Boebert Finally Admits Government Good For Something

After unprecedented mudslides last Thursday night wrought havoc on one of Colorado’s greatest engineering marvels, Interstate 70’s partially-elevated route through Glenwood Canyon, effectively severing one of the most important transportation links between Denver and points west for what could be weeks on end, Rep. Lauren Boebert belatedly responded yesterday with something we almost never see: an uncontroversial acknowledgment of the federal government’s role in swiftly repairing the damage.

It’s nice to see Boebert cooperating instead of bloviating. On the other hand, what if she’s got this all wrong?

A wall of mud that God built for free. Maybe we shouldn’t question it?

We’re joking of course, and in all seriousness, it’s not like Boebert could have ignored this crisis forever given the big losses businesses along the I-70 corridor are experiencing each day the highway remains closed. That includes Boebert’s own Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, now an additional four hours from Denver via detour for that perfect militia selfie.

On the bright side for Boebert, when Glenwood Canyon closes, the mileage reimbursement floodgates open.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Funny, but I would cut off Boebertstan south of Montrose.She can't have the San Juans.

  2. marc sobel says:

    Don’t let the government take away my interstate highway system?

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      There’s probably entire freedom posses of Rifle-Grand Junction-Delta-Montrose volunteer bootstrappers out there right now with freedom shovels and freedom pickaxes and freedom ARs with high-capacity freedom magazines, digging out a brand new private freedom trail from under all those liberal mudslides, as we speak??

      (Where’s Sergeant America when we need a real Murican superhero? . . .)

      • 2Jung2Die says:

        They're also diverting all the donations currently going to the T**** Organization and MyPillow and the Fraudit into a freedom fund to pay for the high-dollar engineering solutions needed to make I-70 great again – just to make sure the government doesn't pick up the tab and spoil the whole thing with socialism.

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Seems that the government cheese you grew up with as a kid is now a comfort food today? . . .

    (. . . especially when you're in the business of cheeseburgers and fries.)

  4. RepealAndReplace says:

    You should send that map to the redistricting commission.

    • kwtree says:

       I suggest that the redistricting commission use the latest maps of coronavirus outbreaks ( high infections, low vaccinations) to draw CD3 and CD4 boundaries. The District leadership is content to let residents die, rather than mask up or get vaccinated. 

      The Mesa County stats, for example, are chilling. Near 100% hospital bed capacity. ~. 4,000 cases and 46 deaths since April 2021, mostly 50 and older, but the 3631 Colorado cases are mostly under 50, mostly Delta variant, virtually all unvaccinated. So vax-averse young people are carelessly spreading Delta COVID, and seniors are dying from it, especially in parts of CD3, CD4, and CD5. 

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