Wednesday Open Thread

“It is as absurd to argue men, as to torture them, into believing.”

–John Henry Newman

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Good morning.

    Brace yourselves. Troll activity alert! Have a great day.

    • Gudolph , says:

      Thanks for the heads up, I should have heeded your warning that your wormy pals still hadn't grown the fuck up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • kwtree says:

      Duke, my sense is that gudolph is enjoying himself immensely here. He’d probably pay for the opportunity if they weren’t paying him to disrupt and distract from actual political discussion a week before an important election.

      Like all we talk about is him.  Some students thrive on negative attention. It’s still attention.  OR, he has serious mental health problems, like paranoia and uncontrollable verbal aggression.  His “Mike Moffeit is stalking me from Texas cause I’m gay and you’re all conspirators in it” schtick kind of looks like paranoia. Maybe he just hasn’t found the perfect cannabis strain to self – medicate. Good luck with that, gudolph!

      I did check out Mike Moffeit’s work in Texas. He seems like an excellent investigative reporter, mainly on police abuse. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t write about LGBTQ issues. Why would gudolph be attacking this journalist?

      UPDATE: Now that gudolph is making credible threats of suicide ( “you drive a complete stranger to suicide and you dont care”), and certainly does manifest paranoia, a persecution complex, and verbal aggression, we Polsters should only urge him to get professional help. National Suicide Prevention Hotline tel:800-273-8255

      • Pulitzer Finalist says:

        You’re right that Mr. Moffeit writes about “abuses of power,” and doesn’t have anything to speak of showing friendliness to LGBT people. I DO know that he is beloved by many of the anti-LGBT Trump fuckos who argue that bisexuality (hey, that’s my identity!! No matter how you try to erase it too, kwoman) is simply lasciviousness.  It’s too bad Mr. Moffeit doesn’t more emphatically distance himself from the people using his research to harass black bisexuality.  🙁

        Mr. Moffeit also was a finalist from the Denver Post for the paradoxically prized Pulitzer, something everyone here is very quick to point our V does as well. Curious. I’m not aware of many los- I mean “finalists” from the Post. Do you? I’d sure be curious what you know about it.

        Nice try with the misspell, but you were already following him on Twitter before I even brought him up.  Now you don’t even know how to spell his name? Are you okay? Maybe you need to lay off the ‘dro, teach.

        Mental illness shaming now. And baseless accusations of being a schill?  You are fucked in the head, ma’am.

  2. Colorado Pols says:

    Good morning readers,

    As longtime denizens know we run a very permissive forum here at Colorado Pols, and allow conversations to become quite animated reflecting the similarly animated state of today's politics. In that context we generally allow debates to become as nasty as they need to be within a minimal set of restrictions that include outing nonpublic personal information, utilization of multiple accounts to flood comment threads, and/or harassment once it reaches an excessive/unproductive level.

    This is our one request for all users to immediately stop using multiple accounts to post comments. We further ask in lieu of taking immediate action for the gratuitous harassment with no relationship to the subject of discussion to chill. We won't ask again, we'll simply take the appropriate action up to and including permanently banning offending users.

    Thank you all, please resume hurting each other's feels as long as it's about Colorado politics.

    • Gudolph says:

      These are comments I have as a Colorado citizen who tried to participate with a friendly audience and got fucked in the ass. I am not a "troll," in any sense. Users on here "started it" with truly depraved lies about me. Along the way, I kept asking if this was what people liked, and every reaction was mocking me and gloating they were ignoring the content of my post because of who I am as an outsider. These liars then literally met in the morning to "ice" me out. 

      1) I don't use multiple accounts.  One username, one password = one account. Sounds like you have an unwritten rule to try and get people to identify with one nickname.  That would be wise to advertise, at all.

      2) "Harassment once it reaches an excessive/unproductive level." Voyageur blatantly lied about my views, my experience, and then took the extraordinary step of trying to encourage a witch hunt off site at me.

