At least he’s not your family law judge (TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse of a child with a disability)

I am not going to embed this video, as it is EXTREMELY DISTURBING. However, as you may have already seen on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites, a Texas family law judge appears to be shown in a 2004 video physically abusing his daughter, who is affected by ataxic cerebral palsy (a physical impairment). She appears to have posted the video herself in response to a confrontation with her father.

Here is the video, if you can stomach it.

I do not recommend watching any more than you have to in order to see that this it is as described; I have a pretty strong stomach and only made it for 45 seconds.

The judge depicted is an elected official who must answer to the voters in his state and the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Here are some links you may find useful in case you wish to participate in the widespread outrage that has already driven so many complaints that the judge’s individual contact information has been removed from the state site:

Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct

Previous allegations of same judge’s alleged tendency to protect child abusers

Page showing he is still on the bench, with photo to compare to video

Another previous complaint

Reddit profile of user identifying herself as the daughter in this video

Although this is a deeply disturbing incident, it does not appear that criminal charges are an option in light of the Texas and federal statutes of limitations on child abuse. However, if indeed this family law judge has protected abusers rather than children, he does not belong in a position of power. I have no special knowledge of the situation, but would recommend that anyone wishing to complain focus their comments on the need for an investigation to confirm these allegations, and his removal from the bench if they are proven accurate.

All indicators point to the veracity of the daughter’s story; however, elaborate hoaxes are not uncommon online, and any “vigilante” action would be unwise and criminal; likewise, this judge’s personal contact information should not be utilized for the purpose of harassment or venting anger, although it is impossible to avoid access to that information since it has been placed in the top comment on the video. Once again, the most productive action if this story rings true to you is a call to encourage the Commission on Judicial Conduct to investigate this allegation in full, especially if the judge does not resign immediately.

PS. I am not putting this on the front page and I ask that it not be placed there by others; it is too disturbing to shove in everyone’s face on FP on a night that should be full of celebration for many.

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