BREAKING: Mayor Hancock to meet with Occupy Denver protesters

(Best of luck to the occupiers in brokering a fair agreement that recognizes their rights and the city’s needs. – promoted by ProgressiveCowgirl)

UPDATE 5pm: Mayor Hancock sends Occupy Denver delegates packing, but promises future useless meetings.…

According to releases from multiple sources, Mayor Hancock will be meeting with representatives of the Occupy Denver protest, which is now in its fourth week of demonstrating between the State Capitol and the Denver City and County Building.

The meeting will take place at 1pm in the Mayor’s office and will last 30 minutes.

I just talked with protesters in Civic Center Park who are giving credit to City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega and State House candidate Andrew Bateman for arranging the meeting.  

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  1. c rork says:

    I wanted to get his take on this. 🙂

  2. nancycronk says:

    Let’s hope he doesn’t arrest them instead. They are brave to step forward as leaders.

  3. DavidThi808 says:

    Talking is better than using cops to break up an attempt to petition the government. Kudos to Ortega, Bateman, & Hancock.

    • Libertad says:

      Google the quotes, most were covered by Drudge

      Occupy child molesters

      SEATTLE — A man accused of exposing himself to children at least five times across Seattle was arrested early Tuesday morning.

      Seattle police say he was taken into custody at his Kenmore residence around 1 a.m.

      Officers had been given a composite sketch of the suspect and detectives learned he had been at Westlake Park taking part in the Occupy Seattle protests.

      The man is accused of exposing himself three times on Sept. 29 — once in Crown Hill, once near Alki Beach, and a third time on Capitol Hill. Three days later, he was spotted at Pinehurst Playfield near Northgate, and then again on Oct. 3 at the Lakeside soccer field in North Seattle.

      Obama-Endorsed Occupy Cleveland Protester Kidnapped and Raped

      В В 

      Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

      Members of Occupy Cleveland gather at Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. The group is one of several across the country mirroring the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. (AP/Mark Duncan)

      A member of the Occupy Cleveland protests reported that she was kidnapped and raped at the rally.

      CBS Cleveland reported:

      An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

      Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.

      According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

      The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square – which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” – prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.

      Related… Seattle occupier accused of exposing self to children was arrested today.

      Still more… Commies and kooks at the Occupy LA rally.


        • Libertad says:

          Surely it’s the basis for you to joke about rape…

          • MADCO says:


            Rather I was making fun of those who don’t prosecute it.

          • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

            Or do you just want to co-opt survivors’ experiences and misunderstand their recovery process in order to harass MADCO when he was transparently poking fun at someone, Ken Buck, who has done real measurable harm to at least one person who reported a sexual assault?

            See, according to some estimates, one in four women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. We have more than four women here. So if you’re hijacking survivors’ experiences to serve your own agenda, there’s a good chance that YOU are the one disrespecting a survivor of sexual assault.

            If you are yourself a survivor or have gone through that experience secondhand with a loved one, and MADCO’s comment was genuinely triggering or upsetting to you, I apologize for my assumption; however, as a woman in exactly the demographic most often affected by rape apologists like Ken Buck, I found MADCO’s comment amusing.

      • nancycronk says:

        That’s hillarious.

        • nancycronk says:

          An actual rape is absolutely NOT funny.

            • nancycronk says:

              I don’t watch Fox news and have not seen or heard of this story anywhere else. This should absolutely be investigated thoroughly. If the story is true, my heart goes out to the victim.

              That said, there are millions of Occupy protesters all over the world, and many of the cities have had tens of thousands of participants. It is not unlike the many thousands of people who flood downtown Manhattan on New Year’s Eve. Law enforcement and community leaders go a long way to prevent problems when large crowds assemble, but unfortunately, tragic incidents occassionally occur.

              I have never heard of anyone associated with Occupy Denver mention official leaders, let alone leaders telling people to “bunk up” with other protesters (I found Andrew Bateman’s report of representatives meeting with the Mayor of Denver very surprising to say the least — the movement has been leaderless until this point). I fear this woman, if the story proves to be true, was victimized by an opportunist posing as an activist.  

  4. IndyNinja says:

    With no leaders to make official statement, its hard to say for sure. But word around the occupy denver camp is that the Mayor pretty much said no to everything, but agreed to keep talking about not compromising in the future. I can see some tempers rising in anticipation of the 3pm General Assembly. There should be more details discussed in the meeting.

    In the mean time, 1st Amendment supporters are circulating an online petition to tell the Governor to stop the arrests. David Sirota has been tweeting it today:

  5. ColoMod says:

    How shocking…

    BTW Indy, who were the Occupy “reps”?

  6. When I ran for State Treasurer in 2010, my primary focus was the Colorado State Investments, a portfolio of around $5.5 billion annually invested by the State Treasurer – a portfolio with more than half its monies invested in bailout beneficiaries

    That said – most counties/municipalities also have similar portfolios of investment, usually controlled by the County Treasurer, and if I’m not mistaken, I believe Denver has a portfolio of around $2.5 billion in value, with much of it invested in bailout beneficiaries

    In addition, many projects that take place in Denver are done with bond issuance through bailout beneficiaries, rather than local banks like American National Bank, that have the capital to issue major bond sales, but don’t claim the lobbyists to muscle their way into political offices (and of full disclosure, I bank with ANB and I’m a proud customer, as they didn’t accept TARP funds)

    My main point is that, make no mistake, MAYORS OF MAJOR MUNICIPALITIES, as well as COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, play a MAJOR roll in empowering Wall Street-bailout beneficiaries

    I’m glad that Mayor Hancock is taking the meeting – it is necessary

    Shout out to Councilwoman Ortega and Andrew Bateman

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      It happened yesterday and I have heard that there was no agreement made and that Hancock’s office was uninterested in compromise.

      He has been sending representatives to observe the protests; I believe I recognized at least three people in the crowd on Sunday who I have also seen at Hancock events. To their credit I will say that they dressed professionally, were friendly and polite, and did not in any way either attempt to interfere or participate overtly in the protests; they genuinely appeared to be there to watch. However, presuming that they have reported accurately to Mayor Hancock, their presence on Sunday shows that Hancock knows the protesters are peaceful and are in support of police and city workers. In light of that, I feel he should have made a greater effort to work with the protesters.

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