EXCLUSIVE: Joe Coors, Jr. Exploring Run for Congress in CD-7

There’s big news on a big name from out of nowhere.

Republican Joe Coors, Jr. is actively exploring the idea of running for Congress in CD-7 against incumbent Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter.

This one surprises us, to be frank, but apparently Coors has been making high-level phone calls about the race since well before yesterday’s redistricting ruling was made final. The allure of a potential Coors, Jr. candidacy is obvious for Republicans: They really need someone who can self-fund a campaign to some degree if they hope to make a serious run at Perlmutter in 2012, because they have too many other national races to worry about than to spend resources going after a popular Democratic incumbent.

While the allure for national Republicans is clear, we really can’t see why Coors, Jr. would be serious about running for Congress. He retired in 2000 as Chairman and CEO of CoorsTek Inc., and he’ll turn 70 in February — is he really interested in being a 70-year-old freshman Congressman? His current elected office is as President of the posh Rolling Hills Country Club in Golden.

It’s no secret that Joe’s brother, Pete Coors, really didn’t like running for the U.S. Senate in 2004, when he lost to Democrat Ken Salazar, and surely they’ve spoken about this on more than one occasion. But at least Pete was seeking a bigger prize in the Senate; we have a hard time understanding why Joe Jr. would be interested in a House seat. Furthermore, the Coors family and business were absolutely hammered during Pete’s 2004 campaign, but the intensity of the attacks on the Coors clan would be exponentially greater in 2012. With all of the talk about the “99%” and Occupy Wall Street, we can’t imagine a worse year to run for public office with such a high-profile last name. Joe Coors isn’t as bad a name as “Joe Citibank,” but it’s not far behind. The guy owns his own helicopter, for crying out loud.

The boundaries of CD-7 changed somewhat in redistricting, but this is still a Democratic-leaning seat with a popular, entrenched and well-funded incumbent in Perlmutter. In 2010 Perlmutter defeated GOP challenger Ryan Frazier by 11 points; Coors is a bigger name than Frazier, of course, but it can’t be overlooked that Perlmutter won a blowout victory in what was a huge wave year for Republicans.

Coors would no doubt try to play off his business experience in a campaign against Perlmutter, but even that comes with problems. He made headlines in 2002 for reportedly being swindled in an investment scheme in which he invested family money in a program that promised a “100% return per week”  (seriously, he thought “100% per week” was realistic?) but which turned out to be a “Prime Bank” scheme in which investors are tricked into believing their money is being placed in well-known institutions.

Again, Coors has been making serious inquiries about running in CD-7. We’re surprised that he’s even considering a run, but we’d be even more surprised if he ultimately jumped in the race; there are just too many reasons for him to not run.

Joe Coors, Jr. is the son of Joe Coors, and the great-grandson of brewery founder Adolph Coors. His father, Joe, Sr., was well-known for his conservative political leanings; he was a founding member of the Heritage Foundation and was also involved in the creation of other conservative think tanks.

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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    but if that’s a recent picture, that guy looks great for 70.  

  2. To oust Perlmutter.

    No long-term commitment required.  If ousting the incumbent is your goal, a guy with a recognizable name spending a ton of cash in a newly re-arranged district is probably not a bad way to do so.

  3. Automaticftp says:

    hard-working incumbent Congressman and a born with a silver spoon in his mouth country club type, my money is on the hard-working incumbent Congressman.

  4. Craig says:

    A good get for the GOP if he runs.  According to the linked article, I think he’ll only be 60 next year, about the same age as Perlmutter.  I don’t think owning a helicopter is any more damning than that he is part of the 1%. He was after all a helicopter pilot.

    Lives within a block of Perlmutter.  Both respected by the swing “Rolling Hills Neighborhood.”  When I went to the Republican Convention with him in 1992, he was pro-choice and considered the moderate of the Coors family.  Don’t suppose he’ll fess up to those positions today.  If he does, problem in the primary, if he doesn’t, problem in the general.\

    I think Ed can beat him as Ed always runs scared and takes no one lightly.  Reality is that the District still leans Democrat.  But, a interesting get if it happens.

  5. Half Glass Full says:

    That’s what the hair reminds me of.

  6. GalapagoLarry says:

    C’mon Pols:

    Where’d you get this, or did you pull it out of your asses? To whom has he made “serious inquiries”? To whom has he “apparently” been making these high-level phone calls? When? This such breathless gossip there’s actually nothing to respond to unless you let us in on a particular or two, or the joke. I guess the temptation to rush this out, totally without any supporting indicators, was just too great. You got an “Exclusive“, alright. But no story.

    • Obvious Alias says:

      I guess they need someone new to talk about.  That said, if there is truth to this there are two interesting points that have been brought up — self financing, and the idea of him going in for one or two terms just to take out Perlmutter and then retiring (again).

  7. mev says:

    Kevin Lundberg says he is running in CD-2 against Jared Polis: http://www.kevinlundberg.com/

  8. abraham says:

    Even SNL can’t top this.  I assume Polis will be the first contributor to the Lundberg campaign?

    This could be the most entertaining race in the country.

  9. ArapaGOP says:


    Remember goofy liberals: before you were baking up think tanks in the last decade, the Coors’ created the Heritage Foundation and other cogs in the Reagan revolution.

    Beyond the mechanics of a race, the issue matrix for Perlmutter is not one that benefits his standing among his new Southern JeffCo constituents.

    Obamacare. Stimulus. Bailouts. Debt ceiling deal. Imbalanced budgets.  

    On all of it, Perlmutter has been Obama’s toady.  

    Of course, there is a chance that Obama may do better than the polls show. But there is an equally good chance he won’t. And if he doesn’t, not only will Barack Obama be one and done, but Ed Perlmutter may well join John Salazar and Betsy Markey in the ranks of Colorado’s electorally unemployed.

    • Fidel's dirt nap says:

      and your inability to discern opinion from fact.  Try it out sometime.  I’ll spring for the asprin.

    • Middle of the Road says:

      about Ed? How Ryan Frazier was going to win that seat because Perlmutter’s votes on healthcare reform, the stimulus, bailouts, et al? (In a year where Republicans swept the House, your guy still got his ass kicked, I might add.)

      Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

      See you next year when we kick your ass…again.  

  10. Craig says:

    Reported on Daily Kos and now shows up under local news on the Xfinity web-site.  All citing Colorado Pols.

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