Tipton’s Twitter Account Hacked–Unlike That Hair?

UPDATE: Says Allison Sherry of the Denver paper, Tipton spokesman Josh Green meant to Tweet the stimulus-is-bad article, and somehow wound up with the chihuahua in a toupee for unexplained shortcut-manglage reasons. We’ve reprinted the image Green apparently did link to, not hacked, after the jump. It really brings the whole tragic story together better than words can.


The Tweet has been deleted, but:

@RepTipton: Curious about how effective those stimulus dollars have been? Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job: bit.ly/kuBHbG

Well go on, click the link. And tell us how it’s possible that Rep. Scott Tipton meant to send this.

Alright, perhaps he did, but only after several drinks? This could qualify as self-deprecating humor, if you’ve seen Rep. TIpton’s (photo right) big hair closely enough to get the joke…

That, or somebody’s making a little Twitter mischief at the expense of Rep. Tipton’s follicles.

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    So that’s what happened when Tipton said he would cut the government in half while not destroying Medicare. Or was it when he voted to destroy Medicare?

    Hacked, I say! Everything you don’t like that Tipton has done. Hacked!

    Cute doggie though. Looks a lot like him.

    • JeffcoBlue says:

      Partisan yucks aside, you don’t do something like this on purpose and keep your job. Better hope this was the last funny thing he/she was looking at, and this was a terrible accident.

      And even then, why are you looking at a dog with that hairdo if you work for Scott Tipton? That’s kind of insubordination right there!

  2. Leonard Smalls says:

    If that’s all the stimulus has produced so far it has been a massive failure. The dog toupee doesn’t even look realistic!


    • BoulderDem says:

      And kind of, umm, a little cranky? Not sure what’s up with you, BJ, and Libertad (assuming you’re different people) but I might recommend taking a break for a few weeks. It’s a long way til 2012. Don’t want to give yourself a stroke!

      • dukeco1 says:

        And kind of, umm, a little cranky?

        too, I see. The aforementioned trios’ penchant for ridiculous responses notwithstanding, I have noticed a certain edge to the repartee we get from the tinfoil hat brigade anymore.

        I remember a story in the nation magazine from a couple of years ago. The title was, “the End Of Bubba Dominance”. It examined the obvious trend away from “WASP”ishness going on in the demographics of this country. You can see in every move the regressives make, a realization that this is their last shot to wrest control of the government from all those “other” people.

        They, the “Corporatist Tool party” are only two election cycles away from being statistically irrelevent. If they fail to unseat Obama, it will be, I predict, the end of the free market experiment in the United States.

        Naomi Klein said, in “the Shock Doctrine”, that, historically, it has been impossible to impose a “Miltonian” free market on a democracy. That would easily explain the repubs headlong rush to establish the “Lords of Wall Street” as the ruling oligarchy. A plutarchy with Pentagon and CIA support could essentially hold a knife to the jugular vein of the nation.

        The corporate/military-industrial/Wall Street “axis of greed” is out in the open…the snake is no longer in the grass, because it senses that this is its’ last chance to strike. There is a reason Mitch “Wormtongue” McConnell announced early on that their number one priority was making sure President Obama doesn’t get re-elected. The Gazillionaires Club has tweaked the “South African Strategy”, explained by Klein in her brilliant book, in an effort to crash the “Obama Economy”.

        I believe the truth will visit the American people enough to foil the plans of the “ruling elite”. Populism of a sort never seen here is about to arise. If the world is impressed with the Facebook revolution of the “Arab Spring”…wait until they get a load of the “Progressive Spring” in the good ol’ U S of A.

        The republicans’ only hope is voter suppression. They are keeping busy.  

        • ArapaGOP says:

          I think the left is operating under a set of delusions which convinces you that the 2010 elections never happened or something. You really believe that the historic victory of conservatism last year was a fluke. It’s irritating, I admit it.

          I’m just trying to help you understand how stupid it is.

          • Diogenesdemar says:

            for anyone who wants to understand “stupid,” you’re an eminently qualified source expert.

          • dukeco1 says:

            of your truly pathetic attempt to spin this your way is your continued insistence that the 2010 election results were an

            historic victory of conservatism


            The morning after I posted this comment, I read the daily quote under the Open Thread and found this:

            “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

            –Abraham Lincoln  

            The republican victories in Congress and elsewhere were based upon one of the biggest snow jobs in history. When I see republican leaders start to exhibit ANY sign that truth is a relevant matter to them, I will let you know. So far…nope.

            I heard John Boehner say, just yesterday, “the American people don’t want us to raise taxes on anyone”. That is not only untrue…it is offensive. He is…a lying, sold out, corporate whore of the highest magnitude. When you see him, standing in front of his goon squad, having the audacity to claim that he speaks for the American people, you are looking at the lowest form of humanity.

            If you can look upon such unabashed mendacity and claim that WE don’t get it… I just pity your ass, that’s all.  

    • BlueCat says:

      The Tipton hairdo, real or enhanced, is only possible with hairstyling tools, product and spray generally associated with women and with the 60s and 70s. It’s not a bad haircut. It’s a highly structured creation requiring a considerable investment of time and effort to maintain.  Right up there with the Donald’s. Sure, the Donald’s is much more complicated but Tipton’s retro garden club ladies’ bouffant is just as hilarious. All he needs is tasteful pearl earings.

  3. DavidThi808 says:

    Josh Green was smart and showed integrity in immediately admitting it was a mistake on his part.

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