UPDATE: Colorado’s #FreedomConvoy2022 Has Officially Fizzled

FRIDAY UPDATE: As the Salina Journal reports, the “2022 Colorado Freedom Convoy” lost whatever heft it had departing Aurora yesterday afternoon on its first leg into Kansas:

Although they arrived in Salina several hours later than expected, the truckers who left from Golden and Aurora, Colorado were met by both well-wishers and fellow truckers who were ready to join the convoy in the morning.

Half a dozen semis and 10 passenger vehicles pulled into Salina just after midnight, early Friday morning, hoping to rest before rolling out again. [Pols emphasis]

Half a dozen semis? We’re sorry to report that’s not enough to block anybody’s Beltway.

For reference, the California “Freedom Convoy” that started out last weekend arrived at its first stop in Las Vegas with a whopping five trucks in their “convoy,” at which point the trip was unceremoniously abandoned. How far will Colorado’s half-dozen Freedom Convoy first leg survivors get, and what will happen when they get there?

We care…much less now. Original post follows.


Heidi Ganahl at last Saturday’s “Freedom Convoy Pre-Roll” event.

Over in Salina Kansas, as the Salina Journal’s Alice Mannette reports, they’re bracing for impact as Colorado’s contingent of the “2022 Colorado Freedom Convoy” of semis and other high capacity phallus-compensator motor vehicles is set to make its first major locust-like descent on the road to reckoning in Washington, D.C. next week:

A Freedom Convoy, inspired by the Canadian protest of COVID-19 mandates, will roll into Salina Thursday evening. Heading out of Aurora, Colorado, on Thursday morning, the convoy will roll across Interstate 70 and stop in Salina.

According to its Facebook post, the convoy will spend the night off exit 252 on I-70 at Pilot Petro Travel Center at 1944 N. 9th St. The truckers expect to arrive in Salina about 8:30 p.m.

About 9 a.m. Friday, March 4, the truckers are expected to head back onto I-70 and travel through Topeka, Kansas City and on to Missouri as they head to their final destination of Washington, D.C. They hope to have a “slow roll” through Junction City and Topeka, arriving in the Kansas capital about 10:30 a.m…

It could be the biggest thing to hit Salina since…well, at least since last year’s Tri Rivers Fair! Last Saturday, GOP gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl headlined a “pre-roll” rally from Monument to Sedalia along I-25 featuring some dozens of would-be convoyers. We have no idea how many people are actually expected to head east on I-70 tomorrow, but they’re hoping to do better than the ill-fated “Freedom Convoy” that departed the Los Angeles area last week:

A caravan of truckers that left California for Washington, D.C., Friday to protest COVID mandates arrived in Las Vegas Saturday with only five trucks in its ranks, organizers revealed, prompting them to abandon the campaign and tell members to merge with other, larger anti-mandate groups racing toward the capital.

The disbanded group, dubbed Freedom Convoy USA 2022 in solidarity with the ‘Freedom Convoy’ trucker protests that occurring in Canada over the past month, said they were expecting ‘1,000-2,000 truckers’ prior to departing Los Angeles for the cross-country excursion.

Fizzling interest could be the reason why Ganahl isn’t listed as a speaker at the Colorado Freedom Convoy 2022 launch event tomorrow, which instead features a gaggle of decidedly B-List Republicans:

Jewels Gray – Congressional District 08 Candidate
Ted Harvey – Former Colorado State Senator
Austin Hein – Colorado House of Rep. District 51 Candidate
Kevin Lundberg – Former Colorado State Legislator
Danielle Neuschwanger – Colorado Governor Candidate

As for what happens after that? Well, the first real news we’ll get is how many trucks actually pull in to Salina, Kansas tomorrow night. If any of these anti-mandate protesters do make it all the way down I-70 to the Washington, D.C. area, they have promised not to disrupt the city in the manner that the Canadian trucker convoy they’re imitating did to Ottowa. The plan as we understand it is to orbit the Washington Beltway in such a way as to make the road’s already horrendous traffic…a few semi trucks worse? If any rogue elements get any ideas, hundreds of National Guardsmen are waiting to help tow semis as fast as they accumulate.

