“If Tipton Is the Umpire, He’s Just Been Paid”

Campaign finance issues have derailed many a campaign in recent years, and while this latest issue with Republican Rep. Scott Tipton isn’t anything close to a game-changer, it certainly doesn’t make him look very good.

Tipton recently organized a meeting between oil company SG Interests and The Thompson Divide Coalition, a group of citizens in Carbondale opposed to a plan for drilling in the area. So what’s the problem? Tipton apparently accepted $10,600 in donations in the third quarter of 2011 from executives, investors and other folks connected to SG Interests. David Donnelly of Public Campaigns, a national nonprofit interested in campaign finance reform, told The Aspen Times that Tipton’s organizing this meeting was like a baseball umpire taking money before a World Series game. “If Tipton is the Ump, he’s just been paid,” said Donnelly.

That’s a nice quote for a future TV ad, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. VanDammer says:

    definitely smells when Tipton uses his position to play the intermediary and potentially influence the process.

    How screwed is the Thompson Divide Coalition when they show up to the meeting and there’s their elected Rep. cozying up to the other side of the table.  

    SGI (Texas ltd partnership) sure seems active in fighting county & munie regs, likes to seek court redress and will certainly help line the pockets of any sympathetic needy CO Rep.

    I’m gonna do a lil’ more reading up on SGI and their connections because this does have a little stink to it.  

  2. BlueCat says:

    Great line.  So easily and viscerally understandable. I can picture the visuals to go with the line already. If there’s one thing Americans understand, it’s baseball.

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