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December 13, 2021 09:54 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Courage is the capacity to confront what can be imagined.”

–Leo Rosten


17 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

    1. Good morning, mr. green.

      The increasing trouble encircling the Magats, is, indeed, making the day better. The sooner America punishes the perpetrators of the Jan.6 attack on the United States, the finer each day becomes.


  1. Ingram, Hannity, Kilmeade, and Trump, Jr.

    I don’t understand the outrage over the hypocrisy of these four people asking Trump to call off the hoard of deplorables he was turning loose on the Capitol on 1/6, and then the same four claiming nothing happened and even if something did happen, it was Antifa and/or BLM. Is anyone really surprised that these people say one thing and do something entirely different?

    IMHO, what is the truly amazing part is that they tried to turn the temperature down instead of amping Trump up. If only for the ratings…..

    The revolution may not have been televised but the fascist coup attempt was.


    1. I think this situation points out what cowards the 4 you mentioned really are.

      I think they all foresaw an outcome they thought might come back to bite them personally. Conscience..?..

      Not involved…

    1. Fineman’s impression of Boebert was spot-on. She nailed the irritating voice, the mindless grinning, the brandishing big  guns like a fetishist’s wet dream. 
      She didn’t capture the mean-girl nastiness and knee-jerk bigotry, but this is only the first Impression of, hopefully, many.

      Cecily Strong also did an on-point Empty G. 
      Maybe SNL can  do to Bobo what it did to Palin – make her a parody of herself. 

  2. Vox article on "Fox and the GOP’s Plutocratic Populism".

    Last summer, political scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson published a book titled Let Them Eat Tweets that diagnosed what they see as the central political strategy of the modern Republican Party. They call it “plutocratic populism”: a “bitter brew of reactionary economic priorities and right-wing racial and cultural appeals.”

    The basic idea is that the super-rich and their allies are in the driver’s seat of the GOP’s policy agenda — and what those elites want, more than anything else, are tax cuts and attacks on the social safety net. Recognizing that making the rich richer is an unpopular policy agenda, they have married their political fortunes to the forces of cultural reaction. The GOP wins elections by engaging in thinly veiled appeals to racism, xenophobia, and sexism; the super-rich win when those GOP majorities pass deeper and deeper tax cuts.

    Fox News, which Hacker and Pierson call in their book the “the epicenter of resentment politics,” plays a crucial role in cementing this relationship.

    Fox’s programming is 24-7 conservative backlash politics, relentlessly focused on ginning up fear: fear of Democrats, of Black people, of immigrants, of feminists, of LGBTQ individuals, and even of college professors and students. Study after study has found Fox News has a profound effect on its viewers and American politics: It has helped Republicans get electedpushed incumbent members of Congress to the right, and likely even facilitated the early spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  3. Another one bites the dust…..

    Max Linn, Former Senate Candidate Accused of Pulling Gun On Aide, Found Dead In Hot Tub (

    This one was quite a colorful character in so many ways. 

    "According to the Sun Journal, Linn may have even been one of the first people in Maine to contract the coronavirus. In December 2019, he returned home from a business trip that took place in China "so sick that he admitted he felt like he might not survive," the news outlet reported. Though Linn never got tested for the virus – which he frequently dismissed – McDonald told reporters that he believes he was "patient zero" in the state."


  4. And along the same lines as calling him Barack Hussein Obama……

    Dr. Oz Rages After Philly Newspaper Omits 'Doctor' From His Name | Crooks and Liars

    Mehmet Oz is complaining that they are using his full name and leaving off the "Doctor."  ROFLMAO

    I think they need to use his full name, Mehmet Cenzig Oz, who holds dual US and Turkish citizenship. (You gotta love these America First Republicans with dual citizenship. He'll fit right in with Rafael Eduardo Cruz and Melania Knavs.)

    He is also a Muslim which should make for interesting rides on the Capitol elevators if he should find himself with Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert.

    He's upset that by leaving off the "Doctor" and including his given name, his chances of winning the GOP primary are being undercut. 

    No shit. That's the problem you face, Doc, when you're a Turkish-American Muslim running in a primary in the party of racists and xenophobes.

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