      3) I made sincere appeals for this to stop.  I never attacked anyone who didn't make wild slanderous comments. The echo from the lynch mob was to delete my profile and "start over." Then the user who acknowledges himself to be the almost-recipient of a certain well-known award says really hurtful, homophobic, and transphobic remarks.  Why are you giving him special privilege on this platform?

      Your posting another warning encouraging the narrative that I am somehow not hip to the joke of cyber bullying is not helpful. It's a bare minimum start to address what is possibly felonious behavior from a very publicly acknowledging journalist that is hardwired to behave like a child. 

      I hope you consider the ramifications of providing a safe space for bullies such as this. Put up some rules. Learn what "accounts" are.

      I mean, Jesus, even Melania was able to preach "Be Better," even if she was just as bad following through on it as y'all.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Gracias, gobernadores muertos.

    • kwtree says:

      Wait…there was a political ssue somewhere in the diapers and underwear insults?  

      • Gudolph says:

        I know I started out just trying to draw attention to issues on HB 1317.  

        Then the peanut gallery lost their shit when I defended a word I chose.

        Then Voyageur lost his shit on me.

        Then you all joined him b/c you know him. I don't.

        I asked if you all were just teasing and explained there is NO INDICATION that is the case for newcomers.

        Then you all lied and followed me on here and started calling me a troll when I met V at whatever horrible level he brought the conversation to.

        Again, I have no pleasure in doing this, but it's a damn site better than letting a bunch of "journalists" circle jerk over public policy while shitting on the public.

        If anyone but the poor, Stockholm-Syndrome stricken Diogenes had bothered to say anything even remotely considerate, then you would have a leg to stand on calling this a place for discussion about policy and I would be a troll.  

        Not for you all. You're tight knit going way back.  I mean, who is the agist here? The people throwing around their seniority as authority over the younger person GENUINELY ASKING FOR DISCUSSION.  That is who is agist. 

        I offered it up in kind since it's what you begged for, literally, when you all insisted on name calling and ignoring and ostracizing me. You are bullies who don't see yourselves as bullies.  You think your victims must be narcissists or no fun if they don't appreciate your japes. 

        This is a forum of unapologetic bullies, isn't it?

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      5 days now!?!? . . .

      . . . You waiting for the magic snack-item word to be invoked, here, or what????? . . .

      • Pulitzer Finalist says:

        Please, I have laid plain what he lied about and what everyone here perpetuated and they decided it's more important to help his old man ego for the sake of this dying blog than to let fresh blood try and have an opinion.

        I even gave him a text to just copy and paste because he's too weak and sad to admit he's a bully like a mature adult. 

        So… yeah. 5 days? I'm gonna be stuck with this world his crazy racist/sexist/homophobic ass caused and you all are abetting. This shit is a sneeze in comparison.  What are your Christmas plans? Is there gonna be a group meet up again?


        And fun, Tee Hee!  I guess V did have something to teach me, after all.  ColoradoPols doesn't care about open and healthy debate. Just old men bickering about days gone by and wondering why their old friends don't call anymore.

        I'll drop the ageist schtick when a SINGLE one of you bigoted fucks acknowledges he is a lying monstrous toddler trapped in the aging body of a Depends spokesman. 

  3. davebarnes says:

    Today is Cranky Co-Workers Day

  4. Voyageur says:

    It works for me, Alva.  Is the troll still allowed to steal my avatar, Oscar the Platypus?  That and his fake spellings of Voyageur were both keys to his identity theft campaigns.  I don't mind his blatant ageism — it destroyed his credibility, which was minuscule to begin with.

    Ageism is racism.  Don't feed the troll.

    • Gudolph says:

      You don't deserve special privilege. YOU started this. And you and your old friends are completely unabashed in mocking my dead mother, and using outdated stereotypes of tranvestism to demean and humiliate me, a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

      If you continue to act like hot shit without acknowledging what a fucking hypocritical argument for someone as public as YOU to make. 

