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December 07, 2021 06:55 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos.”

–Douglas Coupland


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. WOTD from TPM Cafe: "These Real Estate And Oil Tycoons Avoided Paying Taxes for Years"

    And it's all completely legal. "It's how the system works."

    Here’s a tale of two Stephen Rosses.

    Real life Stephen Ross, who founded Related Companies, a global firm best known for developing the Time Warner Center and Hudson Yards in Manhattan, was a massive winner between 2008 and 2017. He became the second-wealthiest real estate titan in America, almost doubling his net worth over those years, according to Forbes Magazine’s annual list, by adding $3 billion to his fortune. His assets included a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park and the Miami Dolphins football team.

    Then there’s the other Stephen Ross, the big loser. That’s the one depicted on his tax returns. Though the developer brought in some $1.5 billion in income from 2008 to 2017, he reported even more — nearly $2 billion — in losses. And because he reported negative income, he didn’t pay a nickel in federal income taxes over those 10 years.

    What enables this dual identity? The upside-down tax world of the ultrawealthy.

    A spokesperson for Ross declined to accept questions. In a statement, he said, “Stephen Ross has always followed the tax law. His returns — which were illegally obtained and descriptions of which were released by ProPublica — are reflective of and in accordance with federal tax policy. It should terrify every American that their information is not safe with the government and that media will act illegally in disseminating it. We will have no further correspondence with you as we believe this is an illegal act.”

    1. Eighty years ago today, Japanese  warplanes crippled the U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor and ended American isolationism.  In the ensuing war, America would produce more war material than all other belligerents combined.  That was largely due to the efforts of women, Blacks, Latinos and other workers formerly excluded from the paid work force.  The world — and this nation — would never be the same again.

      1. Good post Voy. The workers who produced the Arsenal of Democracy were every bit as important as those in uniform. Everybody was involved in the effort (my father a Navy Seabee, my mother an Army nurse, my grandfather working in a steel mill in Pittsburgh).

        The war in the Pacific was primarily an American Naval operation. Two out of every three soldiers advancing towards Hitler’s regime on the western front were Americans.

        For better or worse, the United States was thrust into the role of world leadership never to look back.

  2. WOTD2 from Lawyers, Guns and Money:"Dole"

    Bob Dole was a Republican attack dog from the Nixon era.

    Let’s be very clear up front here. Bob Dole was not a nice man. He was never a nice man. Just because he was the last World War II veteran to win the nomination to the presidency at the same time that Boomers were dealing with their parental issues through the ahistorical and frankly absurd “Greatest Generation” nostalgia does not mean he was a nice man in 1996. 

    He was mean early in his career. He was mean when he was close to Nixon. He was mean in his later career. He was mean in the Senate. He was mean as a presidential candidate. And he was mean as an old man being all-in on Donald Trump, unlike the rest of the Republican elite. 

    And then there was Dole’s vigorous support for Donald Trump. This was the perfect way for the mean old man to end his mean old career. Whereas the rest of the senior Republican establishment either kept their distance from Trump or outright rejected him, Dole completely embraced him. It’s obvious why — they both lived to own the libs. 

    Given how much Dole had embraced the idea that Clinton had stolen the election in 1992, he was more than happy to embrace Trump’s way of politics. Even before the 2016 election, Dole touted how Trump would be “a great president.” Dole particularly lauded Trump’s ability to cut deals with Congress, saying, “I think that’s his strength,” he says. “He’s done that all his life. He’s made deals. He’ll compromise. He’s not a rigid conservative and that’s why, you know, I think I’d call him a pragmatic conservative.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

    When confronted with the Access Hollywood tapes that demonstrated for all to see what a utter reprobate Trump was, Dole’s response? “The Clintons aren’t pure either.” Of course!

      1. It's good to look back. However the point of the article is that Dole was always right-wing, and was the Republican attack dog since-ever, since ever.

        Dole was never a moderate.

          1. “Dole was never a moderate…..”

            Senator Dole was a key player in the 1990 passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also worked on the 1970 Developmental Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986, among other legislation.

            Dole was a founder of the Association of People with Disabilities and created the Dole Foundation for Employment of People with Disabilities.

            The article authors did lower themselves to at least grudgingly mention the ADA. Otherwise, they have an agenda to pursue.

            1. CHB, “Park Hill” is a prototypical Park Hill liberal.

              Bob Dole also teamed up with George McGovern to work on the food stamps program. Doesn’t sound like a right-wing extremist. In fact, he and McGovern were friends.

              Imagine any one of the members of the Squad breaking bread and co-sponsoring legislation with Lauren Boebert or Matt Gaetz. Or vice versa.

              Everyone still happy with these hyper-partisan congressional districts that send extremists on both sides to DC to do …. God only knows what.

          2. Dole was admirable, according to a former student who worked as a Senate staffer in the 1990s, treating those in the rooms — senators, staff, interns, witnesses — to show they were valuable to the overall process. 

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