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July 18, 2011 9:43 pm MST

Tipton: Q2 Fundraising Loser

  • by: Colorado Pols

Our friends at the Washington Post take ominous note of Rep. Scott Tipton’s lackluster Q2:

After getting off to a slow start in the first quarter, many of the most vulnerable Republican freshmen [Pols emphasis] continued to put off fundraising for their first reelection campaigns.

Rep. David Rivera (Fla.) pulled in $34,000 as he faces ethics questions. Reps. Tom Marino (Pa.), Daniel Webster (Fla.), Ann Marie Buerkle (N.Y.) and Mike Kelly (Pa.) each raised less than $125,000, while Reps. Dan Benishek (Mich.), Jon Runyan (N.J.) and Scott R. Tipton (Colo.) each raised less than $150,000.

Adds the AP:

In campaign finance reports turned in last week, the 3rd District congressman reported raising less than $150,000 last quarter. That’s less than half raised by his fellow freshman, Colorado Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

A spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee says Tipton will have enough to defeat his Democratic challenger, state Rep. Sal Pace of Pueblo. Pace raised about $100,000 last quarter – but Pace raised that amount in one month instead of 3…

The NRCC always talks a good game, but the substantial fundraising disparity between freshmen Reps. Scott Tipton and Cory Gardner could begin to tell its own story very soon. While Gardner looks strong in anticipation of a high-profile fight against Colorado Senate President Brandon Shaffer, Tipton…well? It’s early yet, but you have to wonder if we’re seeing real signs now of who national GOP strategists deem worthy of investment–and not.


9 thoughts on “Tipton: Q2 Fundraising Loser

  1. Sal Pace shot his wad with his first report. He called in every big union chit he has. There is no way he’ll be able to keep up the pace.

    You are right about Gardner’s strength though Pols, good to see you acknowledge that. He’s going to wipe the floor with Brandon-mander.

    1. It’s a good thing we can’t see you right now, there’s no way you said that with a straight face.

      Tipton’s fundraising can only be seen as anemic. His $170k last quarter was terrible, and now he has under-performed that very low benchmark.

      You might be right that we can’t see a true apples-to-apples comparison til next quarter, but this is a pretty clear sign that Pace is working and Tipton is slacking.

      1. The fact that Cory Gardner is very good, and off to an early dominance in CD-4, does not mean that Tipton is doomed. I believe that Tipton will be in control of fundraising in this race by the end of the year, and Pace will exhaust his limited pool of funders before Tipton even gets started.

        Watch and learn…

        1. So I fail to see how that’s a false premise. Although, when you compare Tipton to Gardner or his fellow Freshman R’s in competitive districts, I don’t see how Tipton has given prospective donors (or the NRCC, or Rove’s PAC, or The Kochs’ PAC) anything to be impressed by.

          Tipton could have had a 6 month head-start on Pace, and he squandered the chance. In fact, Tipton barely has enough Cash-on-Hand to cover his massive Debt and Consultant payroll. So he has essentially nothing in his coffers that will go to the actual election. Pretty pathetic. And it gives national Dems a great opportunity to pay attention to this race and try to pick this seat back up.

    1. Then all commitments of “off the record” with regard to his personal life are off.

      Josh is welcome to stay under the radar as long as he wants.  When he comes up above the radar, all bets are off.

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