Lauren Boebert, Call The Mesa County Health Department

An email went out yesterday notifying Mesa County residents of their chance to win big bucks with the only requirement being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, something as we’ve unfortunately been witnessing recently is not happening in great enough numbers to ward off spread of the deadly Delta variant:

In conjunction with the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) announces a community vaccination effort in the form of a cash incentive campaign. Cash prizes, including (2) $500 weekly prizes and a grand prize that could build up to $90,000, are up for grabs!

Here’s how it works–as the percentage of Mesa County residents gets vaccinated (currently at a problematically low 42%), a jackpot that could reach $90,000 by the July 31 deadline grows. As of today, the “Big Shot” jackpot is sitting at $56,264. This is in addition to weekly $500 cash prizes given to two lucky vaccinated Mesa County residents:

All entries will be eligible for the Grand Prize, which starts at $45,000, and builds based on the number of vaccinated residents…

Grand Prize will be determined based on the total number of fully vaccinated Mesa County Residents according to Colorado Immunization Information System data on July 31, 2021. One dollar ($1) will be awarded for each Mesa County Resident the system reflects as fully vaccinated (defined as receiving a second dose in a two-dose series or single dose vaccine) against COVID-19. For example, if the records indicate 85,242 people are fully vaccinated, the Grand Prize would be $85,242.

It’s necessary for vaccinated Mesa County residents to register for the prize and also provide proof of vaccination if they’re selected as a winner. The requirement to register to win cuts down on the pool of entrants enough provide much better odds of winning than the now-concluded statewide vaccine lottery, and growing the jackpot based on the county’s vaccine percentage is a clever incentive. Whether or not this contest persuades excitable Mesa County residents who haven’t taken advantage of widely available free vaccines for months now to get their shots is anybody’s guess, but credit to Mesa County should be awarded for doing something to improve their dangerously poor vaccination rate.

Based on her response to the statewide vaccine lottery in June, though, Mesa County’s representative in Congress Rep. Lauren Boebert is not going to approve:

What a golden opportunity this would be for Mesa County’s GOP commissioners to finally stand up to Boebert’s relentless onslaught of deadly COVID-19 misinformation–at a moment when doing so could literally save the lives of their mutual constituents. That’s not going to happen, of course, and cowardice before the 800-pound gorilla in the room more than subtracts any points awarded for a clever promotional gimmick.

It’s all pretty sad, really.

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  1. kwtree says:

    What’s happening in Mesa County is tragic. 15 year old Kaci Loux is the latest victim of the delta variant of COVID sweeping the county. 

    It’s tragic even if the victims were willfully stupid or misinformed. But the people in public office  who know better and still misinform others for political gain? They should all burn in hell ( or reap some other form of karma). 

    I’d guess that Lauren Boebert and all her extended family over 12 have gotten vaccinated, but are keeping quiet about it. 

  2. Genghis says:

    QBert's tweet from June commands attention, as she has extensive first-hand knowledge of what sick fucks preying on underage girls sound like.

  3. gertie97 says:

    Mesa County commissioners, all vaccinated, had the guts to announce they were and even got the shots publicly. Since then, however, they came up with the lovely ''free to choose'' policy for vaccines and masks. I think they're terrified by Boebert/trump supporters.

    The local rag hasn't been a beacon of the Fourth Estate, either. Fluffy features, not Covid stories of victims or the shameful vaccination numbers or the cowardice of the commissioners and the new CMU president, fill the paper. Such that it is.

    We can't even blame the uranium tailings any more, since the hated federal government hauled most of them out in the late 80s and continues to remove them when any are located in older buildings and houses.


  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    Polis’ vaccine lottery raffle sounds a lot like “Hey little girl, I got some candy if you come with me.”

    No doubt something she probably once overheard in a bowling alley somewhere?? . . . 

  5. unnamed says:

    How pathetic that they're so afraid of that mental midget they call "Congresswoman"

  6. MattC says:

    Voters get the candidates they deserve.

    Citizens get the democracy they deserve.

    1. Organize.
    2. Voter registration.
    3a. More than 90 days from election day, see 1. and 2.
    3b. Fewer than 90 days from election day, get out the vote and see 1. and 2.

    It is hard work, but it is not mysterious.
    (2022cycle I plan to be in Phoenix to work for Senator Kelly. Whoever is running against Boebert is plan b.)

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