Tancredo: Cain Should…Fire His Chief of Staff!

We suppose that’s one way for embattled GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain to address his mounting public relations problems–as The Hill’s Cameron Joseph reports:

Conservative pundits and former Cain staffers are calling for the resignation of Herman Cain’s chief of staff, who they say has damaged the GOP candidate’s credibility.

The calls for Mark Block to resign come as Cain’s campaign deals with sexual harassment allegations that threaten to ruin his candidacy.

Block originally fingered a rival campaign for leaking the story (before walking that back) and made accusations against a reporter Tuesday night on cable television that proved to be false. Those moves come on top of accusations Block broke election laws in Wisconsin and reports he was arrested for drunken driving…

And former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), a longtime Cain backer, said Wednesday afternoon that Block should “step aside” as the spokesperson for the campaign.

“We’re talking about damage control. And when something like this happens, which requires a really well-reasoned response, he’s not the guy,” Tancredo told the conservative publication National Review. “The campaign has handled this poorly… It’s a reflection of a relatively naïve group of people. They have good intentions but they’re not seasoned. It’s not working out.”

Apparently on Tuesday, Cain chief of staff Mark Block identified a reporter at Politico as the son of one of the women now publicly accusing Cain of sexual harassment. But it’s false: the last name “Kraushaar” isn’t all that common, but former Politico reporter Josh Kraushaar is no relation to Karen. And reportedly, Josh doesn’t even write for Politico anymore.

But generally, we have to say that this latest round of pro-Cain apologetics, throwing the chief of staff under the wheels for his bogus and flailing responses to Cain’s growing problems, seems like a deflection from the real issue–the one only Herman Cain can resolve. Tom Tancredo and a few inside-baseball conservative pundits might look at the last week and a half of news, and conclude that Cain has a “staff problem.”

Most people would point to a more fundamental problem.

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  1. Pita says:

    unless you are one of his (alledged) victims of sexual abuse.

  2. ajb says:

    the ability to assemble a competent staff?

    And here we have Tancredo saying Cain hired “a relatively naГЇve group of people.”

  3. MADCO says:

    The math is difficult, but not that bad.

    In short, the seriousness of a presidential campaign at this time is some positive function of  fundraising, track record of campaign success, media attention, and enthusiastic staff and volunteers on the ground in IA, NH and SC.


    fundraising:   check

    track record of campaign success:  0

    media attention:check, minus

    ground game IA, NH and SC:  almost 0

    Cain’s fake campaign helps Romney.

    • ArapaGOP says:

      Cain is helping Republicans understand the importance of this choice. Between Cain and Perry, an important service is being done.

      Mitt Romney looks more presidential with each passing day.

      • Aristotle says:

        He looks more sane (something that hasn’t been in doubt), but not presidential.

      • MADCO says:

        It makes Huntsman look more presidential.  But he can’t be nominated.

        It makes Reagan (that tax increasing RINO) look more presidential, but he’s dead.

        Likewise, Eisenhower, T Roosevelt, and Nixon.  Hell, the current field makes McCain look more presidential and you do recall how well that turned out, right?

        • ArapaGOP says:

          Huntsman needs to be giving economic lectures (this is a compliment), not running for President. He’d make a good vice president, but I know what you “tolerant” Dems would do to a Romney/Huntsman ticket.

          And I disagree about Romney’s demeanor in these debates. He comes across as smart and capable. He’s more of a statesman than anyone on stage with him, and that will include Obama soon enough. He has won every debate he has held. It’s time for conservatives to stop fishing for alternatives that don’t exist, and give this accomplished man a chance to lead.

          • Half Glass Full says:

            You mean the “tolerant” Romney who supports the Personhood Amendment?

            You mean those “tolerant” Republicans who call Mormonism a demonic cult? Those are YOUR people, ArapaGOP: not Democrats.

            I agree with you that Romney, or Huntsman for that matter, would be formidable candidates in the general election. But only if they can run the crazy, irrational gauntlet that is the Republican Party today.

          • VanDammer says:

            and truly hope he’s finds his way back into a Dem administration.  He’s got sanity & logic & reason all going for him but seems to be the odd man out under the GOP tent.  

            He’s better than Romney.

            But the Street $$s are behind Mittens because we know WS likes a sure thing.  Too bad all of Mitts efforts just gonna end in a Presidential defeat this go-round.  

            WS invests with the greedy & that’s what Mittens stands for (if nothing else).  Mitts might turn in the wind on any & all social issues but he sure has hell has a little G.Gecko greed instinct roiling his loins.  

      • If we wind up with split control of the government, Romney in the White House with Dems in control of Congress wouldn’t be horrible – we’d have a 50/50 chance of getting something signed on any given day, and better if we could show enough polls supporting it.

        I have no respect for Romney because he’s willing to do just about anything to show he’s a guy his voting constituency might like.  When he was in Massachusetts, he was pro-choice; now that he’s running for the GOP presidential nomination he’s continually moving toward the militant anti-choice camp, going so far as to support the Mississippi Eggmendment.  If he gets in to office he’ll change again; whatever he thinks will keep him popular.

  4. redstateblues says:

    He’s got the smoker vote down pat. Oh, and make sure you check out the added bonus at the end. That’s the smile that Sharon Bialek got to see.

  5. Half Glass Full says:

    … it’s Tom Tancredo. LOL

    He was a “One Percenter” back when it meant something totally different.

    What a freakin’ joke Tancredo is.

    Of course, not a word from Tancredo about how maybe, just maybe, a person facing sexual harassment allegations from five different women, and who has already had two sexual harassment claims against him settled for nearly a hundred grand, shouldn’t be making sneeringly sexist comments about “Princess Nancy.”

    Cain says that for every sexual harassment charge against him, there are thousands of people who’ve never seen him do anything wrong. Listen, buddy, that sick pervert Sandusky could have said exactly the same thing.

    Cain totally ignores the fact that the main accuser against him is herself a TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN. He instead wants to promote this alternative universe where she’s a “liberal Democrat.” Or else a Perry supporter: he’s unsure which.

    As a Democrat, I should be hoping that Tancredo’s magic touch once again works and the GOP ends up with Cain as its nominee. He’d result in a 2012 Democratic landslide of epic proportions. But Cain disgusts me.

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