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October 15, 2021 10:45 AM UTC

Smashing Gov. Polis In Effigy With Sheriff Reams

  • by: Colorado Pols

Last weekend, as nobody reported because why would they, Republican Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams held a re-election fundraiser “car show” in Fort Lupton–where he was joined by sputtering GOP candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl and a few dozen variably “classic” cars in widely assorted stages of restoration.

But of all the cars at Sheriff Reams’ car show, one unlucky not-so-classic Chevy subcompact appears to have received substantially more than its share of attention:

We haven’t seen the video yet of the process by which this car went from the condition in the upper photo versus the lower, but it looks to us like it was pretty savage stuff! Did Heidi Ganahl take a sledgehammer swing at Gov. Jared Polis in effigy too? What do you suppose goes through one’s mind while smashing a car named after the sitting governor of Colorado with a sledgehammer?

Here’s another photo of Sheriff Reams role modeling this smashingly good behavior for the children:

We’re touched, folks, in that way one can only be when you throw up a little in your mouth.

Between this and Rep. Ron Hanks blowing up helpless copy machines, we’re getting a little worried about the safety of…well, just about any inanimate object in sledgehammer or rifle range of our local Republican tough guys. It seems like they’re on a mission to out-smash each other in search of the next big social media breakthrough.

It’s tough to see how that ends, you know, safely.


18 thoughts on “Smashing Gov. Polis In Effigy With Sheriff Reams

  1. Let me make sure I've got this right.

    Spraypaint Polis on a junker car and smash it up, that's outrageous.

    But if you spraypaint FUCK THE POLICE on the Colorado Capitol and then smash the Capitol, that's free speech?

    I will never understand the left.

    1. Moderatus says:

      October 15, 2021 at 12:25 PM MDT

      Let me make sure I've got this right.

      Protest a wannabe dictator in the WH and that's being a sore loser.

      But if you harp on an election that said wannabe dictator lost to the point of breaking into the US Capital to kill members of Congress, overturn an election and compromise peoples' privacy by hacking into voting machines and you're a true patriot who is being victimized by the deep state.

      I will never understand the reich, er I mean right.

    2. Hey, at least Moddy admits he's trying to get it right.  Baby steps !

      He knows quite well that nobody here actually condones spray painting the capitol, but he's got nothing, so…

    3. Moderatus —

      Perhaps I missed the news … when there was spray paint on the capitol building, which candidates were involved in a similar fashion?

      "Republican Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams held a re-election fundraiser “car show” in Fort Lupton–where he was joined by sputtering GOP candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl" 

      Gotta admit, I expected to read that Mr. Hanks would bring his rifle and sniper's nest accessories to this sort of destructive demonstration. 

    4. I didn't spray paint anything you stupid shit.  Isn't Reams the asshole who decided that he was the one who decided what laws to follow making him no different from a common criminal.  Law and order and civil discourse is totally missing from stooges like Moldy.  Lock em up.

  2. You’d think they’d have at least used one of those fossil-fuel killing electric cars to take their misplaced anger out on?  Maybe painted a plant-based burger on the hood?  

    This looks more like an Incel amateur hour. 

  3. I just wonder to whom that car belonged. It appears to have been a late model in reasonably good condition before it was vandalized. Were they actually foolish enough to purchase a perfectly functional vehicle for this little temper tantrum? Man. you just can't fix stupid.


  4. RWNJs need  an outlet for all that free-floating rage ginned up by Tucker Carlson and friends.
    Wrecking a car with “Polis”  painted on it may spare some hapless Walmart clerk from being coughed on and attacked, or a school board member or election clerk from having their children and their own lives  threatened. 

    Lest you think that’s all “rednecks in red states”, a Colorado state  school board member gets hundreds of hate mails weekly. Her staff only reports the worst to police, and so far, no one has faced legal consequences for the threats.A local school board member has had a picture of her child outside her house mailed to her at home.

    A popular Pueblo election clerk has been  stalked, videotaped, and has also received the same kinds of threats to his children. 

    Funding and training for the disruption and threats also come partly from Colorado; the I I’s Leadership Institute trains activists about how to disrupt school boards.

    This harassment is well-coordinated and well-financed. Most of it is ostensibly about “Stop the Steal” and mask mandates. The wrecked car is just a visual symbol for what these fascists plan to do to our democracy.

  5. Hey Weld County, how's that secession thingy workin' out for ya?

    I guess when you have no intellectual arguments to make for your case, out come the baseball bats and voodoo dolls.

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