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June 23, 2021 11:39 AM UTC

‘It’s Not a Pipe Dream:’ Boebert Wants Trump To Be Speaker of the House in 2022

  • by: Erik Maulbetsch

(It’s more of a “bong dream” – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Congresswoman Boebert with former President Trump on June 10.

By James O’Rourke, Colorado Times Recorder

U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) appeared on the Steffan Tubbs Show Monday. There, she chatted with radio host and conspiracy theorist Randy Corporon about the problems Republicans face in today’s political sphere.

During the interview, Boebert spoke on her hopes for the future of the Republican party. In her mind, the path is clear: “We will take the House back in 2022.”

Many fractures have formed in the Republican Party, following the January 6 insurrection and Donald Trump’s continued lies that he won the 2020 presidential election. The GOP’s removal of U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), an outspoken critic of Trump, shows how deeply troubled the party will be as it tries to regain power during midterm elections next year.

Boebert, however, was full of optimism, saying that “I think the Republican party is stronger than ever, and it’s very obvious that President Trump is still the leading voice of the Republican party.”

Just two weeks ago Boebert and nine other members of the Republican Study Committee met with Trump at his county club in New Jersey.

“I’m just ready for [Trump] to announce that he’ll be speaker of the House, and then we can really live in the minds of those crazy left wing lunatics,” she continued.

Technically, there is no congressional rule dictating that the speaker of the House must be a sitting member of Congress. To date, all speakers have been chosen from current congresspeople, but in theory any willing U.S. citizen could be chosen for the role. 

The crucial key word there is ‘willing’. According to a spokesman for the ex-president, Trump has “zero desire” to be speaker of the House.

Still, Republicans can dream of a comeback with Trump’s leadership renewed. Corporon expressed his wish for Trump, as speaker, to “call for the impeachment of Kamala, and Zombie Joe, especially … for all of his China connections.”

Since the early months of his presidency, Biden has repeatedly made his enmity for China clear. His American Jobs Plan claims that China is a threat on par with the climate crisis.

Breaking into laughter, Boebert agreed with Corporon. “I like the order that you put that in,” she said, “because it probably would be Kamala [who gets impeached first].” 

This statement paid homage to a prolific right-wing conspiracy theory, that Vice President Harris is the true U.S. president. According to this theory, the Democrats have secretly planned for Joe Biden to step down due to health issues, so that Harris can take the presidency in his stead.

Democratic officials have decried this theory and others like it. They attribute the dearth of accusations targeting Harris to her status as a Black woman in a position of power. 

Boebert showed no expectation of good faith from her Democratic colleagues.

“Democrats aren’t afraid to lie,” she said. “They will take a lie and run with it. And [Republicans] are the party of the truth, we are the party of values and principles, and that’s what I’m running on.”

This comes after Boebert has put so much stock in the spurious conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election. She, like so many of her Republican colleagues, has taken the lie in her hands, and she shows no intent to stop running with it any time soon.


18 thoughts on “‘It’s Not a Pipe Dream:’ Boebert Wants Trump To Be Speaker of the House in 2022

    1. I read somewhere that the OD was pissed at Das Wunderkind over some Covidish thing and the relationship with JareVanka is on the rocks.


    2. now that I’ve had a bit of caffeine for the late afternoon and evening, this got corrected to say the access to jets is part of the Speaker’s job.

      Well, the Speaker’s job does come with ACCESS to a jet — or actually, to several.

      Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly told that the speaker does have access to military air travel. When she flies to her home district, she uses whatever Air Force craft is available. Daly told us that “they try to do a nonstop flight.” But the plane Pelosi uses most often is the C-20B, and she has occasionally used even smaller planes. According to Daly, Pelosi once used the C-32 when no other planes were available, but she also has had to stop for refueling on at least one trip on a smaller aircraft. Pelosi’s family has traveled with her a few times, but they had to reimburse the government for the cost of their tickets, as stipulated in the Pentagon’s letter. Congress members who are traveling to California sometimes do the same. Pelosi only uses the jet to travel between Washington, D.C., and San Francisco on official business. For any other trip, she and her family use commercial airlines.

      1. Rules are for losers!!!  Trump gets that position and he’ll be ordering his own! (national security reasons, don’t ya know??) 

  1. Steve Bannon has been quoted that the Republicans could take up to 50 House seats next year by running against critical race theory. I think he's optimistic. But with CRT, defund the police, socialism, and other progressive mantras, it will be a tough road for the Dems not to lose the House.

    1. Umm, don't you mean REPUBLICAN mantras. Democrats are not socialist, are not advocating for defunding the police, and never talk about Critical Race Theory.

      Next you will bring up all the Democrats who are advocating pedophilia and harvesting baby organs for adrenochrome, right. 

      1. CHB is out there yelling, "JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT RACE, DEMOCRATS!!"

        Luckily, nobody is taking his advice. Including President Biden, Vice President Harris, and all of the members of Congress who were elected or re-elected this year.

        1. The point of the 1619 project is that 20 slaves arrived in the US on that date to Jamestown. Fortunately the Democratic Party is a multi-racial coalition, and that is where our strength comes from.

          Governor Death-Sentance of Florida just signed a bill to investigate University staff and students about their ideology… Sort of the Hungarian Vector, I guess.

          And, Steve Bannon is a self-described propagandist. Epoch X is an agitation-propagandist media outlet started by the Falun Gong.

  2. Washington Post's Dana Milbank compiles the Lauren Boebert record in her brief time in DC.

    Lauren Boebert, lost in a cacophony of crazy

    But she has languished as a poor man’s Sarah Palin and a third-rate Josh Hawley, as others seize the spotlight with superior antics. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), another QAnon aficionado, inflamed the House with her antisemitic talk of Jewish “space lasers” and likening public health guidelines to the Holocaust. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) spoke at a confab of QAnon types where the violent overthrow of the U.S. government was contemplated. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) compared the Jan. 6 insurrection to a “normal tourist visit.”

    Boebert had to raise her game. And on Wednesday, she gave it her best shot. She assembled 10 colleagues in the House TV studio to announce her new resolution to censure Biden — a reprimand that a chamber of Congress has delivered only once in U.S. history

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