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December 27, 2021 09:56 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The thinner the ice, the more anxious is everyone to see whether it will bear.”

–Josh Billings


65 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

      1. Perhaps Bannon was able to persuade Jared to make a donation to his Build the Wall Foundation …. it is the season of giving.

        And next to exchanging assault rifles, nothing speaks to the Christmas spirit like fraud based upon xenophobia.

        1. If Rittenhouse is not technically a “mass murderer” , it wasn’t for lack of preparation and intention on his part. He traveled to Kenosha with an AR-15 and at least 30 rounds of armor-piercing rounds. He shot at four people, killed two, wounded another. Four victims is the FBI definition of “mass murderer”.  The  OJP definition is three or more victims. 

          The judge was biased in Rittenhouse’s favor,  and the jury’s verdict was wrong. But you go ahead and defend this scumbag  MAGA hero if you like.

          1. Good to know you’re still fact free.  Definition isn’t three “victims.”. It is three dead people.  And your third ” victim” had a gun and pointed it at Rittenhouse. I realize you hate the Constitution but some of us don’t share your love of lynch law.


            As for two dead people not equal to the three dead or four dead of your rival definitions: math is hard. Maybe Bobert can help you out on this one, I think simple arithmetic is on the GED.

            1. Perhaps we could all just agree on, “aspiring mass murderer”?? . . .

              . . . after all, he was only seventeen.  And, these things sometimes require time and practice.

              . . . right now, let’s just give him an, admittedly subjective, “E” for “effort”?

                  1. Don't judge him as a symbol, Duke.  He was an immature 17 year-old flummoxed by the ammosexuals who, despite the acquittal, destroyed his life.  He claims to respect BLM.

                  2. Nor do I.  Think of all the speaking engagements, and all the congressional staffer opportunities, he’d have to give up if he’s not proudly posturing their good-guy-with-a-gun, self-defense shtick??!! . . .

                    . . . and, even if he does “destroy” his assault rifle, it’s not like he couldn’t buy another dozen newer, bigger, more lethal ones tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

                    1. And commit similar crimes with them, since he has suffered zero lasting legal consequences for his murders and assaults. 
                      Here’s hoping the families of Rittenhouse’s victims successfully sue him and the parents who enabled his crimes for everything he has or will have. 

              1. . . . after all, he was only seventeen.  And, these things sometimes require time and practice.

                Here's hoping the pudgy piece of shit gets large doses of what we used to call bulkhead-to-bulkhead counseling everywhere he goes until he can take it no longer and puts a bullet in his own head.

            2. Back to the personal attacks and nastiness, I see.  Well, the pause was nice while it lasted. 
              How does it feel to be on Boebert, Tucker Carlson’s, and Boebert’s side in this? 

              1. As usual, la pomposa, you started the nastiness.  Reread your post.

                On this one, I’m actually on the side of the ACLU and Clarence Darrow.  You’re on the side that wants to scrap the Bill of Rights and imprison upon accusation.

                1. Here’s the ACLU response to the Rittenhouse verdict:

                  NOVEMBER 19, 2021

                  KENOSHA, Wis. — The American Civil Liberties Union released the following statement after a jury decided that Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty of the fatal shooting of two protestors and injuring of another in last year’s demonstrations following the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha Police Department officer last year: 

                  Shaadie Ali, interim executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin, stated: 

                  “Despite Kyle Rittenhouse’s conscious decision to take the lives of two people protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, he was not held responsible for his actions, something that is not surprising. But Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t the only one responsible for the deaths that night. The events in Kenosha stem from the deep roots of white supremacy in our society’s institutions. They underscore that the police do not protect communities of color in the same way they do white people. 

                  “The situation also represents an outrageous failure to protect protesters by the Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office. Months of research and open records requests have uncovered many incidents in which police enabled white militia members to become armed vigilantes in the street due to their failure to control the crowd. They also created an environment where protesters, many of whom were people of color, were not protected and treated as the enemy. At the same time, white militia members were welcomed with open arms. We need a system of public safety that protects the lives of the entire community.

                  “Rittenhouse’s trial highlights an urgent need for reform for both police and the criminal legal system. The system is broken, and it desperately needs to be fixed.”

                  Good to know that you agree with the ACLU on that one. We may have more in common than not. P.s. Clarence Darrow died in 1938.

      1. The Green Party nominated Stein, so she was already on the ballot, along with a dozen or so minor party presidential canddates. 

        Our system allows this, and I wouldn’t change it. I doubt that Bannon, Stone, et al, had anything to do with minor party nominations.

        The  Mueller Report showed  that, with Russian and other big money, a social media campaign targeted voters like me with anti-Hillary and pro-Stein   ads. That was the Bannon/ Manafort/ Flynn/  Cambridge Analytica influence. Some of those ads were disgusting, and most were pretty sophisticated. I think it was  Newt Gingrich who said something along  the lines of “ We don’t have to defeat the left-we just need to replace them” in 2010.

        It’s been a fairly successful strategy since.

