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March 07, 2022 12:37 pm MST

Silly Sweeping Statements Starring Heidi Ganahl

  • by: Colorado Pols
GOP gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl (R).

Although standards are not what they once were in the post-Trump era, one of the hallmarks of an undisciplined campaign is a reliance on overbroad statements about issues that tend to reveal more ignorance about the subject at hand than anything else. In recent weeks, gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl’s call to “end all mandates except FREEDOM” prompted quite a bit of head-scratching from anyone who actually sat down for as moment to make sense of what she’s saying. Are we just talking about COVID vaccinations or is this about all childhood vaccines? Is this about more than vaccines?

Even if we’re just talking about vaccinations, as recently as a few years ago Republicans and Democrats with any credibility agreed that vaccine mandates for children attending school make sense. Taking Ganahl at her word, she’s way outside what has been the mainstream for most of our lives.

Along with the ambiguous call to “mandate freedom” in Ganahl’s stump speeches, there’s another line we’ve heard a couple of times now (most recently in Grand Junction this weekend, audio below) that, while it might sound appealing in friendly confines, fares poorly under scrutiny:

GANAHL: And I will Day One roll back every single executive order that [Polis] has signed–over 500 of them. [Pols emphasis]

This is very close to what Ganahl said to right-wing AM radio host Mandy “Half Breed” Connell on KOA radio last week, so it’s definitely a rehearsed line:

CONNELL: What would you do if you were elected governor? Like, what would be your strategy Day One?

GANAHL: Well, Jared Polis does a lot of his dirty work through boards and commissions and through executive orders so that he doesn’t have, so he can be kind of hands off so I would repeal every executive order I possibly could, which there’s over 500 right now that he’s put in place. [Pols emphasis]



First of all, most of the emergency executive orders from the COVID-19 pandemic, which are by far the most contentious, are already expired with the end of the state of emergency. So in those cases there’s literally nothing to repeal. Dozens more of the executive orders Ganahl promised to “roll back” are natural disaster declarations for fires, floods, and avalanches across the state. How would that even work, and what kind of harm would that do to the affected victims? Among others, Ganahl just vowed to repeal Gov. Polis’ executive order granting tribal authorities access to law enforcement databases for child welfare, multiple orders promoting election cybersecurity, and expanding rural broadband. Are these really issues that Ganahl wants to go on the record opposing?

Finally, let’s not forget Executive Order D2022-011, Colorado’s Response to and Condemnation of Russia’s Unlawful Ukrainian Invasion. Unless Heidi Ganahl tells us differently, we have no choice but to conclude that the GOP’s candidate for governor of Colorado is calling for the repeal of the state’s condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That’s national news–and unless you’re Vladimir Putin it’s not the good kind.

As we’ve been saying patiently to politicos on both sides for so many years, words mean things. And when silly sweeping statements come round to bite you in the backside like an ill-mannered chihuahua, there’s no one to blame but yourself.

This is what an unserious campaign looks like.


12 thoughts on “Silly Sweeping Statements Starring Heidi Ganahl

  1. Besides her comment about executive orders, her accusation the Governor does "a lot of his dirty work through  boards and commissions" is both silly and ignorant. For most of the 3,000+ board and commission positions, the governor nominates and the state senate confirms those selected.

    Each board is governed not by the governor's whim but by state statutes enacted by the General Assembly. Regardless of what a particular governor thinks, each board and commission must adhere to the policies set forth in the relevant statutes. Most boards and commissions are made up of citizens who are interested in a particular policy area. 

    There is a salutory affect too. The board and commission members become knowledgable in a given area and they can suggest revisions to state laws or departmental policies that will make government work better. And they do it all for no compensation even though it takes a lot of time to effectively serve. Almost 100% of those who serve on a board or commission are paid nothing except a per diem for travel expenses when on official business.

    If she is the Republican nominee and agrees to participate in debates, one of the reporters should ask her to cite to specific examples of the "dirty work" she has alleged. Make her put up or shut up.

    1. Second question – "Do you then promise to be completely apolitical in all issues involving boards and commissions, and as a reminder in case of the god-forsaken chance you get elected, we are recording your answer?"

  2. Why wouldn't Ganahl call for repeal of the EO condemning the invasion of Ukraine? After all, she is silent on the "big steal" of the 2020 election which implies she supports Trump and, by association, also supports the Trump/Putin bromance.

    1. "Why wouldn't Ganahl call for repeal of the EO condemning the invasion of Ukraine?"

      No divisive questions. Remember her mantra?


  3. Ganahl is engaging in performative loyalty signaling and flattery inflation. That's what you have to do to appeal to the Trump cultists who dictate how the GOP works anymore. Even if it's abject nonsense (which it is), she's learning how to say what has to be said so she doesn't get run over by the 'trump train', whose riders get their feelings hurt if you don't parrot or amplify their stupidity.

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