Top Relapse Signs You Should Be Aware Of

Recovering from drug addiction is a lifetime process. It is tempting to go back to your old addictive lifestyle habits. This condition is known as a relapse, and it commences with a mental condition before progressing to having physical effects. Click here:, to find out some common relapse signs you should always watch out for.


At this stage, you can easily deny you were not suffering from drug addiction or that you haven’t relapsed. You are likely to refuse any assistance from professionals, and the situation can worsen and make you go back to your drug-abuse habits.

Rebuilding Negative Connections

If you start rebuilding connections and friendships with your previous addicted friends, relapse is high. You can easily be exposed to drugs, and this may trigger your old memories, which will, in turn, intensify the cravings to a complete breaking point.

Increasing Stress

Stress is the leading cause of drug addiction worldwide. You should try to avoid anything that can escalate your stress levels as much as possible. To avoid stress, it is advisable to adhere to the healing mechanisms provided by your rehab center. If you have an issue stressing you, it is advisable to share the issue with a professional counselor.

Regularly Asking for Money or Theft

This is a strong indicator of financial irresponsibility, which may easily lead to relapse. You may find yourself becoming a spendthrift easily, more so in drugs. To avoid this, you should develop a financial plan that you will strictly adhere to.

Neglecting Responsibilities

When you are in addiction, you may start neglecting your financial, social, and healthy relationships. This is one of the easily notable relapse changes, and you should seek assistance from your rehab professionals once you start neglecting your responsibilities. It is advisable to have a clear way of handling all your responsibilities and ensure everything is in place. This is a clear indication that a relapse is taking place. Missing important sessions will make you think of returning to your old addicted behavior.

Unrealistic Expectations

Drugs cause hallucinations which can easily result in unrealistic expectations. Assuming that you can revisit your old addiction behaviors for a while and then get back to sobriety is an unrealistic expectation that should be avoided.

Avoiding Relapse

Have a Sober Network

You should aim to establish a healthy network of friends that will enable you to forget about your old addiction and focus on your life goals. Sober friends will enable you to indulge in healthy activities such as watching a movie, attending concerts, or even participating in sporting activities.

Adhere To Checkups

You should strictly aim to attend rehab meetings and sessions to maintain sobriety. You can identify some friends to ensure you are punctual for all your appointments. These checkups are essential in ensuring you are on the right track.

Maintain Healthy Routines

Maintaining a healthy routine will mitigate your chances of relapsing into drugs. Commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, regular exercising, and having a clear working schedule. Practicing a healthy lifestyle will also keep you free from many diseases, thus prolonging your lifespan.

Revisit your Recovery Plan

Revisit your recovery plan and remind yourself why you are recovering whenever you feel like going back to your old addiction behaviors. Remind yourself of the negative impacts drugs cause on your life. By so doing, you will re-motivate yourself to continue with the recovery process.

Signing up to a rehab center with qualified personnel is the first step toward avoiding any relapse symptoms. If you feel any cravings, you should involve yourself in healthy activities that will lower the cravings.

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