Treachery Back In Style On The DougCo School Board

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: As the Denver Post’s Jessica Seaman reports, the resistance in DougCo is ramping up fast in defense of superintendent Corey Wise, who has not yet been terminated or formally resigned:

Hundreds of Douglas County School District employees, including teachers, are requesting substitutes for Thursday as they plan to call out of work in protest of recent actions taken by the newly-elected school board, said the president of the teacher’s union on Tuesday.

The protest comes a day after three members of Douglas County School District Board of Education alleged that other board members are trying to force out Superintendent Corey Wise.

The allegations along with the board’s recent decision to change the district’s equity policy is leading employees to take collective action and hold a rally on Thursday, said Kevin DiPasquale, president of the Douglas County Federation.

“It was necessary to make a statement that draws attention to what’s going on,” he said.


UPDATE: Looks like Douglas County teachers aren’t taking this situation lightly:


Douglas County School District Superintendent Corey Wise gets verbally abused over face masks by irate parents, 8/5/21.

As the Denver Post’s Sam Tabachnik reports, one of the most perennially cantankerous school boards in the state of Colorado, responsible for teaching kids to be grownups in exurban white and in-your-face conservative Republican Douglas County, is once again the scene of deepening controversy after the new conservative board majority appears to have taken the ouster of the Douglas County Schools superintendent into their own hands:

The president and vice president of the Douglas County School District Board of Education issued an undisclosed ultimatum to the district superintendent to resign or otherwise be voted out — all without informing the rest of the board, according to three board members who made the allegations Monday night…

The directors who spoke Monday believe these actions violated Colorado open meeting laws, which govern how decisions can be discussed and decided by public officials, and said the board members are not authorized to take these actions on their own without informing the rest of the board.

“I fully understand if four members want to vote one way,” said [Susan] Meek, who represents District A. “That’s a majority, but it needs to be done in accordance with law and in accordance with policy and procedure.”

Colorado Public Radio:

The three were told that the board majority had collectively decided they needed to take the district in a different direction. Two board members asked board president Peterson for a reason why they wanted to force [Superintendent Corey] Wise out and he said, “The district needs to get back to academics,” according to Meek.

Colorado open meetings law stipulates whenever there are two or more board members discussing a district-related matter, it needs to first have 24 hours notice and the meeting must be open to the public to observe. Otherwise it violates the state’s “sunshine” laws, Ray said.

He also said two board members conveying to the superintendent that they want him immediately removed is a violation of board policy.

On the one hand, the new board majority has the power to make decisions including the replacement of the current superintendent if they choose. On the other, there is a process to ensure those decisions are made transparently and with the opportunity for the public to at least hear the majority’s reasoning. But it appears that with DougCo’s new right-wing school board majority, elected to make sure that their kids are never subjected to something as tyrannical as a face mask or feeling bad about slavery ever again, transparency takes a back seat to the old-school offer of poison or show trial.

In November, a conservative slate of school board candidates won big in Douglas County, promising more parental control. Immediately, the board took on controversial issues. It eliminated the district mask mandate and passed a new resolution that some worry is the first step in dismantling the district’s equity policy. The equity policy calls for establishing a system for identifying racist practices and discriminatory behaviors…

They’ve got no time for pesky sunshine laws or due process in Douglas County.

They’re Making School Great Again.

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    "I prefer smoky backrooms to the light of day when doing the people's business."

    Singed, nobody ever

  2. kwtree says:

    Dougco won’t be able to find any substitute teachers for love nor money.

    After all, who would want to work in a classroom with unvaccinated unmasked students harassed by parents if you wear a mask, and prone to be reported and or reprimanded if you ever mention the existence of racism.

    Fast food industry wages are not enough to tolerate that situation.

    For example, recently a Jeffco student asked me what I thought about “BLM”. I responded that I had stood up, with others, many times, to say that Black Lives Matter, thus modeling nonviolent protest and civic engagement.

    In Dougco, I’d have to worry that it was a “gotcha” question that would be reported to an “anti-CRT” parent or hostile school board member.  I can’t imagine what would happen to all the questioning LGBTQ students with their changing names and pronouns. Without a district equity policy, they would have no protection against the bullying which historically drove gay kids to depression and suicide.

    They won’t be able to staff their schools with qualified teachers- at all.

    • JohnNorthofDenver says:

      They will find enough or just cut and call it enough. 

      I'm gay and lived through a moral panic. Nothing will be done till they sacrifice a few lives. 

      My suggestion to those Dougco citizens not out of their mind at whatever Tucker and Sean spits out: CLEAN YOUR FRONT YARD, PARK IN THE GARAGE, BECOME FRIENDS WITH THE GAYS. 

      The gays who didnt kill themselves are some strong SOBs and I don't plan on finding myself at the hands of a Trumper 

  3. Lloyd42 says:

    This is Reformers II, the sad sequel to the Koch/Tea Party fueled period between 2009-2017.  This time, the Dark Side brings in its red-capped Trump thugs – the GOP Cabal, FEC United, FAIR – to harass Board members, teachers, staff and students.  

    There's plenty of collusion and dark money flowing between the bad actors on the School Board and the Koch fueled State Policy Network, Independence Institute, Mountain  States Legal Foundation.  


  4. Meiner49er says:

    Every educator or parent with students in school should be taking this seriously.

    • JohnNorthofDenver says:

      They are taking it seriously. They are seriously afraid that their children will see black and brown, gay and bi, as human beings which would make their plan of violent theocracy more difficult. 

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