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December 24, 2021 06:43 AM UTC

Christmas Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols


50 thoughts on “Christmas Open Thread

  1. Some Christmas.  My granddaughter, the 20-year-old light of my life, has covid.  She is fully vaccinated and boosted and should beat this thing.  But we can’t even see her. 

    Bah humbug.

    I hope the rest of pols has a great holiday.


    Granddaughter is doing fine and joined our Christmas eve by zoom. No, not as good as her hugs but definitely made the family gathering complete.

    1. Holidays are tough when family’s sick. An elderly family member is in hospital with pneumonia and low oxygen- but had to wait for ICU space taken up by unvaxxed with COVID.

    2. Lousy analogy, V. Many of us have sex just fine without women, and we don’t think of “sex” when trying to describe our feelings toward our offspring.

      Happy xmas, all

        1. Actually, you're mistaking "analogy" for "metaphor." If I was saying your figure of speech was shitty then I would criticize your simile. 

          "Analogies" express an argument, and are often built on figures of speech such as simile or metaphor, as you no doubt know. 

          Pedantic "witty"retorts aside, you do see why it's homophobic and reactive to say shit that way, and creepin' on your family tree like "Ttumpy" (is that what you call TFG?), right?

          Ho ho ho!

          1. So on the third day of Christmas you got three hos?

            What, you don’t like French hens, either?

            But let’s knock this off before you get belligerent and buy a cartridge from Powerful Pear.

            Enjoy the holidays.

  2. Happy birthday to Anthony Fauci.  And to my spouse, too.

    And there is a chance that Denver will get a gift of rain this afternoon.  Don’t know how far up one would need to go to get to “Heavy snow and blowing snow. Total snowfall accumulations ranging between 10 to 20 inches.”

  3. This is never easy…

    We have lost a long time Polster, though she mostly lurked, of late.

    Seasoned users of this site will remember the wit and political savvy of PITA. She passed yesterday after a short time in hospice care.

    Godspeed, old friend.

    Rest in Peace.

  4. Somebody didn’t get the memo the airing of grievances was yesterday?? He’ll be sharing this 15 seconds of fame right up to the point they insert the ventilator. 

    1. An example of the kind of thing that drives me nuts about politics. People – give it a rest once in a while. Let the kids call stay just a kids call. Let the school board meeting be just a school board meeting. Go a day without wearing the political baseball cap or T-shirt. Try communicating for a day without magic political talking points or buzzwords. Just be a relatively normal human, exchanging love and cooperation instead of at best divisiveness – and at worst hatred. It's awfully rewarding!

  5. "In this blessed season, let not blind passion darken our counsels. We shall not solve a moral question by dodging it. We can scarcely hope to have a full Christmas if we turn a deaf ear to the suffering of even the least of Christ's little ones."

    ~Harry S. Truman

    1. Best wishes for the season, Negev. Your voice here is just as important as any. Your participation is important…

      and at this special time of year, I have a Christmas wish…

      May all your guns rust and all your gunpowder get wet…😀

      Just kidding.

    2. Negev … Merry Christmas.

      and as to "differences" — Bill Staines had the right idea.

      All God's creatures got a place in the choir
      Some sing low and some sing higher,
      Some sing out loud on a telephone wire,
      Some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they've got now

  6. Watched "Don't Look Up" on Netflix last night.  Mildly entertaining —  it is sort of a "Wag The Dog" for the Trump Era (from which, unfortunately, we have yet to completely emerge).  Meryl Streep, Leonardo DeCaprio and Cate Blanchett play their parts with gusto.

    Noticed in the credits that the story is from an occasional Polster of old, David Sirota, who also was one of the producers.  It had an appropriately ironic ending.

      1. I’m sure it sounded like a terrific idea 3 or 4 years ago when they first pitched it to the suits in Hollywood.  It lost a lot of steam now that Trump is out of office.

        The payoff of the last minute of the movie almost makes it worth watching.

        The movie “Idiocracy” set a very high bar that has yet to be surpassed in my mind.

        Although, now that I think of it, “Dr. Strangelove” was frighteningly prescient, proving that General Jack T. Ripper wasn’t just a caricature, but has several true-to-life examples that came to prominence in Trump’s Armed Forces.