      How dare you? How dare anyone support that behavior from him and join in and insinuate horrible lies about me. 

      Not to mention starting a witch hunt on me, a nonpublic figure making no attempt to identify myself via real world "almost wins."

      I told you last night man, this shit needs to stop and you just won't quit.

      • Voyageur says:

        Ageism is racism.  Don't feed the troll.

        • kwtree says:

          A quibble: racism is racism, and ageism is ageism. Both involve discrimination based on inherent physical attributes, and both have emotional and economic disadvantages. But they are similar, not the same.

          • Voyageur says:

            The World Health Organization notes that the three bad isms not only have similar roots but reinforce each other:

            Ageism affects everyone. Children as young as 4 years old become aware of their culture’s age stereotypes. From that age onwards they internalize and use these stereotypes to guide their feelings and behavior towards people of different ages. They also draw on culture’s age stereotypes to perceive and understand themselves, which can result in self-directed ageism at any age. Ageism intersects and exacerbates other forms of disadvantage including those related to sex, race and disability.

            Ageism is racism.

            • Gudolph says:

              Okay, then. Game on.




              He never acknowledges because it's such common knowledge what a racist, agist, homophobic, liar, gambling, felon, doodoohead loser he is.

          • Gudolph says:

            Word.  kwtree talking gospel. 

            I'm just joshing with the ageist crap, I have generational frustration with the Baby Boomers, but truly my comments here are simply returning in kind the trash and insults without basis that you enjoy. And especially with some patriarch throwing around his old school paternalistic and AGIST dismissal of me justified some return fire. I've offered again and again to treat the people here as adults, but even in serious discussions there were schoolyard quips.  

            You do enjoy it, right? I mean, no one has acknowledged the actual abuse of power going on here, even on a tiny stage and seemingly small stakes.  

            Sometimes you make a gut punch. Sometimes you make a cutting remark that someone's mother dying tragically is funny, and reinforces that you think they are worth insults. 

            That's inhumane, isn't it? If I'm wrong, then genuinely you are all such hypocrites for throwing a stink over some "justified mockery."

            • Voyageur says:

              Actually, you were the one who joked about your mother dying, then laughingly admitted you had lied and your mom was fine.

              Were you lying then?  Or are you lying now?

              Ageism is racism.  Don't feed the troll.

              • Gudolph , says:

                I actually sent out the exchange to some journal ethicists to get their thoughts on whether it matters that before you knew I was playing with you, when you thought I was serious, you made fun of me.

                And now, when I tell you quite plainly how you’ve hurt me, you still want to call in more attention and hurt to the issue. You are too prideful.

                Age isn’t your issue, old man.  It’s really elitism. You just feel sore for being past your prime and a loser.

                • Voyageur says:

                  Ageism affects everyone. Children as young as 4 years old become aware of their culture’s age stereotypes. From that age onwards they internalize and use these stereotypes to guide their feelings and behavior towards people of different ages. They also draw on culture’s age stereotypes to perceive and understand themselves, which can result in self-directed ageism at any age. Ageism intersects and exacerbates other forms of disadvantage including those related to sex, race and disability.

                  AGEISM IS RACISM.

                  • Gudolph , says:

                    This isn't a good look for a reporter favored by TX RWNJs for targeting bisexuals, Miles.

                    "Homophobic Investigative Journalist Gets His "Thrills" Chasing and Shaming Gays."

                    I mean, The Texas Horn would actually probably WANT to hire you at that point.

                    • Voyageur says:

                      You actually made a non-troll post, Gudolph.  Could you provide a link to that story?

                    • Gudolph , says:

                      I have nothing to say at the discretion of an unapologetic homophobe like you staking his reputation on his right to bully.

                    • Voyageur says:

                      Goggle shows no such story. You lied again like you did when you claimed your mother died of alcoholism.

                      AGEISM IS RACISM

                    • Gudolph , says:

                      Ooh, a non Pulitzer who doesn’t recognize hypothetical rhetoric? That explains why you lost.