There is also the small matter that the “mandates” this convoy is out to protest are going or already gone in almost every state including Colorado as the pandemic they were put in place to address recedes into more manageable endemic-ness. Instead of a solution in search of a problem, what we have here increasingly is a “movement” in search of a grievance.

Here’s to a few trucks taking their smelly exhaust downwind in any event.

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  1. davebarnes says:

    What is the marginal cost of driving a truck 1500 miles?

    Small truck? BIG truck?

    • Two Dog Night says:

      The big rigs get six to eight miles per gallon and diesel is now over four dollars per gallon.  So about fourteen hundred miles to go and if they are lucky no bad weather.  The last "convoy" to get to D.C. a couple days ago had no trucks make it to the Mall, one was lost on the Beltway.  About five or six people showed up for the thing on the Mall.


      It is a rather bad time to be complaining about wearing a mask to not die when real people are being slaughtered by artillery and rockets trying to protect their country.

  2. Genghis says:

    It's good to see Hiedi Heidi getting into the 2022 GQP spirit. She's looking a bit more bugfuck crazy in each new photo.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      It’s all fun and games (F&G as Hal and Charlie used to call it) until someone has to call Frank “The Hammer” Azar. 

      • Duke Cox says:

        Just a housekeeping note, Michael.

        Our buddy, Frank, who has now gone statewide, has registered  “the Strong Arm” as a title. Our local PI attorneys are freaking out. It’s like Walmart law has moved in.

        There is a guy named Lowell…something or other, who used “the Hammer” and I think Rick Wagner tried it once. 

        It seems ads by law firms, doctors, booze distributors…all those kinds of companies fill the airwaves, lately. I kind of draw the line at “bent carrot” discussions on national TV…but…they didn’t ask my permission…🙄😉


  3. DawnPatrol says:

    Pathetic losers. (Insert sad trombone here.) We snicker contemptuously in your general direction, RW-extremist knuckleheads.

    As was said elsewhere on the interwebz today, despite their best efforts, some strains of astroturf just won't catch on and grow no matter how much stinking manure (i.e. corrupt RW-billionaire Dark-Money dollars) they spread on 'em.

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    I spent today at the Governor’s Ag Forum. One of today’s speakers was Steve House (I’ll write more on that later) but one thought he shared today with the conference was that all candidates for governor should be required to supply bios of everyone they will consider for cabinet positions. 

    Are you listening, Hiedi Heidi? 

  5. MichaelBowman says:

    Hiedi Heidi might get more votes if her pre-roll event was held at a local dispensary. 

  6. Meiner49er says:

    Hope someone will ask Heil Hiedi Heidi how she feels about Texas' new anti-LGBT!+ reporting policy while she's wearing that sweatshirt!

    • kwtree says:

      “Power to the Parents” – any parent who wants to know what their child is learning can log on to Google Classroom or the parent portal of the online grading program. Virtually every district in the US hs ported half of their curriculum and assignments to a remote or online program , particularly since the pandemic. This is true for all except the very youngest, pre-literate students. 

      Parents / Guardians are invited and encouraged to keep track of their student’s learning and progress. Guess how many actually take advantage of this access? Maybe 1 in 20. probably fewer than that proportion in the MAGA truck convoy. 

      Parents who do not participate in the online programs are still encouraged to come to family nights, parent conferences, or volunteer in classrooms and schools. The proportion of all parents who volunteer and come to conferences is even smaller. 

      This latest “parent power” sloganeering is only to intimidate schools and teachers from teaching about race in history classes, or from making education more equitable. 


      • NOV GOP meltdown says:

        You can point out to hard boiled, brainwashed MAGAmorons that they have all of this at their fingertips, and they'll still find something to whinge about, even if it isn't actually real. It's not about what is real to them, it's about what FEELS REAL to them. Rage on!

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