        1. I liked that it was a disaster movie without action hero caricatures, and without a forced happy ending. The acting of the all-star cast was understated and authentic

          I came for Streep and DeCaprio, and stayed forthe stinging social satire. 

    1. Ah, Sirota.  I used to love his local AM radio show, back before Clear Channel and Salem Media bought up the airwaves.  David was great on his own; at one point he was paired with the odious Michael Brown, a dim bulb indeed.  Sirota manfully tried not to make him look like a complete idiot, and often failed.  Their co-show didn't last long.  

    2. I’ve read a fair amount of David Sirota’s work … I’ve never seen his writing as output of a “story teller.”

      Advocate. Polemicist. Muckraker. Critic… all those (and more), sure. Story teller??

      UPDATE: Ah … Sirota’s credited role as “story by” and “co-producer” apparently comes from an interaction with Adam McKay, who is credited as producer / director / and writing credit for “story by.” The Atlantic Magazine’s explanation:

      McKay told me. “I was like, I have to do something about the climate.” The initial idea came from the political commentator and former Bernie Sanders speechwriter David Sirota, who said to him “something to the effect of, ‘The comet’s gonna hit and no one cares.’ It was very offhand, and that idea just kept coming back and bugging me.”

      1. Interesting read — from McKay’s telling, Sirota wasn’t part of the production beyond providing the initial inspiration.  Hope he at least got a paycheck out of it, but the box office so far hasn’t even reached $1 million so if his deal is a percentage of the gross, he may have to just settle for hanging a movie poster in his office.

        Sirota basically confirms his merely peripheral involvement in Westword:

        Adds Sirota: “We were bouncing ideas around, and at one point, I said, ‘It’s really like an asteroid is headed toward Earth and no one seems to care.’ And he said, ‘Wait a minute. I think that could be the movie.’ So we spitballed it a little more, had fun with it, threw out some different ideas, and then he wrote the script. I gave him some notes, he polished it some more, and then he said, ‘We’re really going to do this.'”

        Sirota’s reaction? “I didn’t eye-roll him, exactly, but I didn’t really believe it was going to happen. But then, all of a sudden, they’re sending me the paperwork.”

        Filming took place in Boston during a pandemic period when the Colorado General Assembly was in session, and because his wife, Emily Sirota, is a state representative, David wasn’t able to visit the set, which he admits is “a real bummer.” But the Sirotas were able to attend the movie’s recent premiere, and at the afterparty, David got to thank Streep for her work. He admits that while she “was super-nice to both of us, she was much more impressed by Emily’s work in the legislature — and rightly so.”

    3. I liked it – especially the ending – but I wouldn't pay a lot of money or wait in line to see it.

      And Meryl Streep did a nice job portraying the ghastly hybrid you get if you cross pollinate Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green.

      It was fine for Netflix.

  7. A feast of St. Stephens day present:  an email from Zeynep Tufekci

    There is convergent evidence that for vaccinated and or/prior infected people—the seropositives—the defenses against severe disease or worse for Omicron are holding up fairly well and that Omicron itself may be causing less severe disease, and not as good at replicating in a manner that causes the illness to progress to severity and invade the lower respiratory system. (Note! These are two separate mechanisms! The news is encouraging on both fronts!) The first is a lot more firm, the second is emerging evidence, and neither means we can ignore the situation. IT IS STILL SERIOUS. But yes, I believe that more and more of the worst case scenarios are off the table.

    If you don’t know her, a brief introduction:

    Zeynep Tufekci is a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a faculty associate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.

    A profile of Tufekci in 2020 observed that, “long before she became perhaps the only good amateur epidemiologist, she had quietly made a habit of being right on the big things.” 

    […She has a newsletter…] Insight is about the thinking we can do at the intersections between disciplines and methods, bringing together the science and the technology, people and society, recognizing the complexity and ambiguity of it all.

        1. Of course it isn't wrong to enjoy watching Alex slapping himself. He seems to be enjoying it himself. A friend tells me that what old Alex really enjoys is a good spanking. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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