                      Miles the Homophobe. Never denied it and we know he means that to be a “yes.”

                      Good to know. Might want to add “unrefined homophobic ageist” to your Twitter byline to head this off at the source.

    • Gudolph says:

      How did you find my handle?  As a journalist you probably used your privileged access to your paper’s database for research.  You’re only supposed to use that on the job, Miles. 

      How dare you use your workplace resources to stalk members of the LGBTQ community and witch hunt them? Is that in line with your code of conduct?  With all the people on here who have acknowledge who you are on this public forum, and which you have returned in kind by addressing their own, public, Christian names, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy like I do. 

      I am just a guy who wondered onto a minefield of grownups playing paintbull with real bullets. I told you before, and yet you get all pissy and cry for the mod when I return fire with paint? Please.

      You are a massive homophobic fuck up. This failure is second only to your losing the pulitzer. Someone told me something about what you do at the bottom of holes…. I could have sworn you said it, but that’s impossible. The advice I got was to dig upward, not down which you seem to love to do.

      What do you think, oh mocker of the orphaned and oppressed?

      • Voyageur says:

        Ageism is racism.  Don't feed the troll.

        • Gudolph says:


          Mods, please remove that stalker, liar, felon, and homophobe

          • Voyageur says:

            Ageism is racism.  

            • Gudolph , says:

              Roses are red

              Violets are blue

              The Texas Horn would actually

              WANT to hire you.

              Dahlia’s are black

              And repeat the old: ….

              • Voyageur says:

                Ageism is racism.  

                Don't feed the troll.

              • kwtree says:

                Just FYI, and knowing this will probably set you off  yet again: "Voyageur" is most definitely not a Texas homophobic journalist named Miles.

                I'm bisexual myself , and I would probably be aware of  and pissed off at any journalist who wrote such things now or in the past.

                You're wrong yet again, gudolph.

                • Gudolph , says:

                  Homophobes often have family members who are LGBT.  Doesn’t mean they have carte blanche to spread such lies. No doubt this bully Voyageur is picking on me for my sexuality as an outlet for his pent up frustrations.

                  If this is not Miles, he can say so.

                  If Miles has opinions on what is happening here, that is fair game for me to ask about on Twitter where he can address his own thoughts.

                  Pray, where am I wrong? 

                  Sure seems like he is pretty comfortable with the moniker.  You guys and your crazy lies 😉

                • Conserv. Head Banger says:

                  Gudolph is right about as often as a broken clock is right twice a day.

                • Voyageur says:

                  Thank you, kwtree.  I know I have been unkind to you in the past, and am sorry for that.  The thing I like about you most is your understanding and love for the good folks of eastern Colorado.

                  The good ones are a minority th ese days, sadly.  But they fight the good fight with verve and passion, get go off the mat, bind their wounds, and answer the bell for the next round — knowing that at the final judgment, God does not ask if you won, but if you fought with the just.

                  You have your misses, as do we all.  But your sins are never sins of omission and your failures are never those of the heart.

                  Ride on, valiant Valkyrie!

                  • Gudolph , says:

                    Gramps, your diaper's starting to stink. We REALLY appreciate you trying to contribute like a grownup, but you aren't making any sense!

                    Apologizing to the pothead teacher who is on your side? That makes no sense! 

                    Apologies are for people you lied about. Like me.

                    Homophobes have no place in media.

                  • kwtree says:

                    I accept your apology. V. My motto is “Forgive, but don’t forget.” So I won’t.

                    Perhaps gudolf’s legacy, long after he (hopefully soon) leaves off posting here,  are the ways he’s united the community against him with his nasty old-man-diaper schtick. .

                    But you are alike in your penchant for verbal aggression. You justify yours by saying “Fools are my lawful prey”. He justifies his by saying, “They were mean to me first. – I’m the victim here.”

                    Your word wars are at least funny and entertaining because you are much the better writer. You have had, I guess, 50 years more than gudolph to practice your craft. gudolph’s verbal violence is pathetic and tedious.

