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January 10, 2012 12:26 am MST

Pace Sets Fundraising Record in Tipton Challenge

  • by: Colorado Pols

The campaign for Democrat Sal Pace announced today that the former House Minority Leader raised more than $200,000 in the fourth quarter of 2011 and enters 2012 with the strongest fundraising start of any non-incumbent in the history of CD-3.

Pace has raised more than $465,000 since announcing his campaign on June 1, 2011. By comparison, incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton had collected $109,981 by the start of 2010; Tipton defeated incumbent Rep. John Salazar in November of that year.

The strong fundraising start for Pace should keep him among the top tier of Democratic challengers in 2012 — particularly if Tipton continues to underperform in the money department.

Full press release follows…

Congressional Candidate Sal Pace Raises Over $200,000 In Fourth Quarter; Enters Election Year With Most Raised By Any Non-Incumbent in CD-3 History

(Pueblo) – Sal Pace raised more than $200,000 towards his campaign for Colorado’s Third Congressional District during the most recent fundraising quarter, which ended December 31st.   Contributions this past quarter came from nearly 1,000 individuals and was his strongest quarter to date in this race, demonstrating expanding momentum for his campaign.

“I am honored to have such a strong base of support from our communities in these tough economic times,” said Pace.  “I understand I am the underdog in this race, but our grassroots support demonstrates that our campaign is gaining traction every day, and that people want practical solutions and commonsense leadership in these trying times.”

Since announcing his campaign on June 1st, Sal Pace has raised more than $465,000.  This is the most raised by a non-incumbent in the Third Congressional District during the twelve months prior to election year.  

Historical Overview of CD-3 Non-Incumbents and Their Off-Year Raised Totals

Sal Pace raised more than $465,000 in 2011

Scott Tipton raised $109,981 in 2009*

Wayne Wolf raised $3,389 in 2007

Scott Tipton raised $171,173 in 2005

John Salazar raised $62,845 in 2003*

The campaign will report having over $335,000 cash-on-hand headed into the election year.

Report Statistics:

991 individuals contributed to Pace’s campaign in the fourth quarter, bringing the campaign total to more than 1,850 individual donors since June 1st;

Nearly 91 percent of all individual donors reside in Colorado;

Three-quarters of all individual contributors gave $200 or less to the Pace campaign;

The average individual contribution was $125.

 *Was the successful candidate in the following year.


14 thoughts on “Pace Sets Fundraising Record in Tipton Challenge

  1. He’s had an aggressive e-mail campaign from the get go and it shows.  Now if his team will put together an aggressive ground game to reach Independent voters… (Warning: I’m going to nag on this until I see some results.)

  2. But Tipton raised over $300,000 in Q3. It’s true that he was slow to start but he’s going strong now.

    If Pace can’t at least keep pace, I don’t see how this is good news or a good number.

    1. He’s at least competitive with the incumbent so far, at least within striking distance.  What Pace needs now is to show how he’s going to turn money into a solid race for the seat.  That will determine whether the cash starts flowing more freely, or if people start looking elsewhere for more competitive seats to win.

        1. of a more healthy life and outlook on life. Something I do almost every day at least once. The greater the frequency the more satisfied one is with life

          1. ColoPeakPols has been trying very hard to make that a meme. They don’t get much traffic, but I think they’re probably in touch with the 527s that would go that route. (I don’t know enough about Tipton, but it seems less likely that an incumbent would pull that trigger himself unless he was in trouble.)

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