        1. “Our system allows this, and I wouldn’t change it”

          I sure as hell would change it. Ranked choice voting is what is needed, like they do in Maine. Then you can have your cake and eat it too.

          Just because the system allows something doesn’t mean that it should not be discouraged. (pardon the double negative)

          You, I and many others have browbeaten MAGA people over how stupid they are in refusing to get vaccinated even though our system allows them to do so.

          It is their prerogative but it affects the rest of us as well. Ditto the left running vanity candidates like – drum roll, please – Jill Stein and Ralph Nader.

          We wouldn’t be watching the end of a woman’s right to choose if Nader and Stein had not siphoned off enough votes in Florida in 2000, and Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016.

          And before you go into your retort that it wasn’t Stein or Nader, was big, mean, nasty Mitch McConnell who did it, let me save you the time. McConnell only did what any smart party leader would have done. He used any and all tools he had to hold open Scalia’s vacant seat. (The late Harry Reid – RIP – would probably have done the same thing. Chuck Schumer, I’m not so sure.)

          And blaming McConnell for keeping the Scalia seat open doesn’t explain Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett.

          The right knows this system works which is why they rarely ever run vanity candidates. They know how to win. We know how to feel smug and self-righteous.

          1. I’d favor ranked choice voting. It would force candidates to  be more honest about their actual differences. Let me know how that Constitutional amendment process is going. Does Maine use ranked choice for Federal candidates, as well as state and local? 

            The right often runs “vanity  candidates”. Gary Johnson, Ross Perot, etc. Tom Tancredo in Colorado in 2010 got 40% of the vote. Historically, most of the  major 3rd party candidates were more conservative than the mainstream Republican. They took  votes away from Republicans, but their  main function was to move the issue discussion further to the right. Ranked choice would take care of that, too. 

            By the same token, lefty 3rd party candidates keep issues alive that mainstream candidates of both major parties would rather ignore, as their big donors don’t like the implications: cancelling student debt, Medicare for All, living wage, are prime examples.  And no, I wouldn’t change that, although you clearly would.

            1. Does Maine use ranked choice for Federal candidates, as well as state and local? 

              Actually, that's how Jared Golden, a moderate Democrat won his House seat in northern Maine, won in 2018. The losing Republican incumbent then went to court to unsuccessfully challenge it.

              Alaska is using it in next year's Senate election which may save Lisa Murkowski, a moderate Republican.

    1. "I love the poorly educated." 

      -Trump, in Nevada on 2/24/16

      And ever since, there's been hot competition to see who can say or do the most imbecilic thing to earn the love of their leader.

    2. Not familiar with that particular blarglese word, but it’s surely gotta’ be her version off a: “Today is national [something about owning the libs for another day] day”?

      (I’m not even sure the words even matter all that much any more, just know that if she said it, you undoubtedly just got owned.)

      . . . either that, of like her role model so famously taught, “Math Spelling is hard!”?? . . .

      (. . . as is also: serving uncontaminated food, paying taxes, completing accurate expense reports, reporting income, knowing anything about what you’re talking about, etc., etc., . . .)

  1. Fourteen days to flatten the curve……didn’t’ work

    Mask mandate,,,,,,,,,,didn’t work

    Vaccines……….didn’t work

    Travel mandates………didn’t work

    Shelter in place………didn’t work

    Tests……….didn’t work

    But hey, the government can stop climate change, how ridiculous!

    1. Please suggest how you would solve the Covid pandemic.

      Also, how would you address climate change.

      You're like johnny-back-of-the-class making faces at the teacher and spitting into a coke can.

      1. Didn’t you hear Joe, there is no Federal solution. Come on man, if Joe can’t solve it no one can.

        Why do anything about climate change. Colorado weather has been fantastic, say yes to climate change.

        Your not old enough to remember when teachers demanded discipline and soft drinks were not available in school, must be a recent grad of public school…….try another analogy. 

        1. I guess when you have people who won't wear masks or get vaccinated, because of their personal sense of entitlement, and the fact that they listen to pundits and politicos bitch about both measures, even though they follow those measures behind closed doors (*cough* Fox News *cough*) then Federal solutions won't work, at least not quickly.

          But that guy whom Joe replaced kept saying that it was a hoax when he was in office and did nothing until well past the point when the shit hit the fan with COVID.  But leave it to Republicans to blame Biden for a problem their party created not being solved quickly enough for their liking.

      2. It’s that kind of exemplar Pfruit logic and analytical thinking which has me convinced that perhaps your particular skills set might be completely wasted on running for office as a Republican candidate, and then inevitably getting flogged mercilessly . . .

        Have you ever considered, or possibly given any thought to, — oh, I don’t know — maybe running a sidewalk lemonade stand, or perhaps a smallish trucking company, . . .

        . . . into the ground???

      1. Rachel Bitecofer’s answer to complaints about “vaccine mandates”:

        If ICU care needs to be rationed who should be turned away? In lieu of vaxx mandates this is a convo we're gonna need to have. Do you deserve to die bc the ICU is full of unvaxxed covid patients & can't save your life?