                    Perhaps if he goes to journalism school and develops a thicker skin, we’ll see some decent writing from him in a few years.

                    And yes, you did start the hostilities by writing your parody rhyme to mock him. As did I, I suppose by questioning his baffling first post. Sensitive young men should not jump into online communities in attack mode. It’s never going to go well.

                    • Pulitzer Finalist says:

                       Sensitive young men should not jump into online communities in attack mode.

                      Bisexuals shouldn't get in bed with bigots for the sake of comity, kind of aiding and abetting hate, y'know. I appreciate your willingness to see through all of the childish teasing from "adults" here to see I did not want any of this.  

                      Maybe it doesn't matter to you (a long time user, so not really a "minority" in any sense in this context, regardless of your sexual orientation) that I got fucking decimated by friend and foe alike and told to just delete myself. 

                      I'm also extremely disturbed everyone seems to think it's okay that he mocked me while believing my mother had a tragic death. That was completely glossed over. 

                      Thankfully I have thicker skin than you seem to think.  This shit is a recipe for pushing strangers to suicide and YOU. DON'T. CARE. Because it's "funny" and "entertaining."

                      Or do you? I honestly can't tell with the begrudging half acknowledgments. 

                • Gudolph , says:

                  Also, you’re either lying now or implicitly calling Michael Bowman, who confirmed that V is the loser of the Pulitzer Prize for 158 articles on discrimination.  

                  Pretty sure only one dude fits that very public bill.

                  And given the ample opportunities to correct the record, sure seems like confirmation from V, doesn’t it?

                  So who’s lying to help a homophobe, kwtree? You and Duke Cox, or Michael Bowman? 

                  • Duke Cox says:

                    The person who posts here as voyager is not named, Miles.

                    You are wrong.

                    • Gudolph , says:

                      I look forward to when he clears it up!

                    • MichaelBowman says:

                      So you’re telling us you think V is this Miles dude you’re referring to? That the V on this blog wrote 158 articles on discrimination?  You need to re-read the thread. 

                    • Pulitzer Finalist says:

                      Not as much, now, Michael.  Mr. Moffeit seems to have a soul and behaves like a human online. 

                      Unlike you lot, who are defending and encourage an unapologetic bigot who attacks people for your amusement. I was one victim. He gloats about others in the past and you all remember it fondly.

                      What a bunch of Mean Girls.

  5. jimmay says:

    I think you’ve entertained it’s delusions quite enough. Ban the troll.

    • Gudolph says:

      How do you ban that which is delusions?

      Cool, cool.  Lotta bullies on here.  "Jimmay" going on the 'hates LGBT community and supports doxxing minorities' list with V.  Any others think that shit is cool?

      No, it's never appropriate for a minority member feel emotionally rankled by strangers harassing them incessantly and telling them to commit "digital suicide" with their profile.

  6. The realist says:

    Well, I've scrolled and scrolled and there's not much non-troll stuff to read. Hope it gets better soon.

    • Gudolph , says:

      It’s a shame, really. So much wasted space and time all because of V.

      Everyone sure seems to love his wild and cruel game though so I dunno.

      What are you gonna do?

      • Duke Cox says:

        "Oh…accepting reality often works. If not oil it with some forgiveness oil.

        Worth a try.

        • Gudolph , says:

          What reality, exactly is that, Mr. Cox?

          • Duke Cox says:

            Call me, Duke, please.

            The reality that V. is venerated and loved here. That your style and aggressive rhetoric is not widely respected in these parts. The potty mouth thing is passe.

            And …

            Stop shouting. Cover your caps lock button with a piece of tape that says, " DON'T TOUCH!!


            • Gudolph , says:

              Haha, Dukie, I know he is. That is not lost on me, your veneration and defense of his cretinous behavior is way, WAY more egregious than any "trolling" you liars accuse me of.  

