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August 23, 2021 06:41 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“When you’re the only sane person, you look like the only insane person.”

–Criss Jami


23 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. One of the many things I admire about Rosa Luxemburg is her philosophy that one should fight fiercely against the major injustices of the world, but not sweat the small stuff. 

    And stop and smell the roses, rejoice in a sunny day, pet your dog and enjoy the laughter of children.

    This was a good, good, woman.

      1. Rosa actually argued against the Spartacist uprising, for what turned out to be very good reasons.  She did join ranks after it started and was murdered by right-wing freikorps.

        But, CHB, you are wrong to say she supported “violet revolution.”

        Her tastes ran much more to red roses, as her name suggests!  She also liked pansies, my own favorite flower.wink


        “Don’t forget, as busy as you may be, to quickly raise your head and cast a glance at those great silver clouds and that silent blue ocean in which they are swimming…take notice of the resplendence and glory that overlie this day…because this day will never, ever come again! This day is a gift to you like a rose in full bloom, lying at your feet, waiting for you to pick it up and press it to your lips.”
        ― Rosa Luxemburg

    1. Hmmmm, Ok, so not August 13 . . .

      . . . . knew I shoulda’ oiled that fantamatasticprostiginator . . . .

      “Well, lemme, see here — 8 divided by two (for almost nearly half right) equals four, times three for the Holy Trinity — or is it three for ‘third times a charm’? — doesn’t really matter. Equals 12.   [Whew, that was tough. Time for another snort of prophecy blow, er, dust, and ahhhhhhhhhhblblblhaha, there,  and now, where was I, oh yeah . . .]  And, 13??? — may have had one that backwards, maybe use my never-fail magic reader mirror and seeee, it says 31!!! Voila 12/31 . . .”

      Mike Lindell, still in Trump’s good graces, has new prediction: reinstatement by New Year’s

      “So, Real Amurica, would you believe December 31st?? . . . Hell, that’s what I’ve been saying all along, this whole entire time . . .

      . . . Probably, actually, maybe even Christmas Day if you’re all very good patriot boys and girls, ask Santa/God for lots of MyPillows-Reinstatement Edition 2021, and also to get our beloved Big Orange guy back on the heavenly presidential throne a week early!!!!!!”

      [ . . . Hey, Tina baby, this is muy important – stop playing Candy Crush or whatever with that hard drive, and come over here and double check these mathinatings??!!]


  2. AP reports

    The U.S. gave full approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Monday, a milestone that could lift public confidence in the shots and spur more companies, universities and local governments to make vaccinations mandatory.

    Wonder if that bit of news enters into Gov. Polis' calculations about mandating vaccination for those on state jobs or in the care of state agencies or anywhere else he can set public health policy.

    1. If I understand what I’ve seen  correctly, he recently just ordered proof of vaccinations, or two negative tests per weeks and mask wearing, beginning sometime in September?  (Anyone able to confirm?)

      Maybe he’ll adjust that previous order, but remember he’s somewhat libertarian in his general vaccination stance.   My guess is he’ll let the current order stand as is for awhile?

    1. Investigations do not mean she is guilty.

      People admitting she did what she is accused of do not make her guilty.

      However, breaking the law makes her guilty and it appears that there is more than enough evidence for SOS to replace her as elections supervisor.

  3. Bastion of athletic excellence Valor Christian School in the news this morning — firing (forcing a resignation) a volleyball coach for not denouncing "da gay"

    Tonga, who was the volleyball coach for the 2020-21 school year only, said the campus pastor and athletic director called him in for a meeting Thursday, during which they berated and belittled him over his sexual orientation and informed him that “parents pay too much” to have their kids coached by a gay man and perhaps Tonga wasn’t gay since he had a love for the children he coached.

    Toward the end of the conversation, first reported by Denver7, Tonga said school officials told him he had two options: Denounce being a gay man or leave the position.

    I guess you CAN get what (or avoid getting) what you pay for. 

  4. Typically perfect . . .

    Ttump’s border wall reportedly in severe disrepair in Arizon

    When Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015 by saying “Nobody builds walls better than me”, it was to say the least a questionable claim.

    Trump insisted the “great wall” he planned for the southern US border, to keep out unwanted migrants, would be “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful”.


    Photographs published by the website Gizmodo appear to show sections of the partially constructed wall in southern Arizona in severe disrepair, torn apart by summer monsoon rains that the site said “literally blew floodgates off their hinges”.


    Because of their remote locations, many of the gates would have to be manually opened and left unattended for months at a time, the Washington Post reported – potentially allowing for the easy entry into the US of smugglers and migrants.

    It appears the gates were open during last week’s storms, but the wall was still no match for “historic flooding” after months of drought. According to climate experts at the University of Arizona, the Douglas area has this year received almost twice its average annual amount of monsoon rainfall.

  5. As predictable as Fluffy dropping a big one here once a week, MSM seems to be losing interest in Afghanistan as evacuations proceed at a robust level.  

    For some perspective, by the end today the Biden administration will have evacuated 50,000 out of Afghanistan since July 31 (the vast majority since August 14). National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan reports 16,000 people have been flown out of Kabul in the last 24 hours.

    Ending a war is tough.  I have a deep respect for Joe “the buck stops here” Biden, cleaning up this multi-Administration cluster*uck. 

    Here’s a good read by Scott Dworkin: 

    Stop Blaming Biden for Afghanistan (he’s cleaning up TFG mess)

    Another by NPR today: 

    Where Are Taliban Officials Getting The Money To Run Afghanistan?

    They're awash with cash. The Taliban has been earning far more from trafficking drugs and other illicit activity, ranging from extortion rackets to timber trafficking, artisanal mining, kidnapping schemes, for almost two decades now. And so they clearly have been earning more money from all these activities than they needed to run their insurgency. And so they're very well funded.

    1. There's also pretty wide-spread speculation that if the Taliban is "temporarily embarrassed" by a lack of funds, their friends from Pakistan's ISI will let them have some of the official and unofficial cash that goes through their coffers.

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