There Are Reasons Rush is So Popular.

Rush Limbaugh is approx 1/2 way through an 8 year contract  with Clear Channel for $400 million through 2016.

He has high ratings – top 3 in most markets in his time slot.

We can all complain about things he says or does – too many people are listening to his show for it to matter.  Rush matters because Rush has ratings.

Rush never shuts up – which is another way of saying “no dead air”. In radio this is a good thing.

Rush tries to be funny – comedy is a plus. Even though it’s hard and his particular mean spirited sense of humor  is highly offensive to some, probably even more than those for whom it is funny.

But Rush has ratings.  If we assume the ratings are true, Rush has a large audience.  And this is why Rush is the head of the GOTP. And  why the R’s are afraid to disagree with him.

But Rush used to have a tv show. HIghly offensive. Highly targeted. Successfully targeted.  Once people stopped watching, it went away.

The problem isn’t Rush – it’s his audience.  A few years ago some knucklehead wrote a book called Rush Limbaugh is Big Fat Idiot, with footnotes and well researched fact checking.  At which point Rush should have become irrelevant.  But his audience got bigger.

Either the audience can’t read, didn’t believe the facts or don’t care.  To defeat Rush, we just need to stop paying attention to him.  When his ratings tank – he’ll go away.

Unfortunately, it appears as long as there are functioning radios, Rush will have an audience.

Yesterday on Caplis & Silverman, one of them was defending Rush, claiming that until this recent assault on the Georgetown law student (which is, after all, exactly what the left does, and was true, and etc and etc)  there was no memory of Rush being misogynistic (whatever that means).    “Feminazi”  doesn’t count?

Rush is a fool who will say anything to get ratings. Because he’s become the head of the GOTP he says pro-GOTP things.  

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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    nationally, and at a state level, R officeholders like him. His bombastic exaggerations make it possible for Rs to propose legislation that is only slightly less demeaning than his commentary. It has even been vetted with a nat’l audience

  2. harrydoby says:

    Sports commentators (and columnists, for that matter) are expected to provide colorful, hyperbolic, highly opinionated commentary.  So the transference of that style to the political arena was a natural, I suppose.

    When researching my posts for yesterday’s open thread, I came across a couple of interesting facts.  Rush’s audience has been stagnant at 14 million (or 20 million if you believe Clear Channel) for the past few years.

    But the overall trend in broadcast radio is downward.  Stations failing, changing formats, audiences dying off or moving to other media for news and entertainment, etc.

    He’ll probably have to start engaging more new media to keep his numbers up.  However, if his demographic is 35 and above, even that may not work too well, as Twitter, etc. are the province of the ‘tween to twenties for the most part.

    I only dread the day when someone growing up today becomes a new master of bombast in the new media, picking up where Rush will eventually leave off.

  3. nancycronk says:

    Blaming Rush or blaming his office is an irrelevant debate, IMHO. Getting filth off the air is time well spent.

  4. Ralphie says:

    Is now a U.S. Senator from Minnesota: Al Franken.

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