A List of CO Republicans Who Believe the 2020 Election Was Stolen — And Some Who Don’t

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James O’Rourke is co-author of this post.

Colorado Republicans show no sign of stopping their attacks against last year’s election results, both in Colorado and nationwide — even though claims that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the Democrats have been debunked.

In Colorado, only a handful of Republican public figures have spoken out against this rhetoric.

Below is a guide on where Colorado Republicans stand on the 2020 election: whether they repeat the Big Lie, or stand against it–and whether they think Colorado’s own elections were fair.

Editor’s Note: This list will be updated. Please send additional information, omissions or corrections, to us.

CO Members of Congress Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

CO Members of Congress Who Have Gone Back and Forth on Whether the Prez Election Was Stolen:

CO State Legislators Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

CO State Legislators Who’ve Said the 2020 Prez Election Was Fair:

CO GOP Candidates Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

  • U.S. Senate Candidate Erik Aadland. (Says the 2020 election was “Absolutely rigged“)
  • U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Hanks. (Says “Evidence” proves Biden was “not fairly elected” at 1:20 in video)
  • Cindy Ficklin, candidate for House District 65 in northeastern Colorado. (Says 2020 election was “fraud on a stick.“)

CO GOP Candidates Who Raise Doubts About the 2020 National and CO Elections But Don’t Say If They Were Stolen or Legitimate:

GOP Candidates Who Say Colorado’s Election Was Fair But Won’t Offer an Opinion on the National Election:

GOP Candidates Who Think the 2020 Election Was Fair in Colorado and Nationally:

Notable CO Republicans Who’ve Taken a Public Stand on the 2020 Election in CO or Nationally:

Promoting election fraud conspiracy

Rejecting election fraud conspiracy

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NOTE: No prominent Colorado Democrat has questioned the 2020 election results in Colorado or nationally. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

6 Community Comments, Facebook Comments

  1. JohnInDenver says:

    One other:  as cited on the Sec. of State's page on misinformation:

    Former US Attorney for Colorado, Jason Dunn, appointed by the previous President, indicated in February 2021 that:

    • There is no evidence Dominion systems performed other than how they were supposed to, even after the FBI looked into reports about them.
    • Anyone questioning results in Colorado is not being honest with the public.

    and I can't find a citation, but have a memory that Wayne Williams vouched for Colorado's election integrity, too.

    • spaceman2021 says:

      Jason Dunn is back at Brownstein Hyatt.  I've had my issues with Jason (his views on the Portland riots and federal agent activities there), but he's a good lawyer and generally a straight shooter.  Scott Gessler, on the other hand, is off his friggin' rocker

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Here you go J.i.D: 

        Williams, now a Colorado Springs councilman, has repeatedly lauded Colorado’s election and mail ballot system. On Tuesday, he told committee members that in Colorado, the voting systems accurately record votes, and officials have proven it with Dominion 868 times.

        “So, there is no one in Moscow, nobody in Beijing, nobody in Antifa, nobody in the Trump campaign that has changed a single ballot in the state of Colorado because you physically can’t do that unless you broke into the clerk’s office, you bypass the cyber locks, you somehow circumvented the 24-7 video surveillance and the security protocols that are in place,” Williams said—Denver Post, 20 December


  2. ParkHill says:

    Fixed the headline for you:

    "A List of CO Republicans Who "Believe" the 2020 Election Was Stolen"

  3. kwtree says:

    Lauren Boebert’s likely primary opponent, Marina Zimmerman has said that the 2020 elections were legit and that Joe Biden is President. 

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