challenge Mark Udall in 2014, thus leaving an open seat in the 6th CD for them to fight over.  The liberal powers to be aren’t going to pour any valuable financial resources into the Miklosi train wreck.

      The Aurora Republican will not need to spend much of his substantial war chest against this political lightweight.  Frankly, Hank Eng and John Flerlage were better candidates against Coffman than Miklosi has proven to be.  

      Has the Denver lawmaker even moved into the district yet?  He’d better hurry, so he can start one of those “listening tours” newbies need to do when they show up wanting to represent people in a place they have little connection with.    

      • MADCO says:

        If I had more time I’d make some stuff up too.  Instead, can you prove any of that?

        And I’m pretty sure MIklosi lives in CD6 and has for some time.  But thanks for playing – M S U  !!

        • RegisteredRepublican says:

          So much of the nonsense put forth by Democrats, on this liberal website, is based on even less!

          I know the truth hurts, but it’s no secret that both Romanoff and Shaffer did their respective polls.  It was in the newspaper.  After those polls, did you notice that neither one jumped into the race against Coffman?  Why?  Do you think either one was afraid he might beat the incumbent?  Hardly!

          You might be pretty sure Miklosi lives in CD6, but I can assure you he does not.  While it is not required that a member of Congress live in his congressional district, or state, members of the Colorado General Assembly are required to live in their legislative districts in order to hold office.  Since Miklosi is still drawing a state paycheck, he better still live in his southeast Denver district.  Maybe we should have Colorado Ethics Watch look into that! Like that would ever happen!  

          • Say Hey Kid says:

            No one has released those polling numbers but Romanoff and Shaffer did poll the district.  

            • Craig says:

              Now that you’ve thrown dirt all over these guys, where’s the beef.  As usual with Miklosi people, there never is any beef, and that’s the problem.  And, oh by the way, here


              is a link to a map of his District 9.  I hate to tell  you, but it is only in Denver and the poster is correct that he has to live there to continue serving in the state legislature.

              • MADCO says:

                I was wrong.

                That map is old – though.

                APparently everyone polled CD6.

                And I don’t know where CD6 boundaries  are -so I guess it’s possible that Joe does not live in CD6.

                I was wrong.  But you know what, I may be stupid, but one day you’ll be drunk. ANd the next day I’ll be stupid but you’ll be sober.

                ANd H-Man and GOPjwarrior owes me $50.

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