        — Rachel Bitecofer 📈🔭🍌 (@RachelBitecofer) December 27, 2021

    2. Actually, the curve DID flatten and hospitals were not overwhelmed in the first wave.

      Mask mandates are not cure-alls — but they are a hell of a lot better than NO mask mandates and the resulting spreading. 

      Shelter in place … worked pretty well for those who actually DID shelter in place.  Congregate living institutions that were able to separate residents did better than those that didn't.

      Do you do this sort of "all or nothing" thinking with truck driving, too? 

      1. When you get on an airplane, do you hope maintenance fixed the faults or just hope they last for a little while.

        The fact is COVID is here to stay, no matter what tactics government comes up with.

        All or nothing? Ask the truck driver that killed 4 people in Denver that question.

        1. Yes, Covid is here to stay – coronaviruses have already been around in some forms  for centuries. However, millions dying worldwide from COVID 19 – that didn’t and doesn’t need to happen. 
          I expect that you, your family, and most of your Republican friends are fully ( and secretly) vaccinated, since you have no wish to die gasping out your life under a ventilator.

          However, you are opportunistically seizing on COVID as a political issue to blame and target Democrats. You don’t actually care if some of the oldest and most vulnerable Republicans  die in that process. It’s morally loathsome.

          1. Kwtree, I like mama jama, better.

            Thank you American tax payers! The VA provides me all the vaccinations they stock and I take advantage of it. I respect peoples choice on the matter, it is none of my business or your business, you know it’s “my body, my decision”.

            COVID is the most opportunistic of all political policy calculations. Your man said he was going to “shut the virus down”. Now he says there is no Federal solution. It’s great when Joe is not on the teleprompter, he’ll tell you the truth.

            Morally loathsome………easy now Tree your getting hysterical again. V may have to jump in and put you in time out. Perhaps you will lay out the case for moral abortions.

            1. Whatever, Pear. You’re vaxxed up but choosing to parrot the Tucker Carlson anti-vax hysteria for political advantage. It is costing fellow Republicans their lives, but y’all are quite willing to let dead people vote when it suits your purposes, then yell about how Dems are these massive vote fraudsters.  Yes, it is hypocritical and morally loathsome. It does not square with your professed Christian ideals, but DJTJ says Jesus’ teachings make you weak. 

              V doesn’t do squat to me, but he does make himself look foolish and mean to the point where he has to “timeout” himself.  That will happen in due course.


              1. Foolish as in saying two deaths are “mass murder”?

                And that anyone who corrects your blunders is mean and rotten and a Fucker Tarleson fan?

                Now, where would we find someone that hyperbolic?

            2. To judge you as "loathsome" does not seem at all "hysterical" to me. It seems quite observant and astute. One only has to read your posts to come to that conclusion.




    3. Sabotaging efforts to stop unnecessary American deaths by refusing to mask, distance, vaccinate or test just to own the libs. How MAGA patriotic. How infantile. How Republican.

    4. I understand that there are still crimes being committed and that houses sometimes still burn down.

      So can we put you down for eliminating police and fire departments?

  2. All those measures didn’t work because of people like you Pitiful Pear. You can’t make the smallest of sacrifices for public health, so we live in a goddamn dystopia now. In fact, the pandemic has proved convincingly that your inane and childish political ideology simply doesn’t work. Conservatism is a race to the bottom, and we’re winning.

  3. Jim May

    Yes you are winning, winning, winning, but wait you still seem angry. Try to turn all that winning into a smile. Never mind that no one will see it behind your mask, and you, locked away from society.

    1. Pear, you may just be the guy to explain the strategy behind Republicans killing their own by convincing them to not get the COVID vaccine. Voter suppression will not work for your side if you're killing as many GOP voters as you are suppressing the vote of Dem voters. It's a wash – or maybe not even a wash if Dems find ways to vote in spite of GOP suppression. 

        1. PP wrote: "say yes to climate change." In the long run, I suspect that the downhill ski industry, one of the big economic drivers in rural Colorado, might disagree with you.

          1. Roger is a moron but he is not actually as stupid as he pretends to be on this site. He does it to get everyone's goat.

            I'm not saying that he doesn't buy in to a lot of the MAGA bullshit. He obviously was unhappy with the so-called establishment GOP, to wit: his challenge to Mike Coffman a few years back.

            But I suspect that even he realizes how much of a scam Trump has been running.

            1. As I recall, Pfruit ran because he was upset with Coffman for not being as big a moron and racist as himself . . .

              . . . that, and having an audience to show off his prodigious mastery of the first four or five letters of the alphabet?

        2. You should know.  Since your side is dying from COVID at a higher rate since you won't get vaxxed or wear masks.

          They even boo the former guy when he says to get vaxxed.

  4. Just in case you thought he was already dead – John Madden has died. Tributes and accolades to follow on other channels.

    His best claim to fame is a turkey leg.

    His second best is a good living off video games.

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