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April 26, 2022 07:03 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I prefer rogues to imbeciles, because they sometimes take a rest.”

–Alexandre Dumas


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. In another edition of "This Could Be Your (Republican) Attorney General Candidate"…

    Matthew DePerno is the Michigan GOP's pick for Attorney General. DePerno was at the center of allegations that ballot machines were altered to give Biden the win in Michigan. A legal fund he created collected $400,000 to prove it, but the case was dismissed, and an appeals court upheld the dismissal. Now, people are asking where the $400,000 went. It seems DePerno has a history of lining his pockets with illegally billed money. Great resume for an Attorney General. [Isn't it, Ken Paxton?]

    1. I think DePerno was one of the candidates for A.G. who said that banning birth control is a states rights issue and that he did not agree with the SCOTUS decision in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965).

    2. Same article as Phoenix Rising linked:  Michigan GQP also picked an election denier for Secretary of State.

      Despite all evidence to the contrary, [Kristina] Karamo—now the GOP nominee to run statewide elections—has repeatedly insisted without evidence that Trump won the 2020 election. Karamo gained notoriety as a supposed "whistleblower" after she claimed on Fox News to have personally witnessed a ballot in Detroit be fraudulently counted for Biden. That didn't happen, and the fine print in the "incident report" Karamo filled out after Biden had been declared the winner read: “Paid for by Donald J Trump for President, Inc.”

      In any case, the public speaking professor-turned-election denier is now the GOP nominee for secretary of state.

      Sound familiar?

  2. Wild-ass idea for the day. We have a lot of states doing their best to limit who can vote. At the same time, they do their best to get a large census count to get more House representatives and more electoral votes.

    What if…

    Reapportionment was based not on the population count but on the number of votes in the last presidential election. You could use the 14th amendment as the legal basis for this.

    Then, for the states that are successful at voter suppression, at least it reduces their footprint in the House and Electoral College.

  3. Sen Bennet is taking credit for the privatization of Minturns water systems. Giving millions to oligarchs that will now make profits and dividends from people just getting a drink of water. Systems that used to be non profit and government run for the people are now cartels and monopolies to control our lives and resources for the profits of a few. That was the BIF infrastructre bill Bennet passed for the rich. The bill WAS trumps infrastructre policy that manchin took from republicans and bennet passed. Which killed any chance of the BBB from passing.
    So now we see the outcome of this right wing policy to privatize our nations resources for the rich. Minturn is the first to feel the asset recycling policy that Bennet passed. All as Bennet champions this gouging of the people as a victory.
    The other solution of course would be to make the rich and corp power pay their fair share like we used to do to cover the infrastructre investments we need and to keep the water for the people.
    A sad day in Colorado.

    1. As usual with you, there are more nuances and more to the story. It's a pretty fair public / private partnership to solve a problem and to expand access to clean water in Minturn.

      The town needed a new water supply and new infrastructure. A developer is partly funding the infrastructure, which is fair since existing water supply is inadequate for the planned development.  The Feds are building a tank. That's the only part Bennet was taking credit for. 

    2. DS – You are so obviously a false flag operation trying to get liberals ginned up against Bennet. The thing is though, you're really bad at it.

      And as kwtree says, it's a good partnership and Bennet is being honest.

    3. I’m sure many corp democrats support the privatization of our resources to gouge the public for the profits of a few. Many corp democrats do not like the government doing services at cost. Just as many corp dems like bennet don’t like medicare for all. They like the public private partnerships with insurance and big pharma. Just like Bennet. I think everyone has a view on how great partnerships are. 

      One would have to support a person before they could be a false flag against them. I am progressive and support progressive policy. Why I won’t vote for bennet. Republicans have never been an option. I hope the green party runs a candidate or I won’t be voting for senate at all. I do find the state dems doing an average job so I will be voting for them still.

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