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February 22, 2022 01:06 AM MST

Candidate for Governor Ganahl Calls on CU to End 'Vaccine Mandates,' Which Include Measles & Mumps

  • by: Erik Maulbetsch

(Spread mumps to own the libs! – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Boulder County’s indoor mask requirement ended last week, except on the University of Colorado campus, where earlier in the week the CU Boulder Public Health Office announced it would continue the campus mask requirement despite the county’s decision. This prompted CU Regent and gubernatorial hopeful Heidi Ganahl to call on her own institution to “drop the mandates.”

Responding to a commenter asking if she has always opposed vaccine mandates, Ganahl wrote, “Yes I have, I put forward a resolution at CU to stop mandates last year.”

Last year Ganahl voted to oppose the CU administration’s decision to require COVID vaccinations, supporting a resolution brought by her then-colleague Chance Hill, who has since resigned.

At a campaign event last October, Ganahl asked far-right pundit Dennis Prager for advice on how college students could push back against campus vaccine mandates. Prager answered that giving the vaccine to children, including college students, was “pure undiluted child abuse.”

Ganahl later posted her tweet about dropping the “mandates” to multiple Republican Facebook pages, adding an additional sentence.

“I trust CU students and faculty to make good decisions for their own health and safety,” Ganahl wrote. “It’s time to drop the mandates! As CU Regent I have fought against mandates and now, I’m imploring you to end our mask and vaccine mandates at universities now.”

The COVID vaccine is but a new addition to a list of vaccines mandated for Colorado college students for decades. A state law passed in 1978 requires students at all schools, including the University of Colorado, to show proof of multiple vaccinations.

“All students enrolled in any school in Colorado on and after August 15, 1979, shall furnish the required certificate of immunization or shall be suspended or expelled from school.” CRS 25-4-906.

In addition to the COVID vaccine and booster, CU Boulder’s immunization requirements include the Measles, Mups & Rubella (MMR) vaccine as well as a Meningitis vaccine for those students under 23 living in campus housing.

Ganahl did not respond to an email inquiry as to whether she opposes all vaccine mandates or just the one for COVID. Given her explanation that she trusts students “to make good decisions for their own health and safety,” the Colorado Times Recorder also asked if she opposes the university’s requirement that students have health insurance. This article will be updated with any response received.


18 thoughts on “Candidate for Governor Ganahl Calls on CU to End ‘Vaccine Mandates,’ Which Include Measles & Mumps

  1. More Republican "back to the 1950's" ignorance. I'm a senior who has experienced all of the UCHD (usual childhood diseases) first-hand. Caught 'em all in the 1950's, before vaccines were licensed.

    This is dangerous ignorance taken to the level of a public health threat. 

    1. My landlord survived polio. It left him wth weakness in one leg, and a hand that doesn’t grip well, even now in his eighties.

      I shudder to think what today’s right wing conspiracists would make of Dr. Jonas Salk, who never made a profit from the polio vaccine he created.

      1. One of my school friends (and his mother) had polio, putting him in leg braces or a wheelchair for the time I knew him, through college.  His mom was weakened, and then faced more complications from arthritis — I think she had to stop driving when we were in elementary school, so Tony was reliant on neighbors, classmate's families, and people from his church for nearly all week-day transport.

        I wonder if Granahl's confidence in the judgment of students extends to them developing their own educational plans, too.  Opportunities for choices for recreation and partying? 

        This new version of "freedumb" Republicans must be making a large number of departed Republicans shake their heads hard enough to dislodge their halo or horns.


  2. I'm confident that Ms. Ganahl did not mean to include any vaccines other than those for covid.

    Having said that, the fact that Ms Ganahl isn't bright enough to see a distinction is another nail in the coffin of her gubernatorial candidacy.

    With every passing day, and on-the-record comment, Ms. Ganahl continues to give Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene competition in the race to the bottom of the barrel.

    1. It doesn’t really matter whether she meant all of them or not, Hiedi Heidi and her clown car seem to summarily dismiss the long haul effects of COVID. Just like polio, short and long term effects are real. We don’t yet know the full extent of its long-term health complications. 

    1. Funny (true) story, Jung. In the  early days of hemp legalization we we wanted to start feed trials on various animals.  We wanted to start with chickens but were prohibited by the FDA from doing so. Their excuse du jour ‘rationale’ (keep in mind there is an existing DEA 2004 final rule that classifies hemp-derived feed as industrial use) was the chickens were being force fed the ration and couldn’t make the choice ​​​​​ have the freedom to not consume hemp (which legally contains small amounts of naturally-occurring THC).  Turns out if you place hemp blocks in the pen and they choose to peck away at it, that’s A-OK. 

  3. Supporting guns at polling places and no vaccine mandates at CU in two days …Heidi is on a roll again!  Sure, this type of irresponsible pandering helps with the crazies, but it is going to bite you in the ass with the majority of the Colorado electorate that is in touch with sanity. She will definitely be reminded of this later on.

    I presume she's still trying to pull a Cory and ride that fence and make a 180 later. Good luck with that.

    1. She's been on the Board of Regents for nearly a full term — has anyone started mining her votes to see if she accepted campus life standards before she decided to run for Governor as a Trumpist?

      1. I researched Ganahl a bit, looking for her votes on controversial issues…It’s not that easy to find actual votes, as you have to scour the minutes of B of Regents meetings, available here, on “Board Docs”.

        You can search the “Meetings” link for “Ganahl”, resulting in a long list of meetings that mentions her name.

        Not every meeting entails a vote, so it’s a cumbersome and not very transparent process, as far as I can tell. There may be an easier way.

        However, I did find these votes by Ganahl and the Board:

        I found a 2021 meeting at which Ganahl voted against a vaccine mandate at the Anschutz Health campus. (The resolution was defeated, and the mandate stands). She is referencing this vote in her election campaign now ( see original post). It’s worth noting that Ganahl voted against requiring vaccines at a medical teaching hospital.

        October 5, the board tried to deal with the John Eastman controversy by limiting who can vote on a visiting scholar. My reading of this article shows no meaningful changes in that process.

        Heidi had a brain tumor operation in 2020, which result she claimed was a “medical miracle”. However, she used her experience to argue against the Colorado Option in the legislature, which passed anyway, and has lowered costs for rural Coloradans. So much for the Democratic “war on rural Colorado”. And if you’re not right with Gawd as Heidi sees Gawd, no “miracle” for you.

        She voted to rule out “mandatory training programs” on race and equity, in October 2021. Ganahl offered a resolution that would end and rule out future programs of this kind.

        My limited dive into Ganahl votes as a Regent shows that she’s voted and spoken like a Trumper for years. I found very few moderate or sane , middle-of-the-road votes to facilitate running a major university. If she’s going to try to shake that etch a sketch in November, she will be hard pressed to frame herself as anything but a partisan Trumper.

  4. I did a bit of research, as well. Skimming through archives of the Daily Camera, it seems there is a measles outbreak there about every five years or so, but who needs vaccines? She's not just an idiot. She's a dangerous idiot.


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