Mitchell, Littwin to Debate (Wearing Pants)

Two of Colorado’s more colorful civic personalities, state Sen. Shawn Mitchell and columnist Mike Littwin, formerly of the Rocky Mountain News and now writing for the Denver newspaper, will debate the federal debt-ceiling extension impasse tomorrow night. Moderated by our friend Eli Stokols of FOX 31:

The debate, which I’m scheduled to moderate — perhaps “referee” is a better word — is set for 7 p.m. at Northglenn High School, and it’s the culmination of a couple weeks of sparring on — yep, you guessed it — Facebook.

On July 8, Mitchell wrote a note challenging Littwin a debate over the debt ceiling after a Littwin column in the Denver Post that defaulting would be the result of conservative “crazies”, the Tea Party revolution that’s now out of control and leading the country toward a financial cliff…

After weeks of ensuing Facebook comments, each one more emphatic than the one before, an actual face-to-face debate has been arranged.

And from all the chatter on Facebook and Twitter, many of the area’s political partisans are eagerly anticipating what Mitchell, a former wrestler, in an invitation posted Monday, is calling “The Debt Ceiling Slam-down”.

Local Republicans are heavily promoting this debate among their members, which seems a little odd since Littwin isn’t, you know, in office or running for office. Evidently it’s a debate that Sen. Mitchell thinks he can win, though, and with Republicans poised to lose this debate in Washington, DC where it matters…well, it’s a shot at a much-needed consolation prize. Not to mention that Littwin, as a representative of the hated liberal media saying all those things this crowd won’t want to hear, might just be cathartic to yell at on general conservative principles.

A poll follows–who will win the “The Debt Ceiling Slam-down?”

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  1. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    And I’ll give him credit for that. But I’m still betting on Littwin. He may be an insufferable egotist in his own way, but I have found it’s rarely wise to bet against a ginormous mustache.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    He gets attention and publicity ala Rush Limbaugh and can say whatever he wants.

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