Rep. Tiger Suit Story Gets Much, Much Worse

Politico–looks like we might have an idea why Rep. David Wu, Democrat of Oregon went nuts last fall (photo right), after which much of his staff quit mysteriously. The photo alone was enough to earn Rep. Wu a spot in our ongoing series, “At Least He’s Not Your Congressman.”

As it turns out, not really a surprise, there was allegedly a little more going on here than a grown man in a tiger costume:

Embattled Rep. David Wu will not seek reelection in 2012, but he won’t resign from office now despite allegations that the Oregon Democrat had an “unwanted sexual encounter” with the teenage daughter of a close friend last Thanksgiving…

Democratic insiders said Pelosi and her top lieutenants have made it clear to Wu “that he has no support” from his colleagues or party leaders and that they would like to see him leave the House as soon as possible. Coming so soon after the embarrassing episode that led to the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York last month, the last thing Democrats need is another sex scandal on their plate as they try to solve the nation’s debt-ceiling crisis.

Wu, however, has also heard from some Democrats who have told him that retiring in 2012, rather than resigning now, is sufficient to deal with the situation, if no criminal charges are brought against him, Democratic sources said…

The woman left a “distraught” voice-mail at Wu’s congressional office in Portland, a message heard by some of Wu’s staffers. The woman “accused Wu of aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior,” The Oregonian reported. A Democratic insider familiar with the call said the claims against Wu “were disgusting and appalling.”

The picture is twice as creepy now, isn’t it?

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  1. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    …to define “climate” as it differs from “weather.”

    I can’t say I’ll be sad to see him go, and if “unwanted sexual encounter” is just a no-charges-filed-yet way to say “rape,” I hope he faces the appropriate legal penalties, including jail time.

    My support for keeping the public’s noses out of politicians’ sex lives ends very decisively at the word “unwanted.”

  2. ArapaGOP says:

    Oops! Your stereotypes get harder to maintain every day.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      They posted this, didn’t they? Pretty much as soon as the story broke? AND they made fun of him for the tiger suit months ago.

    • raymond1 says:

      … or do you actually remember Pols “stereotyping” anyone as a “Republican pervert”? (Of course not, b/c you pulled that out of your ass.)

      And you personally are a Republican who’s a pervert, yes, but only in the sense that bullshitters pervert honest debate.

    • Aristotle says:

      I’m starting to think, A-GOP, that you want to be regarded as a troll instead of a serious polster. Is that what you want? Keep up stuff like this. PC and raymond1 took you to school, and the rest of us will, too, if needs be.

    • DaftPunk says:

      This one made advances on the opposite sex, and wasn’t buying a hooker.

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