Miklosi to Take On Coffman?

That’s the word today from Lynn Bartels at the Denver newspaper’s blog, confirming a not-very-well-kept secret that Democratic state Rep. Joe Miklosi is weighing a challenge for Mike Coffman’s CD-6 seat. Rep. Miklosi is not yet term limited in his state house seat, so this isn’t a must-make decision for him at this point in his career, but he apparently plans to make a decision in the next week or so.

Depending on what happens to Rep. Coffman’s district in the upcoming court battle over congressional redistricting, a run against Coffman in 2012 could be a very lucrative opportunity for a Democrat. As Bartels recounts and we’ve discussed in this space, CD-6 needs to shed some 80,000 residents to get back into population balance with Colorado’s other districts. Obviously, who those 80,000 residents wind up being is critical to how competitive a district CD-6 will be for the next ten years–and how serious a Democratic run for the seat could truly be.

What we know of Rep. Miklosi suggests that he is interested in actual contention, not a placeholder also-ran in a safe Republican district. Miklosi’s resume in nonprofit work and political organizing prior to the legislature sets him apart from less-serious Democratic candidates in CD-6 we’ve seen in recent years. If the district does emerge competitive–and it would need to be much more competitive than it is today–then Miklosi could pose a serious threat.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    competitive, Miklosi certainly would  energize CD6 Dems who have grown sick and tired of volunteering and writing checks for no-hoper candidates who lose 2 to 1 regardless.  Also, recently former CD6ers moved to CD1 (I may well be one) would probably be willing to pitch in since CD1 should remain safe. CD6 has a history of getting help from CD1 Dems who haven’t had much (really any) of a fight in their own district, even for the usual hopeless candidates.

    This is encouraging. Even if someone like Miklosi didn’t win but could move CD6 within striking distance, even just that would be a tremendous step toward getting targeted in the  next election, something that’s never happened before. The big question is just how much bluer CD6 gets when all is said and done.  

  2. ArapaGOP says:

    Is a goofball.

    He is slightly, ever so slightly, more credible than the guy who was making a list of who to go after when the revolution comes. Who the hell was that again?

    In 2011, Colorado’s congressional delegation will be 5-2 GOP. There’s a prediction for you.

  3. John Tzekara says:

    Not that carpetbagging is unheard of, but that would be the first obstacle he would have to overcome I would think.

    As much as I would love to see someone take out Coffman, I don’t think Miklosi is capable of doing it — he just isn’t well enough known to be able to come out the gate raising the type of money this would take, nor does he have a leadership role in the legislature (like Sal Pace) to be able to use his current position to grab himself some headlines.

    Nice guy, but no way he could do it.  Hopefully redistricting comes out where someone else is able to pull it off.

  4. Ray Springfield says:

    Joe has class, and commitment.

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