Rep. Bradford Considers Chamber-Flipping Party Switch?

UPDATE #3: A quick read of HB10-1271, passed in the aftermath of Rep. Kathleen Curry being forced to contend as a write-in candidate for election, indicates that Rep. Laura Bradford would still need to campaign as a write-in either as an independent or Democratic candidate if she disaffiliates now. Although HB10-1271 reduced the amount of time a candidate must be registered with a given affiliation, this switch would need to have occurred before the first business day in January for Bradford to make the 2012 ballot.


UPDATE #2: Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby:

The Collbran Republican said the Denver Police Department’s apology and admission Tuesday that she never tried to use the little-known privilege to get out of a DUI, should be the end of it.

But Bradford said she is considering resigning, becoming an independent or even a Democrat [Pols emphasis] because House Speaker Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, plans to go ahead with a House ethics panel to investigate the matter regardless of that apology.


UPDATE: There are two possibilities should Rep. Laura Bradford indeed disaffiliate from the Republican Party as she reportedly has threatened today. Rep. Bradford could simply become an independent, like Rep. Kathleen Curry did before the 2010 elections–which would place her in a similarly difficult position, with GOP and Democratic candidates likely to run.

Another option would be for Rep. Bradford to join the Democratic caucus like Rep. Debbie Stafford did in late 2007. As Bartels reports, if Bradford were to disaffiliate and go independent, it would result in a 32-32-1 split, and could force a new election for House Speaker. If Rep. Bradford joins the Democrats…well, it’s a lot simpler then.

Bartels’ story strongly suggests that the disputes between Rep. Bradford and GOP House leadership predate the recent controversy over her traffic stop last Wednesday. We wouldn’t therefore assume there’s anything Frank McNulty might do in the aftermath of Rep. Bradford’s “exoneration” by Denver Police that would change things.

That said, we’re not even 24 hours from thinking Rep. Bradford’s remaining political career could be measured in days, not terms. So we’re fully prepared to be shocked again at any time.


Breaking now via Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper. Developing.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    makes her look better, she goes and makes herself look worse. You didn’t defend me just because I’m a Republican, no questions asked, so I’m gonna take my ball and go home? She may not be guilty of asking for special treatment but we know that she drinks and drives, is a very petty person and puts personal issues, including revenge, above supposed party principals.  Sounds like our own cheap Colorado version of Newt.  I say cheap because at least Newt’s pettiness is displayed on a grand, operatic scale on the national stage.

    Anybody else encountering very slow navigation at this site?

  2. Aristotle says:

    The article says she’s considering leaving the GOP, but not become a Democrat. (It’s unclear what her intent is, but it’s being presented that she would become independent.)

    When I read “party switch,” I think joining a new party, not becoming an independent.

    I expect that this will bring out the GOP dogs. Expect a lot of frothing from A-BOT and any other ‘pub who still posts here; and expect Bradford to be tossed under the bus by the pundits and party officials.

  3. Didn’t Laura Bradford call me a traitor when I became a Democrat?

    (I know DUKECO knows the story)

    Regardless…. jump on in Laura!

    Becoming a Democrat is one the finest decisions I have ever made (however, I don’t know if Laura will get as warm of a reception as I did?)

    • says:

      MAH – she’ll get a warm reception if she goes Dem because that would switch the house!

      She probably won’t win in November if she goes Indie (I doubt she’ll win if she goes Dem, either but I don’t have registration numbers handy) so hey, at least with the Dems she gets to have the most fun before she loses.

      • MADCO says:

        …which vacancy comittee gets to replace her?

        Talk about a thumb in McNulty’s eye.

        • says:

          For the most bang for her buck, she could switch to independent, caucus with Repubs, write a bill that would give the governor the permission to fill vacancies, threaten her party that she would switch to Democrats if they don’t pass it, then when it passes, she could then switch back to…

          Aww, nevermind. It sounded more fun in my head. I got to confused when I tried to write it down.

          But just know, I was taking you down a really fun lane of possibilities!


        • Dan Willis says:

          If she switches to Unaffiliated, she has to create a 3-5 person vacancy committee and submit that list to the Secy of State’s office.

          U’s pick their own vacancy committee, parties are defined in their rules.

      • worueousmith says:

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  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    say “Hell no!”

    We don’t want her or anything to do with her non-specialness.  This is a trap — don’t take the bait, Dems.

    If Ms. Not-That-Special wants to flush herself, stay far, far out of that bathroom.

    Dems are better off having that one on the opposite team.  

  5. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    1. She didn’t assert the privilege.  She was walked in to it by the police (I wished they helped all people to assert their 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments rights as assertively)

    2. I have been told by a respected constitutional scholar that the immunity is being misinterpreted in both its meaning as well as its application.  

    3. Drunk driving is bad, but I think censure is sufficient.  Let the legal system function (it still can) and let her face her constituents.

    4.  The article says she was having dinner with former legislators–is that code for lobbyists?  If so, who picked up the check?

