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July 18, 2021 11:23 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy: hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.”

–Frederick William Robertson


8 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Gravel Gal on fire:


    So Denver Public Schools is just going to let a suicidal, accused sexual child predator return to full duties and be back around kids before a full investigation is complete?

    — Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) July 14, 2021

    Gravel Gal replied, “ Are you referring to your hubs?” (Jayson Boebert)

    The thread of replies to that tweet has many variations on that theme.

    Bobo is referring to the right wing attempt to force Tay Anderson off the DPS school board, thereby opening up a seat for an anti-CRT, anti-union, “freedumb” candidate. The accusations
    against Anderson are based on a third party account from a white Wash Park resident that 62 DACA kids walked up to her house, each demanding to accuse Anderson of sexual assault. Not one accuser has ever gone on the record or made a public accusation- which is why the “investigation” remains incomplete. Denver police obviously can’t do anything without an actual victim report.

    It’s a nasty smear campaign to try to force an opening on a board that no Republican would otherwise have any chance at.

    Would you like to know the basis of my accusation?
    74 Republican youth climbed three flights of stairs to my subsidized-housing apartment to let me know that about the plan for a DPS board takeover. Unfortunately, they are all so terrorized by liberal cancel culture that not one will go public.

    You can’t prove me wrong. See how that works?

  2. Seems like the anti-union, also referred to as pro-reform, school board such as Michael Bennett did quite a lot to turn around a flagging DPS system that was consistently losing students to other districts and private options.  The pendulum did have to swing back toward the teachers due to the pay imbalance and top-heavy DPS administration, but as a parent of a DPS student I've been less then impressed with the current boards performance to date, especially their railroading of Susan Cordova out of town and total lack of strategic planning to address an across the board decline in enrollment.

    We will have to see what goes down with Tay.  The 62 "accusations" is the third such incident regarding improper behavior that has surfaced in the last year.  So it's either a sustained campaign by the GOP to take down a rising star based on lies and over-exaggeration or he's a misogynist a-hole who serially bullies and intimidates women.

    1. Such a coinkidink, Wong. No “victim” for the other two accusations, either. 
      So I’d guess that your first hypothesis – 

      a sustained campaign by the GOP to take down a rising star based on lies and over-exaggeration

      is correct.

      1. I'm not sure the local GOP is smart enough to come up with such a sustained campaign. The investigation should continue and furnish a report.

        I've already posted elsewhere that the whole notion of 60 plus kids going to a heretofore unknown white person, with their concerns, doesn't pass the "smell test," as in, it doesn't sound like common sense in action. 

      2. Such a coinkidink, Wong. No “victim” for the other two accusations, either.

        They surely figure sexual predator allegations have a better chance of bearing fruit in this case thanks to the ugly stereotype, pervasive among wingers and all too prevalent among "libs" as well, that black men lack sexual self-control.

  3. Until the actual investigation comes in, doing anything seems premature to me.

    One more element of "doesn't pass the smell test."  If a student came asking "for help and protection from a specific man “in a position of trust.,” I suspect most of us would get details and contact authorities.  If three or four did, OF COURSE there should be a report.  LONG before I got to a count of 61 students and a recent graduate, there would be multiple reports — principals, police, and child protective services.  Yet the initial account was in testimony is in a hearing of the Colorado House Judiciary Committee?

    Last, if these kids lined up to tell someone they didn't know about a range of offenses, don't you think at some of them might have mentioned it to other adults? 

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