Gessler again alleges outright election fraud in Colorado, saying “some” noncitizens voted

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Every time Secretary of State Scott Gessler alleges outright voter fraud in Colorado, I think to myself, this has to be the last time he says this, unless he produces evidence to back it up.

And then he says it again, like he did on KLZ’s Grassroots Radio Colorado Monday:

We’re continuing to do the analysis on the issue of noncitizens not voting here, or I’m sorry, noncitizens being on the voting rolls here in Colorado, and some of them voting. We did a study last year, and we’re going to do some more analysis and come up with more evidence to show people that there, in fact, are problems here in Colorado with that and, again, hopefully we can get folks, particularly Senate Democrats… [BigMedia emphasis]

Just because Gessler has alleged actual, real, not-theoretical, election fraud before, without showing proof of it, doesn’t mean it’s any less serious an accusation when he says it again.

Sorry to repeat the obvious, but this is from the mouth of Colorado’s Secretary of State!! And sorry to use two exclamation marks.

It’s our voting system, and he’s in charge of it. And we like to think of ourselves as tough when it comes to corruption, especially in the all-American area of voting.

Yet Gessler’s repeated accusations of election fraud (I now count three times he’s said it) have flown largely under the major media’s radar, not mentioned once, for example, in The Denver Post news pages, though columnist Fred Brown brought up the topic.

Again, I’m not talking about Gessler’s many warnings and innuendos about fraud. I’m talking actual fraud here.

If journalists won’t publicly hold Gessler accountable for his comments on this topic, which is so central to why journalism is supposed to exist then, I’m sorry, they should find new jobs.

I’m not saying reporters have given Gessler a free pass. They haven’t, and he doesn’t think so either. On the radio Monday, Gessler said:

The mainstream media beats me up all the time. They don’t like what I’m doing.

I don’t see reporters not liking Gessler as such. They’re mostly just reporting what he’s doing, but on the fraud issue, the election-fraud-is-happening-now-in-Colorado-now angle to this story, there’s been too much silence, except from Gessler.

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  1. allyncooper says:

    then let’s string ’em up.

    Anybody got any string?

  2. dwyer says:

    This is a major issue that the dems are ignoring.  Last night, we were urged to knock on doors and drop flyers.  When I asked about voter suppression, I just got a blank stare at the caucus

  3. ScottP says:

    They must go through their hats fast.

  4. BlueCat says:

    Implies you’ve already come up with at least some documented evidence. Not the case here or we can be sure Gessler would have been presenting it at a big fat presserlong ago.

    He’s really only saying they are going to try to come up with evidence that “some” illegal voters voted. He isn’t even going so far as to claim that they will be able to prove that any illegal votes were cast, not caught by the system and counted. And that’s what has to happen for any danger to the legitimacy of any election to occur; counted illegal votes.  If illegal voting is extremely rare in the first place and not ultimately successful, then we obviously have no problem that needs fixing. End of story. Unless your real goal is to increase ops for voter suppression.

  5. Republican 36 says:

    Immediately after his inauguration as Secretary of State, he began making unfounded accusations that illegal aliens were registering to vote and had voted in Colorado. Fourteen months later, after first alleging there were 10,000+ illegal aliens voting in Colorado and then alleging the number was in the neighborhood of 4,000, then 600, then 106, then 6; and two days ago, back to 4,000+ and finally on KLZ he says “some.” And yet, as things stand right now, he hasn’t reported one, not one, case of an illegal alien voting in Colorado elections to either a district attorney or to the attorney general for prosecution.

    If the U.S. Attorney, the Colorado Attorney General or a local district attorney made accusations over and over again that a specific kind of criminal activity was occuring, he or she would be called on the carpet for not doing anything about it and if, as a result, they couldn’t produce any examples of the alleged activity, their motives would be questioned, and rightfully so. The same should hold true in Mr. Gessler’s case. He can’t stand behind his alleged desire for a voter ID law any longer. Others have given their opinions about what motivates Mr. Gessler on this blog and in the media. I don’t have any insight as to his motivations but one thing is clear: He is willing to make false accusations over and over again that disgraces his office and calls into question his ability to manage one of the core functions of our Republic – elections.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      If so, could Gessler be pulled in to court and required to present the evidence of the felonies he’s “aware of?” that would be really entertaining.

      • Republican 36 says:

        is if the Attorney General began a statewide grand jury investigation into voter fraud by illegal aliens and subpoenaed SOS Gessler to testify and produce relevant documents.  Once SOS Gessler testified and could not produce testimonial or documentary evidence of such fraud, the Attorney General could close the investigation and petition the judge overseeing the grand jury to release the final report which would then conclusively prove the SOS has no evidence.  

  6. Tom says:

    Gessler has been making these accusations for quite some time. My understanding is that most election fraud issues that he’s talking about are class 2 misdemeanors which seems to imply an 18 month statute of limitations. If he has actual evidence, then waving around accusations without filing charges means that any chance of convictions are slipping away.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      those chances of conviction get infinitesimally smaller whenever you don’t have any offenders.  The statute of limitations is the least of Gessler’s conviction problems.  

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