  6. Dan Willis says:

    Does she want to run for re-election in November?

    If so, she has to stay GOP or run a write-in campaign. It is too late to change party affiliation.

    To run under a new affiliation, including unaffiliated, a candidate must have been registered that way for one year prior to the election for the office he/she is seeking.

    If she changes her affiliation, the only way she can run for her house seat again will be as a write-in candidate.

    • Aristotle says:

      If this is NOT her first term, then she was there to witness what happened to Kathleen Curry, and should be fully aware of this.

    • If she figures she’s toast regardless due to this fiasco, then she’s free to disaffiliate from the GOP just to spite McNulty and his ethics committee investigation.

      • Ralphie says:

        She IS toast.  She’s expendable.  Now that she’s been redistricted into District 54, which became a lot more Republican under the current districts, her incumbency is no longer important.  While if she ran, she’d be a sure win, the Mesa and Delta County Rs could run Mickey Mouse and he would win by more than 65-35.

        She’s not going to change parties, or if she does, it’s because she’s already decided not to run again.  Personally, I think she’s just threatening McNulty, but it’s too late for that.  She’s burned a lot of bridges over the years.

        You don’t see Steve King or any other of her compatriots defending her, do you?

        She really not that anxious to run this time around anyway according to gossip over here.  At worst for her, she’ll disaffiliate, screw McNulty in a Speaker election, then take a job with COGA or Joshie’s company for a hell of a lot more money.

        • gertie97 says:

          They want hard-core players who can be effective. COGA wouldn’t want somebody who can dynamite bridges as successfully as Bradford can, and Joshie and the boys don’t want anybody who’s not a true believer in the pursuit of money and the GOTP cause.

          Laura won’t need a job anyway. She has a business.

        • Konola says:

          A certain local Tea Party pundit is predicting that Janet Rowland will seek Bradford’s seat come November.

        • worueousmith says:

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    • rathmone says:

      but still: Curry’s 2010 bill shortened registration deadline to Jan 1 of election year, still too late for Rep. Bradford, but not quite a year anymore.

    • worueousmith says:

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  7. sxp151 says:

    If you have enough money to drink at a bar, you have enough money to get a taxi ride home. Particularly if lobbyists are buying your drinks.

    Becoming a Democrat isn’t like doing 30 hours of community service. What a fucked up person she is. Besides, there’s already a political party for selfish assholes, and she’s in it.

    • BlueCat says:

      she’d probably become an indie. That would make it even between Rs and Ds with one indie. So, the way I understand it, she’s not going to turn into a Dem just for spite. She’s not entirely without principles.  She’s only considering turning into an indie, you know, just for spite. Entirely different.

      Why didn’t this genius realize she was ahead after the DPD “my bad” and stop demonstrating what a jackass she is.  Sorry… jenny.  

      • gertie97 says:

        aren’t surprised, really, at any of this. Laura has the ability to take any situation and make it worse. She often acts out of spite, and when the tough gets going, she usually gets gone.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        the appointed ethics panel had what, 5 Rs and 1 D?

        All she had to do was: 1. sit there, 2. keep her mouth shut, and 3. maybe enter a copy of the Denver Post article into evidence — I guess that would have all been to “special” for this plain Jane Laura Representative?

        Must have gotten her gun back, huh?  Hard to shoot yourself in the foot without one . . .  

        • Ralphie says:

          From the press release:

          Speaker of the House Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, appointed Rep. Tom Massey, R-Poncha Springs, chair of the committee, and Reps. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, and Brian DelGrosso, R-Loveland, members.

          House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, named Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, as vice chair and Judy Solano, D-Brighton as a committee member.

  8. Libertad 2.0 says:

    is going to make her persona non grata with the GOP. Bringing it up doesn’t mean she’ll do it, but this is serious business.

    Speaker Ferrandino has a very nice ring to it.

  9. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    Please allow me to be the first to say, “No thank you, Laura.”

    Ask MAH or CJ Garbo — I’m in the habit of writing nice notes and offering to make introductions when folks switch. The CDP is the real “big tent” party, not just demographically but ideologically. However, I draw the line at accepting people essentially rejected from the Republican party–a party which thinks shooting at your ex-wife with a real, kill-people-not-laser-tag-or-paintball gun doesn’t disqualify you from running for office!

  10. Say Hey Kid says:

    Rep. Bradford could join with 32 Democrats and elect someone other than Frank McNulty Speaker and remain a Republican.

    Tom Massey is the most popular Republican among the Democratic caucus.  If the Democrats play it smart they can gain effective control of the House.

  11. waltzeswithdog says:

    As Republicans go, she is open minded, and willing to buck her leadership. The Stephens/McNulty crowd are not too fond of Repubs they can’t control.  Last session she had a big Amy Stephens thumbrint on her head and chafed under that. I disagree that folks dont like her. Many like her, but she has been open to learning and changing her point of view when presented with good information, and heaven forbid a Republican should be open minded.  

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