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September 19, 2021 10:21 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

–Warren Buffett


37 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. Magellan never made it, dying in what is now the Phillipines.  Only one of his five ships returned home, the Victoria, with 18 or 19 of the original 270 crewmen.

    1. That because the Orange Mullah of Mar-A-Lago issued a Fatwah over the weekend for Mitch McConnell and now his psych followers want to carry it out.

      They’re like the Manson family.

      Any guesses on whom Trump will anoint as the next GOP senate leader? Maybe Josh Hawley or Tommy Tuberville.

    2. Was she referring to Bain Capital, part-founded by the traitor who voted for an article of impeachment Mitt Romney, or "bain" the French word for "bath?" In either case, the 7-dimensional chess being played here puts the Queen's Gambit to shame!

  1. Don't you see it? It's clear as day. McConnell and Pelosi set up all those innocent "GOP tourists" on 6 JAN to take Trump down a notch. It's the 206 protesters from last week against EVERYONE!

  2. As far as I can tell, Conservative means nothing more than protecting privilege and wealth. If you have to throw out democracy to maintain power, that’s a just situation normal for Western Civilization.

    Eastman was making a $185,000 salary as Scholar in Residence at the Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization, teaching conservative thought and policy. He couldn’t get any students to sign up, so his two classes were canceled. Republicans only fail upward, so I’m sure he’s now making more at some Conservative “think” tank.

    Anyway, Eastman makes a cameo appearance in Woodward’s recent book about Trump. Not only did he speak at the Jan 6 rally, he also wrote a legal memo to Republican Senators claiming that Mike Pence could just vote to unseat a State’s electors, and choose a different slate of electors.

    From Woodward’s book:

    On the same day as Graham’s meeting with Giuliani, the White House sent Lee a memo claiming that then-Vice President Mike Pence could throw the election to Trump by discarding electors from the seven states that had submitted “dueling slates of electors,” according to Woodward and Costa.

    “Pence then gavels President Trump as re-elected,” the memo, penned by conservative legal scholar John Eastman, reportedly asserted.

  3. A friend of mine walking by the Trump Hotel this morning noticed that it looked as though it was closed.  

    The Independent reported on Sep 4 that Trump has been trying to sell the hotel for $500 million since 1999. The hotel was $174 million in debt when Trump left office. The Trumpists have been leaking that they were in “advanced talks” with hotel chains and investors. Reportedly the price point is well below the original askingprice. My guess is that it is around what it would take to pay off the debt. The Jones Lang LaSalle real estate firm used by Trump fired him as a client after January 6.


    1. Lots of former lenders as well, including Wells Fargo, Professional Bank and Deutsche Bank, have all left Trump after January 6.  He is going to need to restructure and make a new loan package soon for Trump Tower, but I wonder if anyone other than some shady Russians are willing to participate. Trump Tower also now has a high vacancy rate, at around 20 % which does not help matters. I hope this is the end of the road for his bullshit house of cards.

      1. The Trump Organization has several hundred million dollars in loans coming due in the next 2-3 years, some of which Trump personally guaranteed. 

        Contrary to far right wing propaganda; both current and in recent years; the Russians likely own Trump. The issue will be does Putin want to throw good money after bad. Is Trump really still useful to the Russians?

        1. The Ttump organization will, of course, sue everyone they’re involved with and in debt to, just like it has every other time in the past (Deutsche Bank, USFL, etc., etc.).  They will let their empty and groundless bullying threats and their intimidating thralls do their dirty work.

          As to Ttump’s value to Vlad, as long as there’s discord to be sown, democracy and world opinion to be undermined, or a vocal and beligerent cohort that contines to hold sway and be enabled within the Republican party, of course the OD will continue to be valuable to his purposes.  Putey Pute hardly even needs the usual Russian propaganda any longer, truthful and factual reporting works nearly as well to point out to his own people that as bad as they might think they have it, the broken and unrepresentative American political model no longer offers any solutions, or any hope for solutions. (And, just look how more unrepresentative Republican legislatures are now furiously working to make things — in their quest to maintain power without any corresponding electoral mandate.)

          Putin seems to understand far better than McConnell, McCarthy and the entire Republican leadership, that the most effective enemy that could ever be brought to bear in conflict against America is an army of easily misinformed, misled, and disaffected Americans themselves.  This shit will only continue — for exactly as long as the Republican party continues to allow it, or until it is too damn late.

          The bullshittery and fictions of The Art of the Deal are pitifully sorry substitute, even as toilet paper, in any geopolitical matchup against The Art of War . . .

          1. Well said, Dio. No one – NO ONE – is paying a price sticking with Trump, including Putin, the GOP, and Trump himself. Nothing will change until it's too costly to stay on the same path – and I don't mean just costly in dollars.

    1. It’s amazing what a well-organized Instagram and Snapchat campaign can do.  ”School Board member raped 62 students! Walkout at noon. Please share”

      Impressive organizing, but completely  misinformed. Sad to see.

        1. The thing is in this case we didn’t hear from anyone who claimed to have been sexually assaulted.  We had a third party claiming — apparently falsely — that 62 victims had told her that Tay had assaulted them.  Not a single alleged victim confirmed the alleged allegation!

          This is kind of a new high in sexual mccarthyism. And further proof the world is mad.


          1. I'm with kwtree on this one. AS VG states, nobody came forward. The Kavanaugh comparison doesn't work.

            The kiddos should learn a lesson from this affair about the pitfalls of trying to convict someone in the court of public opinion.

        2. During the Kavanaugh hearings, his  accusers,  had to provide corroborating evidence – people they told at the time, therapists they told later, people who confirmed that they were on the scene when he was. They also took lie detector tests , were interviewed by the FBI, and more. And they did have to come forward personally, with all the sacrifice of privacy and safety that entailed.

          Unfortunately, none of it mattered. Kavanaugh was confirmed, and was able to flip the script and pretend to be a victim.

          As V and CHB noted, and as is extensively detailed in the ILG report that DPS commissioned, no one has come forward personally to accuse Tay Anderson of sexual assault. It’s all 3rd hand from Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming, who has personally and professionally benefitted from all the attention.

          What Anderson has admitted to is being a typical 19 year old horny jerk, flirting and coming on to females, before he was elected to the Board. That behavior is what DPS is censuring him for. Of the 1200 students rallying yesterday, I’d wager that a good 1/3 of them had either behaved simlarly, or condoned or forgiven such behavior. 

          I don’t know how Anderson continues on the DPS Board. But when/if he does resign, it won’t be a victory for women, or for sex assault survivors. It will be a victory for innuendo, for baseless slander, for Trumpist “It’s so because I say it’s so, and I’ll threaten your family if you dare to disagree”.

          It will create a vacancy on the Board, which potentially could be filled by someone who is anti-mask and anti-vax, who declaims against “critical race theory”, and against inclusive and honest sex education. School boards are the new front for the culture war. 

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