The Crazy Runs Deep in Mesa County

Today Tina Peters held a press conference, which I attended. There were probably 50 people in attendance, of which a few were there to protest.

The presser was scheduled to coincide with the Board of County Commissioner’s regular meeting, on the steps of the building where the commissioners meet. (Odd time and place.) Some of us hoped she would be announcing her retirement, but alas she wanted to try her case in public. For the life of me, I cannot understand why her attorney (Scott Gessler) has not convinced her to just stay quiet.

Meeting organizers were aggressive about keeping people away from Tina. As an example when I started filming, a large man stood in front of me in order to block my view. My companion, Benita Phillips, asked a few questions loudly and a woman tried to silence her. When the woman kept grabbing Benita’s shoulder and telling her (rudely) to shut her mouth, Benita told her to keep her hands off.

The presser started with Sherronna Bishop introducing Tina. A man in the audience questioned why Ms Bishop was sowing division in Mesa County, since she lives in Garfield County. He was tall and had a large anti-Tina sign in his hands. He was immediately surrounded by the “enforcers.” As he tried to go around the men, a woman fell to the ground. She said she was pushed. He said he didn’t push her, but was just trying to get around the people blocking him.

The woman on the ground was the same woman who had been grabbing Benita’s shoulder. Since Benita is an RN, she immediately rushed to help. Her help was declined. It was Benita’s opinion that the woman was not hurt, based on her reaction to falling, things she said and looking at her eyes to see if they were clear. Benita was later interviewed by a police officer who was called to the scene to investigate an assault. Although an ambulance eventually was called, it never left with the woman.

As if all that wasn’t crazy enough, Tina then went on to accuse Charles Ashby, Lynn Bartels, Wayne Williams, and Sheila Reiner of conspiring against Tina, since the four are all “friends.” Sheila heard it all. She was standing right behind me at the event. Kudos to Sheila, she was calm and answered questions from concerned citizens after Ms Bishop identified her to the crowd.

Even better, according to Tina’s supporters, Janet Rowland, Cory Davis, and Scott McInnis are fake Republicans. I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that these same supporters all voted for Rowland, Davis and McInnis.

So what do we have? A woman under investigation who continues to speak in public, making her defense problematic and a bunch of supporters who are willing to believe any conspiracy theory regardless of how nonsensical it sounds. Yep. The crazy runs deep in Mesa County.

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Retired banker, community and economic developer. Born in Deadwood, but raised in Colorado.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Peters and Bishop are the fake Republicans and CINOs (Conservative(s) in Name Only).

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Jeepers CHB,

      As unimaginative as Dave Barnes is, even he manages to come up with a slightly different “Today is …” inanity every day.

      . . . With you it’s always the same old, tired, worn-out schtick — “So and so are not real Republicans.”

      Maybe try something a little different once, spread your wings a little, show some imagination — how about something like?:

      “Peters and Bishop are not “real” butterscotch puddings. (. . . even though they are today’s butterscotch puddings.)”

      It’s either that, or you just gotta’ finally admit that “real” Republicans today are an endangered, and nearly extinct species; and that there’s very very few “real” Republicans still capable of breeding left??

      (. . . not that the former few genuine articles were ever all that much to give a defensible whoop about.)

      (. . . Oh, but yeah, you shoulda’ seen them before — they really were quite the sight once — back in the days when Moses was riding dinosaurs across the Red Sea.)

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Keep walking the streets with your lantern, Diogenes, looking for an honest man (or woman). Suggest you avoid Mesa County for now.

        And what makes you think I am writing that for you? The political universe does not revolve around you. I write in part for the right wing lurkers.

        • Diogenesdemar says:

          Would those be the real right-wing lurkers, or the fake right-wing lurkers? . . .

          . . . and, whichever, did you just write that for them or me?

          PS.  FYI, there’s many other Diogenes tales more apropos to me, (but I’m guessing you’ll continue to stick with the least imaginative, most worn out trope).


  2. kwtree says:

    Thanks, CKonola, for being an eyewitness to the Mesa County Crazy. And for writing a 1st person account here. 

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    A "press conference" with enforcers, performance artists, and a speaker trying to extend the tale of conspiracies besetting her.  Anyone get a chance to ask a question?

    You mention the presence of one media person — someone accused of conspiring against Peters.  Just curious if there were any others:  other newspapers, local television or radio, right-wing blogs or media outlets, or as seems incredibly possible, the media serving the aliens who have absconded with the real people and left golems behind.

    • Ckonola says:

      I only saw Charles Ashby (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel,) but Nancy Lofholm of the Colorado Sun wrote a story about it, so I assume she was there. None of the local TV stations had cameras there. The recording analyzed by ColoradoPols was produced by Scott Beilfuss, Co-Chair of the Mesa County Democratic Party. 


      • Duke Cox says:

        The Mesa County republican party is a screwed up, schizophrenic, mess. The current party leadership are inept as well as inane. We have to count on those from out of town, ordinarily, to know what is real. Hats off to Charles Ashby, for his reporting.

        The local TV stations are too conflicted to know how to cover local politics. The two local TV news outfits consist of one station whose anchor is the wife of a local conservative scion…a station which allows its anchor to use the expression, "Democrat party", a well known insult.

        The other station is a vocational training school whose students are barely able to communicate. They insist on trying to use the English language…a thing they seem unable to grasp at a fundamental level.

        The kids on the "training wheel" station seem not to understand the subjects they are trying to explain to us and don't know how to look for truth beyond a Chamber of Commerce press release. 

        The Republican party has controlled the narrative in this area since I have been here. That would be 48 years now. It seems now, though, that the impenetrable wall of exclusion and cronyism that has kept these people in power is rupturing. 

        Is the hour of our deliverance at hand?

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