Open Letter to Andrew Romanoff

I have considered Andrew Romanoff a friend longer than most people in Colorado even heard of him. But I cannot support him if chooses to run for CD6.

Joe Miklosi has been out there getting the endorsements, the local support, and the national attention needed to defeat Coffman. When he entered the race it was to win, regardless of whatever map the court handed him.

As for money, the big bucks have been holding back to see if this district becomes winnable via redistricting. After that question is answered in the affirmative next week, Joe will have a strong money train flowing into his campaign.

If the current version of CD6’s map holds, Coffman still has a small advantage in terms of registration and voter performance, but Joe has been working to systematically negate that advantage by positioning himself as the more mainstream candidate willing to take on an increasingly-right-leaning incumbent. The new district may have a few more Rs than Ds in it but I think Joe is well on  his way to capturing the “mushy middle” which is where the election will be won.

If Andrew, or anyone else, enters this race, that momentum will be lost by having to focus on winning a primary. Should Andrew pull out a primary win, there will be too many sour grapes for him to be able to pull together a win in November. If Joe wins the primary, he would likely have trouble regaining that momentum needed to win in an R-leaning district.

Andrew. I love to pieces, but I hate what Coffamn and the GOP are doing to this country far more.

Andrew Romanoff, please do not enter this race.

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  1. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    Look, unfortunately it is not about who got in the race first, but who can win.

    Dems faced this with Mike Miles.  Great guy, in it for a year, couldn’t get the big dollars.  Ultimately, Ken Salazar had the money team and the votes.

    I’m not convinced that it matters who wins the seat.  The Democrats haven’t exactly protected my business, my family or the American way of life. So, I’m not real motivated to give or raise a dime unless my number one need is a major part of their campaign.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      Congress & the President will continue to make sure that there is absolute protection for…

      Wall St, the 1%, and the multi-national corporations. Don’t you worry, regardless of who is elected, that will come first.

      Now on the issues that are not of primary importance to those that own the ones we elect, then the difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates do matter – a lot.

    • Ah Choo says:

      He’s no Mike Miles, and is a harder worker and smarter campaigner than Andrew Romanoff.

      It is highly doubtful that Andrew would do anything but replicate the campaign model he ran with in 2010: incoherent message, staff chaos, increasingly lame cult of personality, confused and paralyzed decision-making, and irritating and angry surrogates going around talking trash.

      Been there. Done that. Failed that time too.  

  2. Libertad 2.0 says:

    Dan, were you not a party officer with the HD-9 Democrats (Miklosi’s current seat in Denver)? It might be prudent to point out where your leanings spawn from.

    • Alexei says:

      But I am more concerned about winning the seat and Joe has done the necessary prep work for a successful campaign.

      In terms of disclosure, I actually supported Miklosi’s primary opponent when he took HD9.

    • Dan Willis says:

      If Andrew had entered this race at a point where he could have had a real potential to take the seat, I would ahve been behind him 100% as I always have been.

      But, that time has come and gone. ANY primary on the Dem side will dimish our potential for success here.

      There are times and places for primaries, but in a district where the GOP has a numerical advantage, albeit small, AND the incumbency, a primary would be disasterous.

      • Libertad 2.0 says:

        If Romanoff raises twice as much as Miklosi’s haul in three weeks that it took 6 months for Joe to raise, then he’d be foolish to stick around.

        If Romanoff had his way, he’d probably stay out of it. He’s not mulling a run because of his ego, he’s doing it because there are plenty of Dems, both at a state and national level, who don’t think Miklosi can beat Coffman.

      • Libertad 2.0 says:

        to let Andrew know how he feels. Not everyone knows what titles Dan holds within the party, so I thought it might be sorta kinda maybe somewhat disingenuous for him not to, ya know, mention the fact that he’s the Chair of the HD that Joe Miklosi currently represents.

        • Middle of the Road says:

          considering he wrote a GBCW diary back in October where he bid us all in the blogging world a fond adieu.

          I will not be posting any more on ColoradoPols or DenverPols.

          I guess that didn’t quite take.


          • Mr. Toodles says:

            Same thing with Danny the red hair and laughing boy. Why go after him for it?

            • Libertad 2.0 says:

              what’s the difference?

              • Dan Willis says:

                You obviously don’t know me very well.

                I would be the first to tell you I generally don’t pull the line for anyone else. The current leadership of the Denver Dems would be the second.

                Staying out of political discussions is very difficult for me. As much as I am trying to, I cannot keep quiet when the national party figures try to interceed with local elections. It has been my experience the national folks are generally clueless about anything that happens between the Potomac and the San Andreas Fault. So when they try to insinuate themselves in Colorado’s process, i find nearly impossible not to speak up.

                My role as HD9 has no bearing. I was not there when Joe was first elected (in fact, I supported Paul Rosenthal in that primary) and my role in as Chair actually removes me from voting in the upcoming assembly to nominate candidates to be Joe’s replacement.

                I have distanced myself greatly from the party (to focus on other parts of my life) so the only positions I have left are ones I was elected to some time ago and have an obligation to complete the terms I was elected to. My term as PCP terminates in March and as Chair in Feb. 2013. All over positions I held have since expired.

                Now that I have stated my position, I’ll (try to) go back to quitely lurking.

        • Ah Choo says:

          Andrew Romanoff was originally elected from HD-9 before the last reapportionment. Who gives a shit?

          It’s all the same, small pool activists and party officials that both of these guys spring from and count on for core support. A particular party title doesn’t connote anything or detract from the fact that if former hard core Romanoff supporters like Dan Willis are not buying AR2.0–then it’s not a stretch to think a CD-6 primary challenge is going to fracture the former hardcore supporters.  

          • Libertad 2.0 says:

            Was Dan the chair of HD-9 when Romanoff was first elected? No? Who’s throwing out red herrings?

            When someone like the current chair of the house district of the person running for a seat is posting something discouraging someone else from getting in that race, it’s usually frowned upon to not disclose such a connection. Dan’s position makes him different from a regular “hard core Romanoff supporter”. In fact, I can’t seem to find very many hard core Romanoff supporters who weren’t already in bed with Miklosi’s campaign making these kind of overarching statements about Andrew getting in the race.

            At any rate, it’s not about there being some sort of fungible pool of activists, it’s not about the race in particular, it’s about disclosing meaningful connections when writing blog posts. At least Nancy Cronk is up front about her shilling. Can’t say the same for Dan.

  3. MichaelEllis says:

    As far as I know, Romanoff has not said he wants to run for any of these offices you people are bandying about. So everyone needs to stop criticizing him for whatever “bad timing” y’all imagine he’s displaying for not announcing any intention to run for any of these offices he’s not running for.

  4. glasscup says:

    Is the possibility of having to choose between Miklosi and Romanoff.

    Is there anyone else that could jump in instead? Sheesh.  

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