New Legislative Maps Released Today

The Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission has two new maps to dissect today after the release of what is awkwardly called the “Third House Staff Plan” or “Third Senate Staff Plan.”

Click here to view the House Map.

Click here to view the Senate Map.


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  1. MartinMark says:

    Is there a layperson primer on why this is so difficult?

    Can't we just agree on a model (i.e. start with the geographic center and work outwards) and then let a computer do it?  Like maybe: choose a few models and then flip a coin.  Or alternate every census.  One year it is geographic center.  Next year population density center.  Next year follow county boundaries…

    I mean, I know we agreed on an outline of a "model" with the commission.  But given the range of drafts, obviously there's room for judgement and interpretation.

    Or did the CO commission actually do a pretty good job within the given challenges?

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    re: "release of what is awkwardly called the “Third House Staff Plan” or “Third Senate House Plan.”

    I'm not certain why the names are "awkward" — need to distinguish between Preliminary and then sequential staff plans from the Census data; clarify which Chamber's apportionment is involved, name the source, whether it is the staff, Commissioner, or an outside individual or group. So, the latest Senate maps are labeled "Third Senate Staff Plan"


  3. kwtree says:

    A few observations: it looks as though Loren Hanks, Leroy Garcia, Daneya Esgar and other SE Colorado reps got redrawn out of their former districts.

    For this election year, they keep their old districts, then have a year to adjust to running under a new number and with possibly a new constituency. People keep messing with Pueblo – splitting it down the middle, trying to season nearby red districts with some blue voters.

    In my Lakewood neighborhood, we're going to be playing musical chairs with the same 20s district digits, but nothing will change until next year and next election .

    I'm not seeing any huge pickup opportunities for Republicans, which is why they're probably already yammering about conspiracies and how unfair and mean everyone is to them.

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