              Potty mouth is passé.  Nah, man. It's fucking here to stay.  It's being discourteous to younger people and prejudiced against the LGBT community that is passé. My zealotry for illuminating unjust legislation is no excuse for scores of professionals to step in defense of such hate speech.

              Bullies, like you, are passé ;). yes

              • Duke Cox says:

                Very well. That's twice.

                You intend on comporting yourself like a butt-hurt, baby.? 

                Your call…your karma.

                • Gudolph , says:

                  “My soul is prepared, Dr. Jones.  How’s yours?”

                  Gotta say, Mr. Duke Cox, I am detecting a threatening tone to your karma. Please comport yourself like an industry professional. LGBT folk like myself are not as advantaged as lobbyists such as yourself and it’s very intimidating for you to intimate some sort of harm when I’m only asking for proof.

                  • Duke Cox says:

                    I have been baited by the best. Your diminution of the name I asked you to use is a childish, passive aggressive stunt that gives away your insecurity. Can't talk to adults, can you?

                    You throw your sexual preference around like a weapon to hit people with. What a bigot you are.. Your sexuality is no one's business but yours. Are you somehow seeking victimhood?

                    Kindly keep it out of our political discussions.

                    Your sociopathic behavior is quite ugly. I suggest therapy.

    • Voyageur says:

      Check mike bowman's latest diary,  Realist. Excellent as always.

  7. Voyageur says:

    Okay, one last time, then I really will refuse to feed the troll.  But there are just two things I have to comment on because they are so funny.

    Gudolph claims I am transphobic because I make fun of what he calls crossdressers.

    Actually, I made fun of him for “wearing his mother’s underwear.”

        The name for such an oedipus wannabe isn’t crossdresser, it is a 12 letter word starting with m and ending in r.

       But here’s the punchline: making fun of cross-dressers isn’t transphobic — because trans folks are never cross-dressers.  They can’t be!

    Trans folks are two – spirit people.  Their birth certificates record their genitalia at birth, male or female.  Later their other spirit develops and they become psychologically the opposite sex of their birth certificate.

       If birth-certificate Harry wears men’s clothes, that is not cross dressing.  That’s dressing in the clothes his biological self is supposed to wear.  But if the same person, now called Trans-woman Mary, wears women’s clothes — she still isn’t cross dressing.  A trans woman is a woman and is just wearing her woman spirit clothes.

    Vice versa for birth-certificate Sue, now trans-folk Lou.  Two-spirit folks can’t cross dress — because they have two spirits!

    One set of clothes for each spirit! God bless them.

    Gudolph won’t understand this.  But we do.

    Next, to his charge that we is all homophobic monsters, this rests entirely on Gudolph’s sudden proclamation in the wee hours of this morning that we were all picking on him because as he said: “I am a homosexual.”

    We have a fine representation of the LGBT community on this blog and I have a serious question for you all:

    What’s a “homosexual?”

    Oh, I’ve heard the word. In those old film clips Joe McCarthy is always blasting “homosexuals” in the state department and Allen Drury novels are showing great sympathy for homosexual senators who commit suicide after being outed. Very big word in 1959, homosexual.

    But this is 2021!  What part of the acronym LGBT has an H?  Folks, the word “homosexual” today is seen by the gay community as a slur.   No real gay man is going to out himself as a “homosexual” in a public blog.

    No, I seriously doubt that Gudolph is gay.  That was just another lie in his long litany of lies. And the fact that he insulted so many LGBT Polsters shows that even if he is homosexual, he’s far from being Gay.

    Gudolph the troll didn’t mean to, but his villainous vilifications did us a favor.  He brought us together in common cause and made us realize the things that unite us are far greater than those that divide us.

    So, thank you, Gudolph.

    Now go to Hell!




    • Gudolph , says:

      Dummy, your generation’s penchant for oppressed homoeroticism meant that denigrating terms like “cross-dresser” was the best you could muster to explain the complications of gender and sexuality. Their vulnerability, you know it b/c you share it, is their insecurity and fear of castration.

