Wadhams Still Sick of “Crazies,” Possibly Including Rick Perry

A brief item we didn’t want to miss, from the Washington Post via the Colorado Independent:

In a piece that surveys Republican establishment players on the GOP presidential primary field, which has drawn half-hearted commitments among big donors, the Washington Post says Texas Governor Rick Perry is making a lot of moves that signal he’s ready to take the leap. The GOP players Perry has been spending hours calling up tell him the field remains wide open. In the end, though, the Post writers land on former Colorado Republican Party Chair Dick Wadhams, who is measured in his response. Indeed, after the licks Wadhams took in Tea Party Colorado last year, he sounds almost circumspect.

“[The establishment] isn’t just sitting around waiting for Rick Perry specifically,” Wadhams told the Post reporters. “They just want to get it right, and they’re going to be thinking with their heads in addition to feeling with their hearts.” [Pols emphasis]

If that sounds a lot like the lecture former Colorado GOP chairman Dick Wadhams on his way out the door after abandoning his re-election bid, it’s probably not a coincidence. The aftermath of the 2010 elections in Colorado, where hard-right grassroots movements undermined a more electable Senate candidate (at least according to conventional wisdom) and Wadhams became hopelessly entangled in the GOP’s disastrous gubernatorial primary, most likely has changed his thinking about the “Tea Party” and strident personalities like Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

But given the underwhelming nature of the current GOP field, Republicans may be in no position to listen to Wadhams–which again sounds like a replay of last year in Colorado, scaled up…


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  1. BlueCat says:

    From the looks of the “success” Boehner and McConnell are having, it looks like there is a new “no compromise on anything” establishment that simply doesn’t do politics as that term is normally understood because they don’t recognize a legitimate role for giving something in order to get something.  Not even if they only have to give a pittance to receive the lion’s share.  It’s a new GOPT world. The days of the old GOP establishment sure looks to be over.

    • Republican 36 says:

      Since then, the Republican Party has moved farther and farther right to the point it is impossilbe for them to govern except by distraction. Since they don’t believe in government they must try and focus the voters on issues like abortion etc. because the government shouldn’t exist except possibly for naitonal defense. From where I sit, as a former very active Republican, the party needs to be dissolved and a new second party formed that is capable of governing. Until then, the Democrats are the only option.

        • Republican 36 says:

          George H W Bush had to move to the far right to get the nominaiton.

          • AristotleAristotle says:

            I’m too young to remember, but I believe he was pro-choice at one point. He was not in 1988. And that “read my lips” bit was total pandering.

            • ProgressiveCowgirlProgressiveCowgirl says:

              But I read in a printed book this morning that in his 1988 primary campaign, GHWB was asked which social programs he would cut to reduce the budget deficit, and he replied along the lines of, “Whatever I do will be entirely dependent on whether or not it helps me get the nomination.”

              (Meanwhile, one or more of his handlers experienced spontaneous cardiac arrest, I can only assume…)

          • BlueCat says:

            regardless of how far right the party, including the leadership, moved, it wasn’t until the rise of the Tea Party and Tea Party-ish after the election of Obama that the establishment, meaning the party leadership of the day,  started to so completely lose control.  

            They always managed to use the social conservatives while largely remaining the players as opposed to the played.  When the leadership cracked the whip the troops, even the Snowes and the Collins and other remaining less conservative elements, fell into line when the establishment absolutely needed them to, for instance to block cloture on something the leadership deemed absolutely vital. The degree of helplessness now being experienced by the GOP leadership in the abilty to come together and  maintain discipline is a very recent development.  They seem quite baffled.    

  2. ellbee says:

    You guys trash Wadhams at every opportunity.  Belittle him, make fun of his name, say he’s not credible, not intelligent, not worth being pissed on if he’s on fire…until… he says something you like.

  3. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    I’m supposed to get mad about this? Laugh? I don’t know what your desired reaction is.

    Dick who?

  4. BobMoore says:

    Wadhams has a long relationship with Karl Rove, who was a behind-the-scenes helper to Perry in 1998 when he was running for lite guv in TX. It was of some importance for Bush to get a Republican elected lite guv in case he was elected president. But Rove is no big fan of Perry’s today, in part because Perry has been known to say some unkind things about GWB and is seen by some Bushies as trying to claim credit for some of GWB’s Texas legacy.

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