Shaffer, Morse Considering Run in CD-6

Lynn Bartels at the Denver paper is reporting that Democratic Senators Brandon Shaffer and John Morse are both considering running in CD-6, where Joe Miklosi and some dude named Perry Haney are already seeking the Democratic nomination.

We’re not terribly surprised to read this, as we have heard rumors for awhile that Shaffer may ultimately look to CD-6 and abandon what most observers believe to be an unwinnable race in CD-4. We’re not sure where Morse really fits into this discussion, but we’d guess he’s just throwing his name out there for the chattering class more than anything serious.

While Miklosi has pulled in a lot of endorsements from Democrats, he is not raising the kind of money that will get him on national target lists and lead to the really big funding a Democrat would need to beat Republican Rep. Mike Coffman. The incumbent Coffman raised $415,000 in Q4 and is now sitting on a million-dollar warchest.

Miklosi raised just $130,000 in his first quarter of fundraising, a paltry sum for a top challenger in one of the more statistically competitive districts in the country (the benchmark is closer to $200,000 per quarter, but top-tier candidates should be closer to $250k). Campaign finance reports from Q4 should be available anytime now, and the fact that Miklosi has not proactively announced his fundraising totals suggests that he did not do much better in his second three months.

Neither Miklosi nor Shaffer is particularly well-known in the new boundaries of CD-6, so there would be little built-in disadvantage for Shaffer to move his sights to the new district. Shaffer has, however, shown a better capacity for fundraising. And let’s face it, folks: as much as anyone wants to complain about it, money matters a lot. It doesn’t just matter because you need it to reach voters — it is a show of support in and of itself. If Miklosi isn’t raising it, then he cannot — cannot — beat Coffman in November. With a district this favorable for taking out a Republican incumbent, Democrats can’t, and shouldn’t, give a challenger the benefit of the doubt.

All this might be a moot discussion if it comes out in the next 24 hours that Miklosi really raked in the cash recently. Given the timing of this news, however, we’re guessing that won’t happen.

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  1. Lurker19 says:

    will be just fine with me.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    but what is it with Colorado’s Democratic Legislative leaders?  Mr. Schaffer, take a lesson from the Romanoff campaign and please shit or get off the pot.  Hand wringing and indecision are rarely vetted well by the eventual voters.  

    • droll says:

      Also, how dare he in any way prove that one smug idiot even a little right.

      Double sigh at a guy I usually kinda dig.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        seems to be a bit of a theme for me this new year.  Like I’m telling everyone else, sorry.

        I liked Romanoff and still much prefer him to that which we got.  Still, I do think there’s a lesson of warning to be learned for others . . . that’s all I’m saying.  

        • droll says:

          Not you, Dio! Still ♥ you, completely. There’s some dumbass who called this, obnoxiously and in inappropriate threads, months ago. I forget who. Only remember that he’s annoying. One of those “Brandon-mander’ guys.

          Whatever’s wrong with the other women in your life… tell them I said you’re right and they should get over it.

    • RedGreen says:

      Anyone who hasn’t declared for 2014 races by now — the voters will not approve. Decide! Decide already!

      • droll says:

        Because “deciding already” can’t possibly be related to running in a district while randomly flirting with another. Not. At. All. It’s just an unreasonable time limit for an election an entire term out. I mean, the primary is over two years out, right? Well a primary anyway.

        Good call.

    • TimothyTribbett says:

      I actually have supported Schaffer so far although I know he has a very uphill fight. But changing districts now (I know it is legal) is a little too much carpet baggish for me.  

  3. Craig says:

    Colorado Springs and Longmont.  And for that matter, Denver.  Don’t think that will play very well in Aurora.  This was created as and is an Aurora district.  I think that will make a big difference.  The Dems have a bench here.  Why can’t they get someone who matches Coffman’s home town bona fides.  With a million bucks and more coming, the Dems who are candidate recruiting are looking like the Keystone Kops.  To bad the smart Dems who drew this district didn’t get as smart people on the political end.  What a waste.

  4. observe says:

    I ask how. I don’t know the rules of eligibility or residency.

    How can either Morse or Shaffer run in CD 6 if the currently live in other districts? Would they have to move? Or is residency not a requirement?

    I believe this wouldn’t be the first 100th time that someone has run for office and didn’t initially live there.

    Just wondering what the rules are in this situation.

  5. gertie97 says:

    It’s what we Democrats do all too often.

  6. Libertad 2.0 says:

    really bad.

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