      <;>As for you declaring the word “homosexual” offensive and you, a cis white male, are the arbiter of what “LGBT” is…

      Cool, cool. Not at all deplorable. Michael, Duke, kwtree, y’all agree with this vile cretin?

      How dare you, fuckwit. I am gay. You don’t own my identity – you won’t even own your own you homophobe.

      Oh, two-spirit is relevant to only certain tribes and works as a sociological explanation for phenotypic and behavior traits. 

      On behalf of the gay community, a big fat FUCK YOU, you hatemonger.

      Kwtree the potsmoking teacher, you like this sort of thing?

      Michael the moderate “hemp” farmer, you like this sort of thing?

      Duke, I know your smelly old ass likes this thing.

      ColoradoPols is the LEAST progressive active forum in the state.

    • Gudolph , says:

      Did you jump on that Pulitzer, btw? I’m thinking I might go ahead and snag it for myself.  I need something to keep urinal cakes from floating at my office restrooms. 😛

    • Duke Cox says:

      I think Gudolf, the Troll, wants us to think that is HIS photo he uses as his avatar.

      I have more hair than the old man in that picture. Is he old like the picture says, or young like his rabid ageism
      indicates? Either way, he is a liar.

      He writes like a 8th grader and exhibits the maturity of your average 6th grader. But his avatar appears to be 65 years old.

      All part of his sociopathic illness. Hopefully the poor lunatic will get some psychiatric help.


      • Pulitzer Finalist says:

        Haha, groupthink is really amazing. Duke Cox the Old Man.  Nah, you can reverse image search it for yourself. 

        I WISH I were him. He's a respected journalist.  Award winning, in fact.  

      • kwtree says:

        Ummm. the old man in the avatar picture is a stock photo: "Senior Citizen".

        So, yet another lie. Like I said, gudolfo is having a wonderful time playing with us.

        • Pulitzer Finalist says:

          Poor Walt Bogdanich!  Wins a Pulitzer, and then reduced to "Senior Citizen."

          Nah, I'm kind of tired.  Long day at work! This sucks, but man, talk about "never meet your heroes." 

          I mean, V wasn't ever a 'hero.' More so I just never would have expected everyone on this site to vociferously throw support behind such bigotry just because I have a beef with Caraveo.  

          Racist? Ageist? I asked how, and then EVERYONE jumped in to lynch me. "Justified Mockery." Nah. This is sadistic.

  8. Diogenesdemar says:

    October 27, 2021 at 5:50 PM MDT

    Conserv. Head Banger says:

    “Then maybe YOU should stop feeding lonely boy.”

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck — my worst fears have now come to pass — . . .

    . . . I, I, I, — goddamn, even now it hurts so badly to admit it — . . .

    . . . I agree with you. [phew][wipes tears from eyes, and sweat from forehead]

    There! . . .

    The horror, the horror, the horror . . . 

  9. Pulitzer Finalist says:

    Goodnight lurkers! To all the humans who come here and wonder if it’s a good spot to discuss politics, stay the FUCK away.

    ANY criticism of BIPOC politicians will have you labelled a pariah, and you’ll be marked for the site bully, a guy named “Voyageur.”  So, guard your identity if you are a minority concerned about doxxing and hate speech.

    To all you old farts, fans, and friends of V’s who haven’t been put to bed by your orderly nurses yet, try not to think about embolisms!  Or radiation shortening your telomeres!  Senescence is a BITCH!

    Sleep well, and consider at least putting a fucking warning in the sidebar.  

    Shout out to V’s remarks 9 years ago: 

    Voyageur starts us off with a serious question…

    In general, how is Pols doing? I notice a distinct falloff in the number of comments and number of users logged in. Are twitter and other social media cutting into us?  With the folding of the Rocky and continue diminishing of the Post, the need for a viable media like Colorado Pols is critical. What’s the outlook?


    Not good, you guys.  The outlook is not good.

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